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[YesAuto Motorcycle] I found a strange phenomenon. Most people who don’t ride bicycles don’t seem to have a good impression of motorcycles, and the various brands are not clearly distinguished. However, only Harley-Davidson is more popular. see. This is not a compliment. At this test drive event, I randomly posted a photo of gliding along the avenue in the circle of friends. As a result, friends who usually don’t pay attention to motorcycles came over to like and comment. This surprised me a bit, no Thinking of Halley so deeply rooted…

This test drive event is to experience the Harley-Davidson travel series models that have only recently been launched in China. This series is the highest level in the entire Harley original car series. The official brought two types of cars, the Avenue Glide and Flagship Glide, in the travel series. Their prices start at 373,800 yuan and 430,800 yuan, respectively. Such prices are really not low in the domestic motorcycle market. However, the consumption power of Chinese people is stronger than that of Americans, and there are still customer groups.

Glide on Harley-Davidson Avenue, as long as you remember that there is a single round headlight in the front of the car, the big fairing can even block the rider's hands, this is its most obvious feature, plus a small windshield, Just blocked the upper body. The body part is relatively low and the seat height is only 690mm, which has a large gap with the front of the car, so this design will make the rider's posture look very mad.

I think that apart from the appearance and displacement of the Harley, there is almost nothing to talk about in terms of configuration, because the people who play Harley at all don’t have Care at all. All they want is a feeling, whether the car is fierce or evil enough, and the sound is loud enough. . But this is a Harley-Davidson travel series model after all. It is also equipped with an electronic touch screen while retaining the traditional pointer instrument cluster (personally agrees). The built-in US version of the map cannot be used in China. It is more convenient to directly connect to the mobile phone CarPlay. I have been struggling with a question for a long time. Whether a motorcycle equipped with a sound system is better to listen to when riding or to turn it on when parking is better. Later I thought, as long as it doesn't affect others, there is nothing wrong with it.

In addition, the key of this car is also a product of the combination of modern and traditional. Keyless start is indeed much more convenient, while the traditional mechanical key of Harley is used to switch the fuel tank, side box and lock the handlebar.

Next, the key point is that all the new engines in the Harley-Davidson travel series use 114 cubic inches of displacement, which is converted to 1868cc. The avenue glider is equipped with an oil cooling system, and the flagship glider is equipped with a cylinder head water cooling system, but it is still a large displacement air cooling system. engine. The peak torque of this engine can reach 161 Nm (full range) at 3000 rpm. As for power, that is not the data that Harley should pay attention to. In short, the powerful low-torque is king on the Harley. Don't forget to change the exhaust when you buy it.

Compared with the avenue gliding, the flagship gliding model is 37 kg more in weight, 399kg and 362kg respectively. The flagship adds a comfortable rear seat for your partner with a tail box. There are two more auxiliary lights in the front part of the car, and inside the huge retaining legs on both sides is the engine water tank radiator (which can be expensive in a crash). These are the main differences between the two cars. Personally, I think that the avenue gliding without luxurious back seats looks more fierce than the flagship gliding, but the latter can enjoy the joy of traveling by two.

As for the riding experience of the two bikes, I only experienced it for a little while, without a deep understanding, plus I have never ridden the Harley touring series before. If you don't ride this kind of motorcycles for a distance of more than 300 kilometers, I believe you can't fully feel their charm. First of all, regardless of the size of the car, the start is relatively light, the gears are clear, the throttle response is direct, high gears and low speeds do not drag, the center of gravity of the car is very low, turning needs to be pressed down at a large angle, and the pedals are easy to touch the ground . The official Harley coach told me that because the front part of the flagship model is heavier, try not to use the front brake when the vehicle is tilted. Otherwise, the front will easily slip. Of course, the advice is only for people like me who ride the Harley touring series for the first time.

In the comparison of the two cars, although the road glide is lighter, I feel that it is better to ride without the flagship. Maybe it is the reason for the weight distribution. When the flagship glide is just getting on the car, I obviously feel the pressure brought by the weight of the car. , Thin friends need to be more cautious, but the most important thing is to find out the center of gravity of the vehicle. What's left is riding comfort, which is also their advantage. I don't feel much about damping, but such a strong damping tube can completely withstand the huge body. The brake performance is the most general, just enough, it may not be a problem for Harley, not to mention that many modified players in the United States have dropped the front brake.


This close contact with the Harley-Davidson travel series models made me see that this century-old motorcycle brand still retains their traditional things in today's rapidly developing market. Perhaps this is the reason why people love Harley the most. Perhaps, Harley-Davidson is too saturated and stable in the US market, and they began to focus their attention on the Chinese market. Harley’s Indian and Thai factories are undoubtedly set up to open up regions other than the US. Now Harley has cooperated with China Qianjiang to create small-displacement models. It seems that China is undoubtedly a potential motorcycle market. (Picture/Zhu Xuran, Home of Cars)