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[YesAuto Model PK] 250 horsepower, 360 N·m, official 0-100km/h acceleration time of 6.5 seconds! Fox ST is getting closer and closer to us. Soon, the popular “Small Steel Cannon” Golf GTI will no longer be lonely. Similar performance and similar price make them destined to be rivals. That being the case, why not take the two to the ring, while enjoying the smell of gunpowder in the air, while seeing which one of them is more athletic from a static perspective.

Fox ST will officially go on sale in mainland China in import form on February 28, 2013. At present, we know that its pre-sale price is 268,000 yuan. Its direct competitor, the Golf GTI, is the “small steel gun” that we are familiar with. It is produced by FAW-Volkswagen, with a guide price of 235,800 yuan, and there is a discount of about 10,000 yuan in the market. If the Fox ST is pre-sale price On the market, it will be more than 40,000 yuan more expensive than Golf GTI. On the eve of the launch, we got news that the 4S shop had arrived at the show, so we made this experience report as soon as possible.

Appearance comparison

The appearance of Fox ST is the same way as its direct competitor FAW-Volkswagen Golf GTI, both of which add sports kits to the ordinary models to create a sports atmosphere. However, Fox ST has done a bit more thoroughly, its appearance is more recognizable, and the golf GTI's style is relatively low-key, quite a bit of “pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger”.

The Fox ST has larger changes on the front face compared to its regular version, and there are also not small changes in the wheel style, exhaust form and other places. Although the golf GTI that we are familiar with has also been changed in these parts, the changes are small, and it is really difficult to distinguish at a glance. Different people will like different styles. I personally prefer the Fox ST. Since it is a performance car, there is nothing wrong with being public.

The slightly exaggerated “big mouth” is the biggest feature of the Fox ST front face. The triangular grilles on both sides are sealed to create a sporty atmosphere. This front face is highly recognizable and much more high-profile than the Golf GTI. Although the grille of the latter has been replaced with a mesh and added red trim, the overall shape is similar to that of the regular version, so it looks more like a comfort-oriented family car. Fox ST is not equipped with a front parking radar like the Golf GTI, and the parallel assist and active brake systems on the regular top models are not included in the configuration list. These configurations are extra points for the “small steel gun”. , Of course it’s good to have it, but it’s not hurtful if there is none. I personally can accept it.

The front surround of the Fox ST has changed a lot. The three-stage front surround and the small spoiler next to the fog lights are essential elements for a performance car. They add a lot to the appearance of the Fox ST. At this point, the Golf GTI is not ambiguous. The same modification is adopted. The fog lights look like two small tiger teeth, highlighting the sporty atmosphere. If you want to vote, I will vote for Golf GTI this round.

The headlights of the Focus ST are the same as the domestically produced ordinary version, with lensed xenon headlights, automatic headlights, steering assist lights, etc., but the white eyebrow is only a width light, and Ford did not give it a standard date. Interval running lights. The headlights of the Golf GTI are exactly the same as those of the Fox ST, except for the difference in styling. In this aspect, the two are even. This kind of lighting equipment can be said to be completely enough. If you are more greedy, I hope that there will be a cooler daytime running light, which will be more cool when driving on the street.

The side lines of the Focus ST are dynamic and smooth, almost the same as the regular version. If you don’t look closely, it’s really difficult to distinguish it from the regular version from the side. Similarly, the side lines of the Golf GTI are very similar to the regular version. Because the regular version is more homely, its side lines are still not as sporty as the Fox ST, but its Tomahawk-style wheels are indeed highly recognizable.

The shape of the 18-inch matte gray wheels of the Fox ST is similar to that of the regular version of the Fox high-end models. The front 340mm brake disc is much larger than the Golf GTI's 312mm, and the red brake calipers of both are very eye-catching. The wheels of the Golf GTI have just been mentioned, and the 17-inch Tomahawk-style wheels it is equipped with are the only ones in the whole series. In terms of tire specifications, both vehicles use Goodyear EAGLE F1 asymmetric tires, focusing on handling in wet and dry areas. The front and rear dimensions of the Fox ST tires are 235/40 R18, which is one higher than the specifications of the Golf GTI 225/45 R17. cut. In this link, the Fox ST won, and the low aspect ratio tires have a better visual effect, which also helps the handling during intense driving.

The highlight of the rear of the car is still on the lower surround, and the center-mounted dual-exit rear exhaust is exposed. I think even people who do not understand the car will have a special feeling when they see such an exhaust pipe. In comparison, the bilateral double-out on the Golf GTI is much more low-key, but the Golf R, which has the same horsepower as the Fox ST, also adopts the form of mid-mounted double-out, is it a good discussion?

Dynamic comparison

The power of the Fox ST comes from the familiar 2.0L Ecoboost turbocharged engine, which is made of aluminum and is equipped with mainstream technologies such as direct injection in the cylinder. This engine is widely used, and we can see it in Mondeo-Zhisheng, Sharp World, and even Range Rover Aurora. In Fox ST, this engine was re-tuned, with a maximum power of 250 horsepower (184 kilowatts) at 5500rpm, a maximum torque of 345 N·m/2000-4500rpm, and a top speed of 248km/h. From the data point of view, it is close to the level of the EA113 engine of the Golf R (256 horsepower, top speed 250km/h).

We are also familiar with the 2.0L EA888 on the Golf GTI. It is available on CC, Tiguan, Audi A4L and other models. Turbocharged, in-cylinder direct injection, cast iron cylinder block, maximum power 200 horsepower (147 kW)/5100-6000rpm, maximum torque 280 N·m/1700-5000rpm, top speed 235km/h, measured acceleration time of 0-100km/h It is 6.59 seconds.

Comparison experience of interior parts

The appearance of Fox ST and Golf GTI are relatively low-key. In contrast, the overall shape of Fox is smoother, more sporty, and more attractive than golf. The rich sports kits and stunning colors have also increased to a certain extent. It’s recognizable, but its appearance is for passers-by. Whether it can arouse your passion for sports depends on the feeling in the car.

Sitting in the car, Fox ST has made minor adjustments compared to the regular version, without special emphasis on the fighting atmosphere. Except for the color scheme, it is really not much different from the regular Fox. Let's take a look at the Golf GTI. The racing-style steering wheel is a bonus item, and there is nothing special about it.

The shape of the four-spoke steering wheel is almost the same as the normal version, but the feel of the perforated leather wrap is much better, and the friction and softness are not on the same level as the normal Focus. I know you want to complain about why you don’t give a three-spoke steering wheel so that it looks more sporty. Believe me, the four-spoke steering wheel on the Fox ST feels very good. I suggest you go to the 4S store and feel it yourself. The design of the spokes only changes the visual effect.

In fact, I prefer the golf GTI steering wheel. It feels the same as the Fox ST. It also has a nameplate to show your identity. The flat bottom is closer to the shape of the car. In this link, GTI wins a round. I want to give it my personal feelings. It adds one point.

The dashboard is the most intuitive communication instrument. As the main sports car, there is also a task of active atmosphere. Looking at it this way, both cars only achieved 60 points. The task of transmitting information is completed, but it seems that it is not enough. stimulate.

There is a long strip of instrument combination above the center console, which is the oil temperature, turbocharging value, and oil pressure, which is convenient for the driver to observe the state of the vehicle. This is a win over the Golf GTI.

Fox ST uses a one-key start button, while the Golf GTI is an ordinary turn-key start. As far as the ignition is concerned, the Fox ST has won again. At least it looks more upscale and more handsome. The girl next to you looks at it. Maybe it will be happier.

The Fox ST center control panel uses metal baking paint to add a sense of fashion. The SONY entertainment system on the center console is a button type, which is not the same as the touch type on the Ford-Sharp. The knob is delicately damped, and the buttons on the top feel normal, not crisp.

Golf GTI is equipped with the original RCD510 audio system, which is slightly better than Fox ST in terms of workmanship and button feel. Although the Fox ST's center console looks gorgeous, it has many buttons and is relatively small. The effect is a bit messy, and the user experience is still a bit lacking. In contrast, I prefer the Golf GTI RCD510, which is clear. It's easy to get started without difficulty.

The gear lever of the 6-speed Getrag manual gearbox of the Fox ST is unique in shape, and the metal-textured gear is in your hands. I can’t help but play with it. I tried the shifting feeling. The original mechanical feeling is very strong, the stroke is short, and it has an obvious sense of inhalation. It can slide into the next gear with a light push. Compared with the Volkswagen MQ200 series, it can only be said to be worse. Nothing is too late, so I can't fault it. Compared with GTI's 6-speed DSG gearbox, the manual transmission can vent the power more freely, and the driving pleasure is richer.

The handbrake is an ordinary mechanical handbrake like the Golf GTI. It is very reasonable and has a more user-friendly position. It can also be operated well when the arm is placed on the central armrest box. First, it saves worry and effort during daily use, and second, it is very convenient to pull down the handbrake to make a tail-flick and turn around in extreme driving situations.

I had a chat with Ford staff before, why not install a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the answer is that we have to be different. Compared with competitors, manual gear is the purest and most enjoyable driving experience. of. I think what he said makes sense, and this is where I admire Fox ST.

Comparison of riding space

In terms of space, Fox ST is the same as the normal version of Fox. After adjusting the sitting posture, the experiencer with a height of 177cm will have 1 head space in the front row, 4 fingers in the head space in the back row, and 3 fingers in the leg space. The overall performance is the same GTI is almost the same. Whether it is the front seat or the rear seat, GTI can bring passengers a very intuitive subjective feeling of space, and will not make you feel too cramped; and the streamlined shape of the Fox ST will have a certain impact on the rear seating space. It can be clearly felt during the experience. Generally speaking, their performance in terms of space is up to the standard, and I can't ask for more.

Seat and pedal comparison

Fox ST’s RECARO two-color sports seats are one of the highlights of the whole car. I want to give a full score. I don’t know how many people can agree with me. It’s impeccable to sit in, the mesh fabric provides good friction and excellent wrapping. The seat of the Golf GTI is made of leather, and the side support parts are softer than the Fox ST, but the color combination is slightly single, the visual impact is not strong enough, and it is superior in terms of comfort.

It's a pity that the seats of the Fox ST are all manually adjusted. The main driver of the Golf GTI is 12-way electric adjustment (with lumbar support) and the co-pilot is manually adjusted. I don't know how many prospective Fox ST owners will care about this. My point is that to exercise, you have to sacrifice some comfort and convenience, and there must be a trade-off.

Here I need to remind male driver friends that you need to pay more attention when getting on and off the car. The support on the side of the Fox ST cushion is a bit hard. Although it is not as good as the Golf R, it is also quite hard. It is not good to break an important part. Generally speaking, in terms of hardness, golf R>Fox ST>Golf GTI.

The Fox ST uses a normal-style accelerator pedal with non-slip rubber on the metal pedal. It does not use a vertical pedal. The middle brake pedal is small, which is a disadvantage. Compared with the GTI pedal, I prefer the latter. .

Storage space

In terms of storage space, the Fox ST and Golf GTI have enough places to put things, and there is no problem to meet the daily needs of household use. For these two more demanding cars, they are already quite good.

Comparative analysis

    As far as the static part is concerned, the two cars are tied and each has its own merits, but if I really want to tell a victory or defeat, I will throw the olive branch to the Fox ST without hesitation. The reasons are as follows. Compared with the Golf GTI, the imported Fox ST may be less comfortable and convenient in daily use, but it retains the most sincere and pure understanding of the high-performance hatchback. This is what I admire most about it.

Among the domestic compact high-performance hatchback cars, their positioning and prices are relatively similar. If you study carefully and subdivide, you will find that the Golf GTI is actually more suitable for consumers who have both performance, comfort and practicality. The 6-speed DSG gearbox also allows more players to experience the fun of high performance, so I think the Golf GTI performs more comprehensively.

If you have a stronger pursuit of performance and driving experience, then there is no doubt that Fox ST will become your first choice, but its heavy clutch pedal will increase the burden on your left foot on congested city roads, so I think Fox ST should partner with a daily scooter as the second car in your family.

I do not deny that the domestically produced Golf GTI is a very good car, but compared to the Fox ST, its advantages come more from the daily use of ordinary golf, and it weakens too much essence, such as heightened suspension. Frames, smaller wheels, thicker tires, etc., have not brought the original meaning of the three magical letters “GTI” to China.

This article is just some static analysis. It's not addictive to look at. I think so too. It's a pity to see a good car that can't be driven. These two cars have to run to make sense. Here is the performance of Fox ST tested by foreign media. The 0-100km/h acceleration time is 6.3 seconds, which is similar to the Golf GTI we tested. When the test car is available, we will show you the dynamic comparison of the two cars as soon as possible. The performance of the two cars is the most attractive when running, so stay tuned!

If you are interested in Fox ST, please click here to contact the dealer. If you want to know the price and market information of Fox ST at the first time, please click here to view.

Who do you prefer, Fox ST and Golf GTI?

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