[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] I recently heard a proverb, “Food is the heaven for the people, and the taste is the first.” There is some truth in careful consideration. The delicacies of mountains and seas are not necessarily used to eating. The taste is delicious. Take me. , A bowl of rice with a plate of soft fried tenderloin is pretty good. Choosing a car is also like tasting dishes. The key is cheap and easy to drive. The Tiggo 5 in front of you is like a home-cooked dish to satisfy the tastes of many people.

Appearance: The design is close to the people and meets the public's aesthetics

Tiggo 5 is one of Chery's important products this year. It takes Haval H6, BYD S6 and other independent brand SUVs as competitors. There are 6 models in the whole series, and the price range is 9.39-150.9 million yuan. What we got was a 2.0L CVT Jiayue version Tiggo 5 priced at 112,900 yuan, which is the lowest model with a CVT gearbox. From the perspective of body parameters, Tiggo 5 does not have any advantage in size. Among the four data, only the height is the largest. As for the actual space performance, we will have detailed experience content later.

Following Arrizo 7, Tiggo 5 also uses Chery's new family front face design, which does not seem to have any big highlights, but the overall simple effect is very close to the people and easy for consumers to accept and recognize. Our test car was surrounded by dealers. It is said that this kind of surround is still very popular. As for whether it looks good, we also made a comparison of the effect of the installation and no installation. How to choose it is your own idea. Tiggo 5 uses halogen headlights with lenses and is equipped with LED width lights, which is the mainstream configuration in the same level.

The rear of the car is rich in layers, and the rear surround is also added later by the dealer. We see that the Tiggo 5 adopts a two-sided double-out exhaust pipe layout. After confirmation, it is confirmed that the two exhaust pipes are real. Tiggo 5 uses Giti comfort SUV520 series tires, which use the same matching tires as Haval H6 and BYD S6.

Details: cam-type three-stage stopper may be liked by many people

In terms of details, the engine compartment cover of our test car used double pneumatic struts, and the materials were very kind. In addition, it is also equipped with a resin engine guard plate, and the protection area is relatively large, which can prevent the vehicle from being damaged by bumping machinery to a certain extent on some “bad roads”.

In addition, this car uses a cam mechanism stopper, the front door has three sections, and the rear door has two sections. The cam structure stopper and the pull rod structure stopper have their own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest feature of the former is that the gears are very clear and powerful. Many consumers have been keen on the closing feeling of this structural stopper.

Interior: simple design and good workmanship

The interior style of Tiggo 5 is very similar to Arrizo 7, and it feels simple and without cumbersome decoration. More importantly, the interior workmanship is good, the parts are regular, and the seams are even and tight; and the workmanship at the bottom of the center console that is not easy to see is not compromised, which is considered excellent in the same price model.

The whole system is equipped with a multifunctional steering wheel as standard. The steering wheel only supports two-way adjustment of high and low, and the adjustment range is general. The knobs on the center console have clear gears, and there is no feeling of looseness. Because the buttons are relatively large in size, they can be conveniently and accurately operated while driving.

All Tiggo 5 series are equipped with 7-inch LCD screens, and all with navigation except for the lowest equipped models. The resolution of the LCD screen is high, the picture quality is relatively delicate, and the response speed of the system is fairly fast. It rarely gets stuck, and the spelled text can be displayed in time when inquiring about the destination. The system can be seamlessly connected with the mobile phone. After the connection, you can directly select songs in the system, which is indeed very convenient.

The entertainment system also supports USB connection, and can also read videos, texts, photos and audio in the SD card. In terms of practicality, it is estimated that only audio files are used most frequently. The reversing image is not available in all entry-level models, but the reversing auxiliary line does not rotate with the wheels.

Very sufficient storage space: an astonishing number of storage tanks

After getting in the car, we found that Tiggo 5 has a very sufficient storage space. There are a lot of storage slots on the top, bottom and door panels of the center console, which can completely find a place for all the odds and ends of the body. There are pictures and the truth. It is quite practical.

The storage space in the rear row is also abundant. The main storage tanks are concentrated on the door panel. The small storage tank in the middle position is not very meaningful. It is shallow and small. If possible, it is recommended to increase the rear air outlet.

Riding space: tie with opponents

Our space experiencer is 177cm tall and has a punch in the front head room. The wheelbase of 2610mm is not excellent among opponents, but the rear row space is still very abundant. The head is punched from the roof and the leg room is one. Punch + four fingers, basically tied with the opponent, the space performance is similar.

Riding comfort: the front row is better than the back row

In terms of ride comfort, the ride experience in the front row is obviously better than that in the back row. The front seats are full of filling and have a certain degree of lateral support, while the rear seats are much thinner and feel harder when you sit on it. The height of the central armrest is appropriate and relatively wide, and the integrated cup holder has a good fixing effect on the water bottle.

However, there is no headrest in the middle of the rear row. If there are passengers, it may affect the comfort. The space under the feet is relatively large, and the bulge on the floor is not very high. Because the bulge is wide, passengers can fully step on their feet, so the impact on the ride is minimal.

All models except low-end models are equipped with sunroof, which is a one-button switch and has an anti-pinch function. However, the daylighting area of the skylight is not large, and it feels a bit narrow.

Trunk space: very flat after laying down

When the rear seats are in normal use, two suitcases and suitcases can be stacked in the trunk. If the rear seats are placed down to a depth of 1775mm, and the entire floor is flat, it can fully meet the needs of loading large items, or Take a break during the outing.

Power and Transmission System

Take a look at the power and transmission system of the vehicle. Tiggo 5 is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 139 horsepower (102 kW) at 5750rpm, a peak torque of 182 N·m/4500rpm, with DVVT intake and exhaust. The variable valve timing system is matched with a 7-speed CVT gearbox. From the data point of view, Tiggo 5 has a certain advantage over Haval H6. I don't know how it really runs.

Comparison of power parameters of Tiggo 5/Haval H6 (2.0L)
Model Tiggo 5 Haval H6
Maximum power 139 horsepower (102 kilowatts)/5750rpm

133 horsepower (98 kilowatts)/5500rpm

Peak torque 182 N·m/4500rpm 186 N·m/4000rpm
Gearbox Simulate 7-speed CVT 5-speed manual
Tires 225/65 R17 225/65 R17

0-100km/h acceleration

Let's take a look at the acceleration results first. The CVT gearbox only allows 2000rpm to start, and there is no tire slip. The front end of the explosive force is not bad, the highest reaches 0.52G, but it is only a short-lived, the middle and rear end of the output is stable and smooth, and the CVT gearbox is responsible , The final score is 11.96 seconds. This is a satisfactory result. Compared with competitors horizontally, Tiggo 5 also has obvious advantages.

100-0km/h brake

The braking performance is definitely one of the highlights of Tiggo 5. The automatic Jiayue version weighs more than 1.5 tons and does not bring too much burden to the braking system. The braking force is in place throughout the period, and it is stable and continuous. The longitudinal deceleration G value curve is almost one. The beautiful straight line, the final score of 38.49 meters is really rare in the same level, and it deserves the first place. Looking at the car home brake rankings, Tiggo 5 will replace the Infiniti G37 to occupy the 82nd/652 position in the station, which is very commendable.

Driving experience

For a family SUV, power performance is definitely not the focus, just keep the principle of “enough”, and it must be “good drive”. The meaning of this “good drive” is not difficult to understand, which is the power system and transmission. There must be a tacit understanding between the systems, and the whole car will drive smoothly.

During the acceleration process, the accelerator pedal is very linear, and there is no lag or car drifting. The steady acceleration is its manifestation. The CVT gearbox is satisfactory in terms of smoothness, and it will actively increase the speed when overtaking is required. , Correct work attitude and due diligence. As long as you don't push the power to the limit, it's good to drive so easily. We are very pleased that Tiggo 5 can achieve the above points, as the main family car should.

The front and rear dual-link independent suspensions are very hard and soft, and road information will be filtered out by 90%. There is not much communication between the car body and the driver, except for those obvious speed bumps; The frame system can also provide a certain degree of lateral support under the premise of ensuring comfort. There is no extra large ups and downs of the body when passing long-wave undulating roads, and there will be no flickering feeling when driving. It is an excellent set at the same level. The suspension system is well received.

The electric power steering of Tiggo 5's high-end electric power steering is lighter, with a moderate steering ratio, and emphasizes the delicate and natural harmony, which can easily meet the driving needs of most consumers for family cars. From the driver's point of view, Tiggo 5 is a solid car with sufficient power and easy to use. It can be used in the first time and establish a good relationship of trust with the driver. In general, Tiggo 5 has no flaws, and this is its biggest advantage.

Due to the limited time for this test, we will have time to do a fuel consumption test on Tiggo 5 in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


Judging from the test results, Tiggo 5 is a very hard-working model, which represents Chery’s first solid step towards the compact SUV market, and this time the pace is very steady, and the comprehensive strength reflects a very high level. Therefore, Tiggo 5 gave all its competitors a solid distraction based on its own data, and told you that the autonomous compact SUV market in 2014 should have a new benchmark.

Tiggo 5 2014 2.0L CVT Jiayue Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

11.29 million

At present, the biggest rival of Tiggo 5 is the Haval H6, which has almost the same price. The latter has a richer configuration. For those consumers who pay attention to face, it will naturally have a feeling of good quality and low price; while Tiggo 5 is a better one. Players who pay attention to comprehensive strength, especially in the most basic performance of the car, are very decent and have a sense of down-to-earth stability.

The model we tested this time is the 2.0L automatic Jiayue version, priced at 112,900 yuan, which is the lowest model with automatic transmission. Compared with the lowest model, it is equipped with sunroof, GPS navigation, keyless start/keyless Access system, multi-function steering wheel, cruise control, leather seats, reversing visibility and roof rack, CVT gearbox, etc., these configurations are absolutely worth the difference of 19,000 yuan, so comprehensively look at the price-performance ratio of the Jiayue version highest. Buying advice : If the traffic situation in your city is relatively optimistic, then I would recommend the Jiayue manual version (9.99 million yuan). If you usually use the car in a congested environment, then the Jiayue CVT version is a good choice.

It is also worth noting that Haval H6 is planning to launch a 1.5T automatic transmission model, and Chery may also equip Tiggo 5 with a 1.6T turbocharged engine in the future. The maximum output of this engine can reach 156 horsepower and peak torque. Reaching 210 N·m, taking care of some consumers who are pursuing motivation.

Thanks to the following dealers for providing vehicles

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