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[YesAuto Design Decode] At the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, Ford put a blue pure electric SUV in Ford’s communication color and also a symbol of clean energy in the center of Ford’s iconic blue booth. The blue “electric horse” shape showed a different Ford to the audience participating in the auto show. Maybe everyone is no stranger to this car: it is Ford's latest iconic model: Mustang Mach-E.

What is the Mustang spirit?

The story about Mustang may already be familiar to everyone. For Ford, it may be the second most successful model series after Model T. It has been selling well since its launch in 1964, and it is also Ford’s most “longevity” model. sequence.

There is no doubt that Mustang is a symbol of innovation and enterprising spirit in Ford. Today, it is listed as Ford's three iconic models alongside Bronco and Ford GT.

As the latest member of the legendary car series, Mach-E is a pure electric SUV, almost incompatible with the positioning of its predecessors. So how does Mach-E continue the Mustang spirit? What inheritance and innovation does it have with its predecessors? With these questions in mind, we conducted a brief written interview with Jason Castriota, the global brand director of Mach-E, to see how the creators of Mach-E view their proud work.

What features of the Mustang family does Mach-E inherit?

Returning to the Mach-E itself, first of all, under the premise of ensuring functionality, we can see that the designer is still trying to highlight its family features, such as the upward bulge of the wheel arches, and the front of a vehicle with a longitudinally installed engine.

Article summary:

Rather than having to look for the inheritance of the Mach-E and Mustang family from the design, it is better to understand the special mission that Ford has entrusted to it from a spiritual level: the name of Mach-E comes from the first model of the Mustang family, the Mach 1, plus the Mustang The family's halo bonus, obviously Ford hopes that it can create a brand-new start that is as brilliant as Mustang. But now the times have changed, and Mach-E is not like Mach 1 turned out to be a blockbuster-after all, before it, there was a master named Model X. However, it is said that Mach-E has already received more orders than expected. Let us also wish Mach-E a bright future in China.