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[YesAuto F1 Formula One] F1 Formula One 2015 season is coming soon, and the teams are actively preparing new plans. Ferrari is suffering from the rectification of the system. After Alonso’s transfer to McLaren, the team’s technical director Pat Fry and aerodynamic designer Nicolas Tombasis will also leave. This earth-shaking change is Ferrari’s new general manager Maurizio Arrivabane. Part of the reorganization plan.

Frye joined the Ferrari team in 2011, and Tombass left McLaren in 1997 to join Ferrari. According to analysis, their departure from Ferrari should be one of the attempts to correct Ferrari’s weak performance in 2014. Ferrari’s engine engineer Mattia Bonotto kept his position and continued to be responsible for engine design in 2015. The position of the aerodynamic designer of Tombasis will be assumed by Bob Bell, who was hired from Mercedes.

At this point, Ferrari's high-level personnel changes have been earth-shaking, and it is not known whether this will end. The newly appointed Arrivabane said: “We are not here to remember the past, but to rebuild the future.” There are rumors that the performance of the Ferrari F1 team has always been inversely proportional to the quality of its new products. For example, we saw the 458 Speciale this year. Such a successful model came out. We can only wait and see what will happen next year.