[YesAuto Evaluation] In the past 20 years, the MINI brand has not only relied on this single MINI model to dominate the world. From the development of a single model to the present, it is not difficult to see the ambition of BMW in MINI. If the origins of MINI CABRIO and MINI CLUBMAN can be traced, then the MINI COUNTRYMAN, which went on the market in 2011, is a subversion of tradition. Since MINI can add two doors to it, it is not difficult to lose two seats compared to it. So it seems that the birth of MINI COUPE and MINI ROADSTER is logical.

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■The focus of the change comes from the appearance


The “benefits” of MINI ROADSTER's omission of rear seats are also reflected in the fact that the front row can have a safe and cool roll cage. These “benefits” that can win the rate of return are the envy of MINI COUPE.

The MINI ROADSTER's shape of the roof is indeed not as eye-catching as the MINI COUPE. Compared with the MINI CABRIO “classical” exposed folding roof, MINI fans may have to argue again.

■The interior styling remains unchanged, and the RADIO MINI VISUAL BOOST system is well-received

The MINI ROADSTER's central control style is also an unchanging classic style of the MINI family. Compared with the MINI COUPE, it is only the optional aluminum panel and the extra convertible timer behind the steering wheel. Eyes full of circular elements fill the entire center console, but the appropriate size does not make people visually fatigued.

The trunk space and in-car storage space of these two MINIs are beyond our expectations. This is not unrelated to the cancellation of the rear seats to fight for space. It is better to find it instead of putting the backpack on the rear seats. Exclusive locations.

MINI ROADSTER strenuous convertible experience

In the next few pictures, don’t expect to see a continuous shooting process in which the convertible is slowly opened. The convertible time of a few seconds is basically irrelevant to the MINI ROADSTER, because it is equipped with an original manual canvas soft top. .

From MINI to MINI COBRIO, MINI CLUBMAN and then to MINI COUNTRYMAN, now MINI COUPE and MINI ROADSTER have appeared again, continuously enriching the MINI brand product line between addition and subtraction. You can always find one you like in this huge MINI army.

[YesAuto Evaluation] It must be admitted that MINI has a unique charm. Although it is no longer a new model, it can still make people want to take a look. I am afraid this is the main reason why it attracts consumers. Most women have no resistance to this small and cute appearance. They also pay a huge price while pursuing fashion and personality-the driving experience of this car is clearly “many.”

I believe anyone who has been in contact with MINI has been surprised by the huge contrast between its appearance and character. Even the most common 1.6L version is in a state of excess energy all day long. This article tests the two latest models in the MINI family: MINI ROADSTER 1.6T COOPER S and MINI COUPE 1.6T COOPER S. As the name indicates, the entire chassis and power system are the same as the MINI COOPER S, cute Under the outside is a grumpy heart.

In fact, the details of the body have already made hints on the performance, such as low-key body surround, 17-inch wheels and dual exhaust pipes and so on. In addition, they also have a very unique design: the electric spoiler on the trunk cover will automatically rise gorgeously when the speed exceeds 80km/h.

The power system is the familiar 1.6-liter turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 135 kilowatts (184 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 240 Nm. Such parameters are not exaggerated. If it is only gentle driving, it can still maintain a smooth rhythm. The throttle response is relatively linear at low speeds. The 6-speed automatic manual transmission can also achieve almost seamless connection. It's as if the engine doesn't have a turbine at all.

But it is difficult for you to be calm for a long time, because the whole chassis is too sporty. Suspension tuning is very radical, even if it has a bit of toughness, it can't change the overall rigid style, and the feedback of various road bumps is rich. The steering is very sensitive, and the steering wheel feels heavy and precise. Any slight movement will be fully interpreted by the car body and a positive response will be made.

Under the influence of the sports atmosphere, everyone can not help stepping on the accelerator more. At this time, the gearbox will decisively downshift, and the excitement of the small-displacement and high-supercharged engine is exposed, and the power suddenly bursts, driving the quality of this machine. Sprint out all the way to the 1.2-ton trolley.

Piling around is like a fish in the water for these two cars. The short and sleek body walks through the barrels of the pile like a crazy mouse, and the dynamic performance is extremely accurate. It has a solid chassis that is not commensurate with the light body, and can even make some exaggerated movements. Whenever it looks like it is about to lose control, as long as you put a little harder, you can always correct the body. People are ashamed.

Back to daily life, compared to the regular version, the MINI ROADSTER and COUPE models further sacrifice comfort. The roof shape squeezes the seating space in the car, the rear seat becomes the trunk, and the convertible soft top makes the noise level even higher. Deteriorating, in general, the ride experience of the two cars is basically the same as the economy class of a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320, and they are traversing unstable airflows throughout.

Of course, true MINI fans will never complain about comfort, but are immersed in a sense of unique superiority. When everyone is beginning to feel a little tired of the traditional hatchback style, the ROADTER and COUPE models will undoubtedly make people’s eyes shine. If you want to choose between the two, there is no doubt that it must be the ROADSTER. If you want to show your personality, you must be thorough. !

Finally, let us take a look at their test results.

◆ Accelerated test:

Since the speed cannot be pulled too high at the start, the power output is not intense, and there is almost no slippage on the front wheels. The explosive power of turbocharging began to be fully released until the speed was pulled up to more than 3000rpm. In the end, the acceleration results of the two cars were measured at 6.97 seconds and 6.80 seconds respectively.

◆ Brake test:

When braking at full force, the effect of braking force is very clear, and the pedal feel is also very direct. The suspension restrains the body very well. The final results of 38.62 meters and 38.41 meters are also in the excellent range. As a model that pursues driving pleasure, this performance is completely Satisfactory.

◆ Noise:

Receptor-type restrictions, it is difficult to have room for noise reduction measures, so MINI basically gave up struggling, engine noise, road noise and wind noise are mixed in the cockpit, which greatly exceeds that of ordinary cars. The ROADSTER condition of the soft top convertible is more serious, especially the wind noise during high-speed driving.


MINI ROADSTER and COUPE remain simple and pure while maintaining pure driving pleasure, always sticking to their own style without compromise. Just like the MINI convertible advertisement said: “always open”, always open the convertible, regardless of wind, frost, rain or snow, this is MINI's brand attitude, although in reality, no one is so axis.

MINI is not a practical car. It is destined to belong only to those with a young mentality. For them, sacrificing two seats in the rear for the appearance of a sports car is definitely worth the money. The only problem is the price of more than 400,000 yuan. That is a real gap that cannot be solved by concepts. For an introduction to the daily use of these two cars, please pay attention to tomorrow's static experience article.

What's interesting is that I was accosted by MINI owners on the road during the test drive. It is said that this has formed a culture, and most MINI owners will greet each other when they meet and leave contact information with each other. Think about it, besides supercars, what other car owners can have such a strong sense of identity? At that moment, I was really moved by this enthusiasm of sympathy! But in the end, I tactfully refused the request to leave contact information. After all, I am not the owner of the car, and the other party is a man.