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[YesAuto headlight test] In recent years, models in the form of coupe SUVs have become increasingly popular. On the one hand, they cater to domestic consumers' love of SUVs and “sedans”, and on the other hand, they also hope to attract younger consumer groups. The protagonist of our headlight test in this issue is such a model, which has a beautiful name-Xingyue.

Xingyue 2020 350T Star Rider AWD

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Manufacturer's guide price

19.58 million

Light group structure and display

Measured results

Headlight function

In the actual test, you can see that the Xingyue matrix headlights have a follow-up steering function. And when there is an oncoming vehicle in the opposite lane, the headlights will extinguish and turn the light source to prevent the high beam from dangling to the oncoming vehicle. In the actual experience, when we see the lights of the oncoming car in our field of vision, the system can basically respond synchronously.

to sum up

Geely Xingyue’s matrix headlights are basically not good in terms of performance, especially the low beam performance is undoubtedly top level. In addition, the functions are also comprehensive and technological enough. ADB can help Xingyue avoid excessive high beams. The dazzling problem. What we are looking forward to is that this headlight can be equipped as standard on more models in future facelifts. (Photo/Zheng Xu from the home of the car)