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[YesAuto New Car Official Picture] On June 5, Roewe officially released more official pictures of the interior cockpit of MARVEL X. It can be seen from the picture that MARVEL X has also extended the scientific and technological thinking to the seat design, making the overall more futuristic. The new car will start pre-sale in June and will be delivered to users in September.

The seats of MARVEL X are mainly light brown, and the front and rear seats adopt different styles. The corners and corners of the front sports seats are quite sporty, adding dynamic color to the driving of electric vehicles. In terms of intelligence, it has memory and electric adjustment functions.

In terms of material, the MARVEL X interior cockpit uses a large area of leather material, which adds a sense of luxury to the larger interior space. In addition, the center console decorated with chrome elements, a flat-bottomed double-width steering wheel, a large panoramic sunroof, a soft light plating door handle, a window opening key, and a door opening warning light can also further enhance the user's driving experience.

It is worth mentioning that MARVEL X is also equipped with 64-color ambient lights, which can be rhythmic with music and linked with voice after lighting, which increases the pleasure of using the car in details.

The Roewe MARVEL X was released in 2017 as the Vision-E Concept concept car, and on April 23 this year, Roewe released its mass-produced model MARVEL X, which continues 90% of the concept car’s design and is positioned as a pure electric vehicle. The supercar SUV, featuring forward-looking technology, accelerates from 0-100km/h in 4 seconds.

According to official information, MARVEL X has a maximum cruising range of up to 500km, a power consumption of 14.2kWh per hundred kilometers, and can charge 80% in 40 minutes under fast charging conditions, and will provide wireless charging. It is reported that MARVEL X will start pre-sale in June and will go on sale in September. We will continue to pay attention to more news about the new car.