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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, some Toyota/Lexus owners are experiencing a distressing problem- the dual-engine hybrid models they purchased have problems with oil emulsification and increase . Some car owners found that the amount of oil exceeded the maximum scale value when checking the oil dipstick, and some car owners also noticed that oil emulsification appeared in the oil cap, accompanied by a suspected gasoline smell.

At the same time, on the Autohome Forum, since the end of February this year, some netizens have reported the above-mentioned problems with their vehicles, including FAW Toyota Asia Dragon Shuangqing, the new generation RAV4 Rongfang Shuangqing, GAC Toyota Camry Shuangqing, and even There are owners of Lexus ES300h. In order to further confirm the authenticity of the feedback from the car owners, we interviewed several owners of the Asian Dragon Shuangqing model to tell us about their current problems.

30 seconds to read the full text:

1. The current problematic models are mainly hybrid (dual engine) models under Toyota and Lexus;
2. Since the end of February this year, car owners have successively responded to the problem of oil emulsification or increased oil on their cars;
3. Judging from the feedback from netizens on the Autohome Forum, there is a high probability of increased engine oil, and a relatively low probability of engine oil emulsification.
4. FAW Toyota owners go to 4S stores for repairs. The common practice is to pour out the excess oil first, and the subsequent manufacturers will provide free oil replacement services.
5. GAC Toyota and Lexus officials stated that they have received feedback from a small number of users to further understand the situation and communicate.
6. We are still following up on how to deal with the problem of oil emulsification.

● The real feedback from Asian Dragon owners: the oil is obviously increased and the new oil can be replaced for free

Adapted from a classic quote in “Hamlet”: “Much or not, this is a question.” Since February, car owners have been complaining about the increase/emulsification of motor oil in the Asian Dragon WeChat group. . As a result, many car owners started self-inspection, and unexpectedly, many of them were “successful”.

The owner of the car, Mr. Sun: I never expected that I would be the one who was recruited!

Mr. Sun from Shanghai is an ordinary office worker. In August 2019, Mr. Sun liked to mention his car, the hybrid version of FAW Toyota Asia Dragon. It took less than half a year from acquaintance, acquaintance to love. In February this year, Mr. Sun saw that some car owners had problems with increased oil in the WeChat group. At that time, Mr. Sun's car had traveled about 6,800km, and it was mainly used for commuting to and from get off work. The 3000km was the data refreshed by a comfortable self-driving tour before the outbreak.

“Can the new car have problems? I never thought about it.” Mr. Sun said. Not long ago, Mr. Sun learned in the WeChat group that some models of Asia Dragon had problems with increasing oil. At the end of February, Mr. Sun found that the vehicle oil was significantly higher than the oil dipstick when inspecting. “Unexpectedly, I will be the one who will be recruited!”

In mid-November last year, Mr. Sun went to the 4S shop during the first inspection and found no problems. Nowadays, the oil dipstick in Mr. Sun’s car can be clearly increased, but Mr. Sun also said that he did not smell gasoline when checking the oil dipstick. Next, Mr. Sun plans to go to the 4S shop for the first insurance after the epidemic situation improves slightly.

Owner Mr. Xie: It has been replaced by a new engine oil manufacturer and said it would give me an explanation!

    In June 2019, Mr. Xie, who lives in Shanghai, mentioned an Asian Dragon Shuangqing high version model. Now this car has traveled about 13000km, and it is mainly used for commuting to and from get off work. The one-way trip is about 30km.

Not long ago, Mr. Xie learned through the WeChat group that there was an increase in oil in the Asian Dragon Shuangqing version. On March 2, during an inspection, Mr. Xie found that the oil in his car had exceeded the oil level by about 1 cm, so he immediately drove to the 4S shop. To process.

The repair process is divided into two parts. When entering the shop for repairs for the first time, the 4S shop first pours out the excess oil and returns the oil to the oil dipstick standard. The color of the poured engine oil was normal and there was no emulsification. At the same time, there was no gasoline smell in the poured oil liquid, but there were other pungent smells. In order to prevent other abnormalities in the vehicle, Mr. Xie checked the four spark plugs in the car at the same time, and the results showed that the ignition position was free of oil and the surroundings were clean.

On the second day (March 3), the Toyota manufacturer informed Mr. Xie that he could change the oil free of charge. At the same time, the manufacturer replied that Mr. Xie would contact the owner within 5 working days (March 11) to provide a solution. So, on March 6, Mr. Xie went to the 4S shop to change the engine oil for free.

As early as when the vehicle was traveling 10,000km, Mr. Xie went to the 4S shop for maintenance. No abnormality in the oil was found at that time. Before changing the oil, Mr. Xie checked the oil dipstick every day. “Due to the close time interval, no other changes have been found.” According to Mr. Xie's feedback, the 4S shop has repaired a number of dual-engine hybrid models with increased oil problems.

Mr. Che Zongyuan: I'm so lucky that the oil has increased and emulsified

Mr. Zhang, who is also in Shanghai, unfortunately won the “double award.” The Asian Dragon Shuangqing luxury model he drove had not only increased engine oil, but also emulsification problems. This major discovery made Mr. Zhang distressed.

Before the Spring Festival, Mr. Zhang drove his beloved Asian Dragon Shuangqing from the magic city of Shanghai to his hometown of Sichuan. Knowing that long-distance driving is extremely hard, Mr. Zhang did a maintenance on the new car before departure (January). At that time, the vehicle had traveled about 2700km. From the feedback results at that time, the 4S shop did not inform that there was a problem with the oil.

Just a few weeks ago, Mr. Zhang learned through information push and WeChat group that the Toyota Shuangqing hybrid model had problems with increased oil/emulsification. With the mentality of giving it a try, Mr. Zhang took the lead in checking the oil dipstick, and the results showed that there was indeed an increase in oil. However, Mr. Zhang did not deal with it in time.

Until recently, Mr. Zhang accidentally turned on the oil cap, and he was surprised by what he saw-the oil cap clearly saw the milky white oil. Shocked, Mr. Zhang informed this in the Asian Dragon car owner group. “From the perspective of emulsification, this is obviously not a recent problem.” Mr. Zhang said.

Since picking up the car in October 2019, Mr. Zhang's car has driven a total of about 8,200km. He couldn't bear the suffering of his “Xinhuan”. Mr. Zhang called the 4S shop, and the other party said that he would replace Mr. Zhang with new oil. “I know that many car owners have encountered this kind of problem, but I want to know how the manufacturers deal with it!”

● Increase in oil ≠ oil emulsification problems have serious consequences!

Here we also want to remind everyone that oil emulsification and oil increase are two different issues. Among them, engine oil emulsification is mainly because the engine oil is milky white or milky yellow, which indicates that the engine oil has deteriorated and the lubricating performance will decrease. The cause of oil emulsification is that, on the one hand, the water vapor generated by the heat exchanger penetrates into the oil, causing emulsification, and on the other hand, the water in the cylinder head enters the oil to cause emulsification. Regarding the problem of increasing the oil in the car, there may be other oils that are mixed into the oil and cannot evaporate in a short time, causing the oil to be diluted and the oil level to rise.

Here, we want to say that the role of engine oil in the engine is not just lubrication, it also undertakes the functions of cleaning, cooling, anti-corrosion and rust prevention, etc. Therefore, once the engine oil emulsifies (the oil becomes thicker) and increases (The oil becomes dilute), its viscosity and film-forming performance have completely lost the level of normal oil, and it is unable to perform its due duties. If the engine is started in this case, the engine can only be operated under poor lubrication and cooling. Parts are damaged and the life of the engine is affected. The damage caused by this can often only be solved by replacing new parts, and the more serious result is that the engine is completely scrapped. Therefore, this requires car owners to maintain good driving habits, check the amount of oil in time, and change the oil in time when there is a problem. (For more information about the emulsification of engine oil, please click here)

● Dealer's reply: No relevant cases have been received

After communicating with the majority of car friends, we promptly called some dealers of FAW Toyota, GAC Toyota and Lexus in the Beijing area. In response to this question, how will the distributors respond?

In response to the feedback from dealers in Beijing, the answers were basically the same. So far, there have been no cases of increased oil or oil emulsification in the oil cap. At the same time, the dealers all stated that if customers are not worried about their car, they can go to the official authorized dealer in their city for free inspection. In addition, the distributors have not received notifications and solutions from manufacturers about such incidents.

It is worth mentioning that the personnel of a Lexus authorized dealer stated that they had heard about such incidents. Their personal analysis is because the hybrid vehicle has better sealing performance, and there will be individual phenomena that the oil and gas cannot be discharged, which leads to this. Class problems occur. In addition, it may also be due to the fact that the vehicle has not been driven for a long time, and there is a small probability problem that causes this kind of phenomenon to occur. The clerk suggested that customers can check their own oil calipers, as long as it is not higher than 2mm, it is normal, if you are not worried, you can go to the store to check.

The after-sales personnel of a FAW Toyota store said that if such phenomena exist, their current solution is to change the oil for free, and then make follow-up observations, and wait for the official recommendations issued by the manufacturer.

After calling several dealers in Beijing, we followed a rigorous attitude and continued to conduct telephone consultations with some dealers of FAW Toyota, GAC Toyota and Lexus in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Shijiazhuang. It seems that everyone has “discussed”, and they all give cases where they have not received such phenomena. In addition, dealers also provide free in-store inspections and wait for the conclusion of official information.

It’s worth noting that the after-sales staff of a GAC Toyota and Lexus dealer in the Shanghai area said that if the customer finds that the oil level of their car is only beyond the standard range, there are no other faults and fault lights are displayed, they can go to the store to pick up the car. Just take a part of the internal oil.

Regarding the above issues, we also contacted GAC Toyota and Lexus officials in time. Both said that they have received feedback from a small number of users and are further understanding the situation and communicating, but FAW Toyota has not yet responded to this matter.

In this regard, we hope that FAW Toyota, GAC Toyota, and Lexus can actively solve problems for car owners and formulate solutions in time. After all, no company can guarantee that its products are flawless, but the company must have the determination to actively respond to the problem and the proper measures to solve the problem, so as to continue to build its good reputation in the Chinese market for many years.

Edit summary:

    At present, according to what we have learned, some hybrid models of Toyota and Lexus owners do have problems with increased oil or oil emulsification. And from the feedback from netizens on the Autohome Forum, there is a higher probability of increased oil, and a relatively small probability of oil emulsification. In response to this problem, the general solution for dealers is to drain the excess oil or change the oil. As of press time, none of the three car companies gave a clearer answer.

Therefore, we still need to remind Toyota and Lexus dual-engine hybrid car owners to check the condition of the vehicle in time and maintain good driving habits. Once there is an increase in oil or oil emulsification, please go to the officially authorized 4S shop for repairs in time. Do not go Unauthorized private repair shop to avoid secondary damage to the vehicle.

It can be expected that the oil problem continues. If the manufacturer does not provide a satisfactory solution in time, it will greatly affect the use of the vehicle, and may even appear to “smash word of mouth”. We will continue to pay attention to the next development of the oil incident. If a car owner encounters a similar problem, please contact us at the bottom of the car home Li Na/Zhou Yi editor blog.