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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, we learned from the Fuxin Publicity WeChat public account/Fuxin Emergency Bureau that at about 14:20 on May 24, the east section of Zhonghua Road in Fuxin City was close to the east side of People’s Square, and a car went from east to west. The driving two-wheeled motor vehicle exploded suddenly, causing the driver's death on the spot. Two nearby cars were damaged to varying degrees. Five other people in the car and nearby were sent to the hospital for minor injuries. The city's emergency department and public security department are still investigating the cause of the explosion.

Judging from the live video exposed on the Internet, a two-wheeled motor vehicle was driving on the side of the road. When passing the gate of a unit, it stopped in place to avoid a black car coming out of the courtyard. When the rear of the car was moving away, the two-wheeled motor vehicle suddenly exploded and a huge fireball appeared. The driver was killed on the spot and two nearby cars were damaged. Five people in and near the car were sent to a doctor. They were found to be slightly injured by the hospital. Regarding the incident, we will continue to pay attention. (Source: Beijing Time/Fuxin Publicity; Compilation/Auto House Zhouyi)