[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] “All-knowing and Almighty” is definitely the ultimate goal of being a human being, which is somewhat in line with the original intention of the BMW 3 Series GT. Like the 5 Series GT in the early years, it integrates the characteristics of the three models of sedan, station wagon and Coupe. Its ultimate goal is to create an “all-round car” with high practicality and good driving feeling.

Fortunately, I was able to get in-depth contact with this “complex” for the first time. The first meeting didn't seem to bring me many surprises. At least it was far less than the surprise when I first saw the 5 Series GT. The reason may be that it is designed to be more coordinated, or it may be that our “bottom line has been lowered.” (Click here to see the price of the new 3 series GT)

Appearance characteristics

BMW 3 Series GT 2013 328i Fashion Design Package

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Manufacturer's guide price

53.20 million

After careful inspection, I found that the 3 series GT after learning from the design experience is indeed easier for us to accept than the 5 series GT. From the perspective of the front face, the 3 Series GT completely inherits the sports style of the new 3 Series, and the designer has placed its dynamic visual experience on it. Turning to the side, the fender and the front enclosure are equipped with air diversion openings, which naturally create more reasonable aerodynamics.

The COUPE-like shape on the side is something I particularly like. Looking at it from the side and rear, we can find the biggest feature of the 3 Series GT: the hatchback trunk. It is exactly the same as the hatchback design of the 5 Series GT, but it must be admitted that the hip line of the 3 Series GT is clearly coordinated a lot. If you don’t observe carefully, it’s hard to find the mystery. The designer added a spoiler that can be automatically turned on and off for the BMW 3 Series GT. Under normal conditions, it is fully integrated with the trunk lid. It will automatically be automatically when the speed exceeds 110 km/h. Turn it on, and the spoiler will automatically turn off when the speed is reduced to 70 km/h. Of course, if you just want to show off, you can also open it manually in the car. This is the first time that BMW is equipped with a liftable spoiler.

Frameless car windows are both stylish and sporty. I believe few people would object to this. When the door is opened, the frameless window can be quickly lowered for a short period of time, and there will be no interference between the glass and the rubber strip like the Volkswagen CC.

Trunk experience

The practicality of the 3 Series GT is mostly reflected in the hatchback trunk. In order to adapt to the use of people of different heights in different environments, the electric trunk cover provides a variety of opening heights, which can be easily set through the iDrive system.

Not only that, the interior design of the trunk is also very careful, first of all, the internal shape is regular, all surrounded by suede materials, and the decoration of the atmosphere lamp is very high-end.

When the rear seats are in normal use, the two suitcases can be put down visually. If you look at the volume of this state, the advantage compared with the sedan is not obvious, but the design of the hatchback greatly increases the opening area of the trunk. . The rear seat adopts a 4:2:4 folding method, which is relatively flexible. You can put long items such as golf bags into one side of the seat. Of course, in extreme cases, the rear exhaust can be completely reversed. At this time, the trunk volume expansion is quite obvious, which is completely incomparable to the car version of the 3 series.

In terms of details, the trunk storage compartment cover of the 3 Series GT is equipped with pneumatic struts, which is very convenient when you don't need to hold the cover when taking things. However, the high distance from the ground is also a problem, and it is indeed a bit strenuous when moving large items. The trunk is designed with a high degree of care. The partitions and covering plates used to separate the upper and lower floors can be completely placed under the floor after they are removed, and they do not take up space at all.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, all the designs are quite familiar, no different from the car version of the 3 Series. The iDrive system adds a driving interconnection function. The most practical and convenient thing is to set the navigation remotely. You don’t have to compete with the knob anymore. Most people like me, as long as they have similar interconnected systems, they rarely search for destinations manually on the navigation.

Although the rear of the 3 Series GT is marked with 328i, it is actually designed and manufactured on the basis of the long-axis version, and it also has a wheelbase of 2920mm. The 182cm height experiencer has four fingers in the front head space, and more than two punches in the back leg space. The head is relatively cramped. As long as the sitting posture is adjusted, the space is still very abundant. The design of the headrest of the rear seat is relatively simple, and height adjustment is not possible, only the two states of turning and erecting.

Like the frameless car windows, the panoramic sunroof is also a configuration that everyone loves. The sunroof is relatively large. Try to imagine the pleasant situation during a long journey.

Power system and driving experience

The test car we got was the 328i, equipped with a 2.0T high-power version of the engine, with ZF's 8AT automated manual gearbox. In daily driving, it is very similar to the car version of the 3 Series, the only difference is that the sitting posture is obviously higher, other than that it is difficult to find other differences.

The 2.0T single-turbo twin-scroll engine can exert its maximum efficiency at 1250rpm, the power is basically on call in daily driving, and the response in D gear mode is also very timely. We can give the 8AT gearbox a higher score, the tight gears are connected neatly, and the shifting feeling is softer, but there will be occasional small intrusions.

In D gear and comfort mode, you can get a fairly easy driving experience, and you don't need to tighten your nerves. However, once the sport mode is selected, the aggressive character of this car is instantly stimulated. The power response is very sensitive to the depth of the throttle, and every time pressure is applied, the corresponding power output can be echoed in time. It is indeed a passionate and easy-to-drive car, and the BMW sports genes have not been weakened.

Electric power steering does lose some mechanical feel in the steering feel, but a more comfortable steering feel is more acceptable to more people, and the directionality and response of the front of the car are timely enough. The setting of the 3 series GT suspension is slightly softer than the standard wheelbase 328i. It has a good filtering effect on bumps and a timely rebound. The increased 25mm body height does not have a great impact on the handling, and it can still be satisfied. Most people's requirements for the so-called sense of movement are just that the suspension appears a bit stiff when passing through potholes.

Various test results
0-100km/h acceleration

The vehicle is selected as SPORT+ through the driving mode option selection button beside the gear, and the electronic stability system is turned off. The torque at the start easily broke through the limit of the tire, and after a short slip, it quickly entered the state, the acceleration G value reached about 0.7g, and finally got a pretty good result: 6.23 seconds. The gearbox is indispensable. The acceleration of 0-100 km/h is completed by the first three gears. Each gear shift is very direct and the action is fast. Especially when the first gear is shifted to the second gear, you can deeply experience the “back-end collision”. “The feeling is really gratifying. It is difficult to find this feeling in daily driving.

100-0km/h braking

Like other BMW models, the brake pedal and brake effect feedback of the 3 Series GT are very linear, and even the first time you drive, you can master the strength of your feet in a very short time. Our measured braking distance is 40.39 meters, which is a big gap with the previously tested car version 328i.

The reason is that we believe that the problem lies mainly in the tires. The sedan version of the 328i uses Bridgestone Botian tires, while the 3 Series GT is equipped with Pirelli P7, which is better at controlling fuel consumption and paying more attention to environmental protection.

Comprehensive fuel consumption test

Our measured 3 Series GT fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 9.3 liters, the trip computer shows 9.7 liters/100 kilometers, and the test runs 107.4 kilometers, of which the congested road is about 35 kilometers. Comfort mode is selected throughout the journey, and the engine starts and stops. With 9.99 liters of No. 95 gasoline, the results are satisfactory.

to sum up:

This is indeed the most practical BMW 3 Series. First of all, it has a coordinated exterior design and the lines are no longer easy to be challenged. At the same time, it completely inherits the good driving experience of the sedan version of the 3 series, and will not affect the mood of the driver because of the elevated body and the larger volume. The opening method of the hatchback structure greatly enhances the practicality. I think this is also the most important place for the owner of this car. The platform with a long wheelbase provides ample rear seating space, well, this car is “all-round” enough. However, in terms of price, it is still an alternative answer among niche groups.