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[YesAuto Test Drive] In the past two years, the domestic compact SUV market has attracted more and more attention. The advantages of large space, high carrying capacity, versatility, and adaptation to various road conditions are more in line with the current needs of people for cars. Facing the huge market space, Korean manufacturers have taken the lead this time. At the beginning of the year, Beijing Hyundai launched the brand-new ix35 and it was once a hot seller. This turned the Korean SUV that has not been optimistic about it. In the face of a good situation, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, another Korean joint venture manufacturer in China, brought us the latest urban SUV product-Kia Smart Run.

The debut of this new car was at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year, when it was only named after the SL code name. In fact, we should not be unfamiliar with such a new car. The previous Kia Lion Race is its predecessor, so this smart race is a complete update. So what changes have this brand-new product changed? Today I will explain this new car with everyone.

First of all, in terms of appearance, the Kia Smart Running has completely subverted the design style of the lion running in the past. It can be said that it is definitely a product of two eras. The new shape is fuller and fuller, full of tension, and the body lines are simple and smooth. Although there is no complicated layering, it also has an unforgettable visual impact. Although the smart running and Hyundai ix35 belong to the same platform products, I personally think that this simple and smooth design is more modern than the complicated lines of the ix35, which is absolutely in line with the aesthetics of young people, and this also reflects the Kia” “Design KIA” is the latest design concept.

In addition, according to the information disclosed by the manufacturer, there will be 9 different car body colors for consumers to choose after the smart running is launched, including ebony black, transparent white, titanium silver, diamond silver, tomato red, glow orange, ore silver, and beach gold. , Grape Blue.

The body size of 4400x1855x1660mm belongs to the body of a standard urban SUV, and it is a lap larger than the previous generation of Lions. However, there is no obvious advantage compared with today's products of the same level. However, thanks to its extremely full line design, the entire body looks like a smooth arc everywhere, so the visually feels that the size will be larger.

Starting from SOUL, which was launched last year, Kia has added its own family-style front face to the exterior design of the new car, and the chrome-plated front face design on Zhipao is even more exaggerated, and of course it looks even more atmospheric.

I think the design of the front face is a highlight of the whole car. The slender lines of the headlights feel very delicate, and when you change the angle, you will find the curved shape. In addition, the polygonal fog lights are connected by the entire polygonal bumper, which feels like a big grin, giving people a very visual impact and a strong modern feel.

The design position of the rear headlights is relatively high, and the black and thick rear bumper will make people's visual center move up, and the ratio of up and down is slightly out of balance, but this trapezoidal shape makes people feel enough. The steady. In addition, it is possible that all of our test-driving models are test-installed vehicles. All models do not distinguish the displacement and two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive logos at the rear. Maybe they will add different logos after the official launch in the future.

Although SmartTrain is an urban SUV, it also takes into account some cross-country characteristics in the design. For example, the front bumper has an inclined angle, which increases the approach angle, the rear bumper design is also very simple, and the exhaust pipe is also It does not bring too much burden to the passability of the whole vehicle, so you don't have to worry too much even if you encounter some rough road conditions.

At present, as far as we know, there are three configuration levels for SmartTrain, from low to high, namely GL, GLS, and PREMIUM. In terms of wheel matching, the sizes are 16 inches, 17 inches and 18 inches, and the upper ones are large. What we see in the picture is the shape of the wheel with the highest level, the size is 235/55 R18, the following two are the wheel styles equipped with GL and GLS, but the current model has not yet been officially launched, and our test drive All are PREMIUM models, so the specific wheel collocation is still waiting for the new car to go on the market.

The main design style of Kia Smart Run this time is the sense of technology and the sense of future, and the positioning is the young fashionable group. Therefore, in addition to the subversive changes in appearance, the interior design is also based on such a design idea. After the actual experience, I feel that SmartTrain is still doing very well in terms of interiors. Although most of the interiors are made of hard plastic materials, the workmanship and design have received unanimous praise from many media friends present.

The welcome light on the car door is nothing new to us, but there is still a little article about Smart Run this time. They changed the ordinary lights to laser lights with the word SPORTAGE. When the car door is opened at night, it is projected on the ground. Not only does it play a role in lighting, but it also looks very technological. It is a very unique little idea.

The design of the center control panel is not complicated. The simple and clear layout allows you to adapt quickly. There will be no barriers to operation. Although the materials used are made of hard plastic, the processing is very delicate and there is no Very cheap feel, including the knobs and buttons feel good.

There is a small storage slot with an anti-skid pad under the center control panel, which is very convenient to put mobile phones and other personal items, and the blocking lever will not affect your taking of items while driving. In addition, you can see that it is equipped with a variety of multimedia interfaces, as well as two power interfaces, which is very practical.

Kia Smart Run also has a two-wheel drive version and a four-wheel drive version. The difference is that it has an extra “LOCK” key. Because it is the same platform product as the ix35, we guess that the four-wheel drive structure of the smart run is also the same as that of the ix35. The definition of the LOCK key does not refer to locking the central differential lock, but refers to the connected four-wheel drive mode. Of course, the actual four-wheel drive performance can only be verified for everyone when we get the test car in the future.

If you are interested in this four-wheel drive system, you can >>click here to read<<

The central control panel of the low- and mid-range smart running models we introduced earlier is just ordinary audio and air-conditioning controls, and the top models are also equipped with a 7-inch large-screen DVD navigation system, and also have seat heating and ventilation functions. The configuration is very rich.

Except for low-end models, other models of SmartTrain are equipped with reversing image functions. Of course, the top-end models can display images on the large-screen LCD screen. For models without large screens, the image will be displayed on the left side of the rearview mirror. And I think this seems to be more conducive to the operation of the driver. When reversing, you can view the reversing image while looking at the rearview mirror. The sight does not need to be shifted in a large area, and the safety is higher.

Since the Kia Smart Run has not been officially launched, there is currently no specific model and parameter configuration, but some parameters of this model have been exposed on the Internet not long ago. You can >>click here to view<<

We are very satisfied with the overall design style and configuration of the Kia Smart Run, so what about the performance of the storage space in the car, which is closely related to our daily life?

First of all, special water cup holders and storage slots are designed on the front and rear doors, and under normal circumstances, they can meet our daily use needs, and the water cup holders have special grooves and a certain inclination angle, so don’t worry. The water bottle will fall while driving.

The storage capacity of the central armrest box is not too satisfactory. The seemingly large armrest box can only hold two small bottles of mineral water, mainly because there is a slot for the key, but I personally feel that this design is not Very practical, the remote control key is good to carry with you, so that you can further expand the storage space of the armrest box.

The panoramic sunroof has always been a design that I like very much. No matter what model, the panoramic sunroof can bring better lighting effects, and it can also give the car a better sense of space. It can also be used by the rear passengers when traveling. Enjoy the sun to your heart's content.

There are two color combinations for the smart running seats, one is pure black with white stitching, and the other is light yellow. From the perspective of the overall design style, the black seat has a better visual effect and can show stronger The sense of movement. In addition to the fabric seats at the lowest, all other models are leather seats. The soft leather and meticulous workmanship bring good ride comfort. Except for the poor angle of the rear seats, other models are equipped with leather seats. all good.

In terms of riding space, smart running is not exceptional. It is a normal level. The front row of the head has a punch space, and the rear legs and head are also spaced about a punch. For the body shape of the average Chinese user This kind of space performance is enough.

The power of the Kia Smart Run is divided into two displacements: 2.0 and 2.4. It is equipped with a θ-II engine with dual VVT and variable intake manifold technology. This is the same as the engine used by Beijing Hyundai ix35. It's the same paragraph. This time our test drive model is based on the 2.0 two-wheel drive version. This engine has a maximum power of 163 horsepower and a maximum torque of 194N·m. The parameters are still in the past.

Except for the same engine, the 6-speed automatic manual gearbox of SmartTrain is also the same as the ix35, except that the snake shift mode of the ix35 is changed to the in-line shift mode. There is also no sports mode, which is worthy of the same. Platform products have such a high degree of gene overlap.

We have conducted detailed tests on both the two-wheel drive version and the four-wheel drive version of the ix35. To be honest, this Kia Smart Run from the same platform has the same driving experience as the ix35. It is a standard city-type SUV product that focuses on comfort. You won’t find any driving passion in it, but it won’t turn you away for thousands of miles, there is no difficulty in getting started, and it will also make you drive very comfortable.

As with most Korean cars, when you start, you will feel like you are moving forward as soon as you step on the accelerator, but when you continue to refuel, the power will gradually level off. Unless you step on the full throttle, it will accelerate linearly. Process, of course, this feature is very useful when driving in a city.

The power of the 2.0 engine with 163 horsepower is not weak, but after all, it is an SUV model. The power output is not strong enough to meet daily use. However, it feels a little bit hard to get back under full load, the most direct feeling Even with the increasing depth of the throttle, the engine noise also rises, but the feeling of speed increase is not very obvious.

This time, Kia SmartTreadmill changed the previous hydraulic power assist system to electric speed steering assist. The steering wheel strength will increase as the vehicle speed increases. At low speeds, the steering wheel strength is extremely light, and almost one finger can complete the steering action. At high speeds, the steering wheel strength will increase significantly, but the turning process will feel a bit not smooth. I don’t know if it’s because of the trial installation.

At first, we thought that the driving experience of SmartTrain is exactly the same as that of ix35, but later we found the difference between the two in suspension tuning. The suspension tuning of SmartTrain seems to be tougher, and it doesn’t even look like an SUV anymore. The feeling of the car model is very strong when passing some speed bumps. Although the comfort is reduced, the hardness is still very helpful when driving at high speeds.

to sum up:

This time the test drive activity is relatively short, so we can only enjoy the new car, but the smart running still left us some deep impressions. First of all, the futuristic appearance, I think it is At present, one of the products with excellent appearance design among urban SUVs; in addition, the exquisite workmanship and technological design style of the interior have also changed some of my old ideas about Korean cars, and the richness of the configuration is also beyond ours. Unexpectedly, it can be said that Smart Running is a pretty good product.

With excellent performance at the product level, this is a good start. At least it can attract more consumers' attention. The former Lion Run has always had a good reputation in China, which also laid a good foundation for Smart Run. With a good foundation, what remains is the price issue that Chinese consumers are most concerned about. Whether a good product can have a good price is a key factor for success. At least this is a law of the Chinese market. In the face of RAV4, Qashqai, and ix35, which are currently the first competitors to seize the market, I believe Kia The price will be aligned with them, but all the answers will not be announced until the new car is launched on October 20. At that time, our car home will also bring you the information of the new car as soon as possible. Please pay attention to it.