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[YesAuto static experience] Speaking of Riich X1, you may be a little strange, but if you talk about the mascot of the Beijing Olympics “Fuwa”, everyone must remember, and Riich X1 is derived from Chery Automobile's launch at the Beijing Auto Show before the 2008 Olympics Wuwa concept car, this car is a miniature SUV car with personality Cross style. Both the exterior and the interior follow the personality and cute route common to mini cars. And recently with the launch of the 2012 new models, we also experienced it for the first time. Let’s take a look at it.

Appearance: The shape is cute and full of cross-border style.

    In fact, we can regard Riich X1 as the Cross version of Riich M1. The matte black plastic decoration around the body and the aluminum roof rack reflect the style of crossover models everywhere.

As a miniature model that is positioned as an urban crossover, the Riich X1 has a length, width and height of 3866mm, 1622mm and 1638mm, and a wheelbase of 2330mm. The 180mm ground clearance and the use of a large number of Cross-style elements make the car quite a bit of an off-road car.

To say that the biggest feature of the front face is the blackened headlight design, which not only forms a sharp contrast with the white body, but also combines with the smiling shape of the grille to form the look of a naive and charming national treasure giant panda. The whole vehicle immediately showed a young and lively style.

In sharp contrast to the lovely style of the front is the side of the body. Various cross-over wind elements make the whole car look tough, especially the high ground and body are absolutely off-road.

Compared with the front and rear drum brake configurations of many joint venture brands, the four-wheel disc brakes of the Riich X1 can represent the sincerity of the manufacturer. At least it feels much better regardless of performance. In addition, the full-size spare tire is also quite kind. , It would be better if the same aluminum alloy wheels as the four wheels could be used.

Coming to the rear of the Riich X1, we feel that the design of the rear is somewhat out of balance in style and proportions. Not only did it fail to echo the cute panda-like shape of the front face, but also the layout lacked a sense of coordination, especially the rear taillights and the rear license plate. The location is obviously high, causing a large gap in the trunk, which is in sharp contrast with the too small rear windshield. If the area of the rear windshield glass can be increased, it may look better.

Compared with sedan models, the rear windshield of a hatchback car is more susceptible to dirt caused by the airflow disturbance at the rear of the car. Therefore, in general, the hatchback model will be equipped with a rear windshield wiper, which may be due to cost and pricing factors. The rear windshield wiper is not equipped as standard in all series, but it is only equipped in manual luxury and automatic models, but when we think of the Japanese luxury brand Lexus’s CT200h in its lowest-equipped elite version of the model, we have reduced this equipment. There was some balance in his heart.

It is good to have a reversing radar for a mini car with a value of less than 60,000 yuan, but the position is a bit high, and low obstacles such as rear stone platforms and stone piers cannot be found. This must be paid attention to when reversing. As for the decorativeness of the rear protective panel is greater than practicality, its anti-scratch function is also very limited.

In recent years, Chery’s design on mini-cars has been controversial, challenging the public’s aesthetic time and time again, from QQ6 and QQme to the later Riich M1, and then to today’s Riich X1. Although we understand the manufacturer's “surprising victory”, as for whether it is successful, in addition to the price factor, I think the biggest selling point is the appearance. If you have any suggestions for the design of X1, you can express your views through the comments, and manufacturers and designers will definitely see it.

Interior of the center console: The interior material is ordinary and the craftsmanship is good.

In the car, the unique central control design can not help but impress us, and it feels a bit like a cartoon alien creature. However, the various functional areas are arranged compactly, and the various function keys are clearly marked. Even the first time driving is very easy, which is worthy of recognition.

Compared with the strange design of the interior, the interior technology of Riich X1 has been recognized by us. Although the center console does not use soft materials, the concave-convex surface design makes it feel good to the touch. The control is also very good.

Sit in the driving position and put your hands on the steering wheel. I feel that the shape and feel of the steering wheel of the Riich X1 is pretty good, but it feels a bit bigger and the color is slightly monotonous. If you can use chrome-plated paint accessories, the effect will be good. In addition, the up and down adjustment range of the steering wheel is very small, and the adjustment effect is not very obvious.

The center-mounted electronic LCD instrument panel equipped with Riich X1 is very good, not only the display effect is clear, but also the functions are relatively rich, and all kinds of driving data are at a glance. What makes us most delighted is that the reversing radar also has an obstacle distance display function, which is a very practical function.

In addition, the design of the air conditioning control panel is also very unique and new: the air conditioning mode, wind speed, and air outlet adjustment operations are simple and easy to identify, but the texture of the wind speed adjustment and air outlet adjustment levers is a bit thin and the hand feels a bit loose, good for the sense of gear. It is also relatively clear and not easy to misuse. Furthermore, the design of the air-conditioning outlets on both sides of the center console is also very beautiful. The excellent workmanship and feel, as well as the 360-degree omni-directional rotation function, left a deep impression on me.

Perhaps the air conditioner panel occupies too much space for the central control. The audio control area below is compressed to a very small size. The various buttons and knobs are also designed to be very mini, but the size is too small to bring some operation during driving. inconvenient.

Riich X1 does not have a makeup mirror installed in the sun visor on the main driver's seat. It can also be seen that the manufacturer puts more attention on the intuitive places of appearance and central control, while the places that are not easily detected are subject to cost control, etc. The consideration of aspects can be saved or saved.

Although the Riich X1 interior does not have exquisite workmanship and exquisite materials, the functional configuration is still very complete. The four-door electric windows are the main driving position and the windows are raised and lowered with one key. The other three windows are all one-click. The mini-car is fairly kind. In addition, practical configurations such as the electric adjustment of the left and right rearview mirrors, the height adjustment of the headlights, and the brightness adjustment of the dashboard are still present in this mini-car, which provides a lot of convenience for the daily use of the car.

Riding space: spacious head

In terms of seats, the craftsmanship and touch of the two-color woven fabric seat of the Riich X1 is still good, and the higher sitting posture also brings a good driving vision.

The rear seats of the Riich X1 are quite satisfactory, both soft and hard thickness are acceptable, and the backrest angle of the rear seats is more suitable, so there will be no feeling of backache after long-term riding. It's just that the horizontal space feels average, and it's quite crowded to ride three adults at the same time.

Although the Riich X1 looks slightly like an SUV from the outside, it is still a miniature car after all, and we did not expect its space to be very stretchable, but after the actual experience, we found that we are really a little underestimated. It's up. In particular, the headroom in the front row is very generous. At 180 cm, I still have a punch and a half on my head after adjusting the seat, which is already a good performance.

The rear seat space is also very good. I still have a punch of headroom and three-finger legroom. You must know that this is actually a miniature car with a wheelbase of only 2.3 meters. It is commendable. In addition, the depth of the rear seats is 510mm, which supports the thighs and reduces the fatigue of the buttocks after long-term riding.

Storage space: layout needs to be improved

Compared with the better riding space, the storage space of Riich X1 is much inferior. There will be some conflicts between some storage layouts, which still brings some inconvenience to actual use. I hope that the storage layout will be improved and optimized when changing models in the future.

The space and opening of the glove compartment are relatively spacious and practical. In addition, the USB multimedia interface is also hidden here. As a stylish crossover car that focuses on young people, how can it lack such an “important” configuration.

Since there is no suitable space to design storage capacity near the central control, we think that Riich X1 should dig out the effective storage space at the door. Regrettably, the designer did not take this into consideration. This should be like a Japanese joint venture. Brand study.

●Trunk: Adding curtains for more flexible use of space.

Riich X1 is a young and fashionable crossover car, but the opening mode of the trunk of the car makes us not fashionable anyhow, and the way that it can only be opened by the lever next to the driver's seat is really simple. It seems The designer did not make good use of such an empty area of the trunk door to equip it with a rear door lock.

     Opening the trunk, we feel that the opening width of the Riich X1 is narrow and the position is somewhat high. Although the ground clearance of 180mm is the “culprit”, I believe there is still room for improvement.

The trunk space of the mini car has always been a weakness, but the trunk space of the Riich X1 is intuitively okay, at least it should be enough for daily loads.

As a new configuration for the 2012 model, the trunk curtain is indeed used a lot, especially for dividing the storage space and optimizing the storage function. This can be praised.

If you need to place larger items, Riich X1 also provides the rear seat reclining function, and the maximum depth of the trunk of Riich X1 after being down is 1.1 meters, which is much larger than the previous space, but It is a pity that the rear seats are completely down and the trunk cannot be completely leveled. Fortunately, the placement of general luggage, boxes, home appliances and other items is not a problem. It is not a problem for young people to occasionally move a nest or a small house. Only in this point, it is much more practical than the sedan of the same level.

Power: all new manual models are upgraded with 1.5-liter engine

  To say that the most important improvement of the 2012 Riich X1 is the engine, the core of the car. Riich X1 upgraded all the 1.3-liter engines of the original manual transmission models to 1.5-liter engines with more powerful power.

The newly upgraded 1.5-liter engine has a maximum power of 109 horsepower (80kW)/6000 rpm and a peak torque of 140 Nm/4500 rpm. Compared with the old 1.3-liter engine, the power has been increased by 25 horsepower and 18 Nm respectively. Output. The price is only 1,000 yuan more expensive than the old model, which shows that the price/performance ratio is quite good.

The 5-speed manual gearbox is still matched with this 1.5L engine, which is very smooth in actual use, and the various gears are relatively clear. Unfortunately, the 2012 Riich X1 did not equip this engine with an automatic transmission. If you want to choose automatic transmission, you can only choose the same 1.3-liter engine (84 horsepower) and 5-speed AMT serial transmission model as the old model. , I’m a little bit regretful, I think the biggest reason why the Riich X1 automatic transmission model is not equipped with 1.5L is probably because of the cost factor.

The rear suspension of Riich X1 adopts a torsion beam semi-independent suspension, which is durable and has better overall performance, not to mention that it can provide better rear space, and the difference in comfort between independent suspension and independent suspension on urban roads is not so obvious. . The design of the front-wheel drive also indicates that the Riich X1 is just a crossover car with a very suv appearance.

to sum up:

Through a day’s experience, for this new 1.5-liter manual luxury model Riich X1 with a price of less than 60,000 yuan, it has reached the level of this level of model in terms of workmanship and configuration, especially with its The unique shape, excellent driving space and abundant power of the new 1.5-liter engine make it a good price-performance ratio in the mini-car market. If you want to spend 50,000-60,000 yuan to buy a city with a cross-border style For small cars, I think Riich X1 is still more recommended.

[YesAuto Evaluation] Riich X1 was born from the Chery Five Baby concept car at the 2008 Beijing Auto Show. It also inherits a relatively cartoon front face and incorporates the current mainstream Crossover style. The black matt skirt coating, luggage rack, and elevated body really have the flavor of off-road vehicles. But the focus of today's topic is not on the appearance, but on the 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine that we are not unfamiliar with.

Since it is not a minor facelift, it is just a powertrain update, so this time we mainly look at the performance of this 1.5-liter Riich X1 from actual driving experience and professional test data.

Riich X1 is positioned as an urban mini SUV, and we can also regard it as a Cross version derived from Riich M1. The black matt skirt, the small enclosure with chassis guards under the front and rear enclosures, the roof aluminum luggage rack, and the increased minimum ground clearance (180mm) make the Riich X1 look cool and cool. The blackened headlights and matt black rearview mirror of our white test car also feel like our national treasure panda.

Daily driving:

    Due to the small body size, Riich X1 is relatively easy to drive in the city. It's just that the clutch stroke is relatively long, and the coupling point is higher, which is not easy to control. The brake pedal force is moderate, and the effect is relatively linear, which is personally satisfactory. The front section of the accelerator pedal is still slightly open. When driving on congested roads, it is necessary to control it more delicately. It is indeed a bit tired after a long time.

The minimum ground clearance of Riich X1 is 180mm, which is comparable to mainstream urban SUVs. In theory, the passability is better than ordinary family cars. You don't have to worry too much when you encounter some hurdles in daily driving. Below we provide the ground clearance of some popular SUVs for you to check.

When crossing the ditch, the Riich X1 with rear torsion beam semi-independent suspension performed satisfactorily, and the suspension adjustment was comfortable, and some small excess vibrations could be filtered out. This car feels a bit thin on this bumpy road, but at this price, I can accept this performance.

This Riich X1 is equipped with Chery ACTECO series 1.5L single overhead camshaft engine (SQR477F). This engine is no stranger to us. It has been in Chery E5, Cowin 3 and Fengyun 2 for 2 years. Although it is not advanced enough, there is no problem in terms of stability. It is a breeze to propel a one-ton car with 108 horsepower.

When we tested the Riich M1 before, we had a deep memory of this uniquely designed handlebar. Now Riich X1 has designed a new gear, but when it comes to X1, I can't help but think of that M1 evaluation.