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[YesAuto Motorcycle] In order to meet the latest emission standards for domestic motorcycles, Haojue Suzuki recently launched the 2019 Suzuki DL250. Compared with the old model, there are minor adjustments. Next, let us take a look at the differences between the new models.

● Appearance

Today we got a 2019 Suzuki DL250. Compared with the old model, the biggest change of the new car is that it meets the national IV emission standard, reduces the body weight, and introduces a new style of body drawing. There are no other aspects. obvious change. The body length, width and height dimensions of DL250 are 2150mm, 880mm and 1295mm respectively. The original factory has four models with ABS and without ABS, with three boxes and without three boxes. The data is the length without three boxes, with box version Slightly larger in length and width.

The seat height is 795mm, which can satisfy most riders. In the picture, our upper body is 1.8 meters, the lower body is 1.6 meters, and the average is 1.7 meters for the riding demonstration. After parking, the forefoot of both feet can land on the ground at the same time. The handlebar height is 311mm, which can form a relatively upright riding posture, and will not feel too tired during long-distance driving. In addition, the curb weight of the 2019 DL250 has been reduced from 206kg in the 2018 model to 188kg, so even if it is driven by a weaker female, the pressure will not be great. The weird thing is that although the DL250 is an ADV-style model, the minimum ground clearance of 160mm is 5mm lower than that of the fellow GW250, which seems to be more urban commuting.

According to the information on the official website, the 2019 Suzuki DL250 has 6 color combinations: Diamond Leopard Red, Cool Yellow, Poseidon Blue, Star Black and two camouflage black and gray. Two of the camouflage black and gray are newly added colors and are matched with rectifiers. Covered with red and blue V-Storm lettering, camouflage pattern, and colored circles on the front and rear wheels. I personally think that the new color scheme is really good-looking, and it is more agile and dynamic than the old monochrome style. The original windshield is small and non-adjustable, which can protect the rider's chest. The hand guards on both sides are also provided by the original manufacturer.

● Configuration

In terms of configuration, the new and old models are basically the same. First of all, the key of this car also has a chip, which can further improve the safety of the vehicle when it is parked. The instrument is simple and clear, and contains all the information needed for daily driving. The 12V power jack is very practical during long-distance riding. It is worth mentioning that the button on the handlebar feels better than many domestic models and even some imported models. We know that the turn signal return button of many cars will feel a little jerky, and this DL250 did not give me such a feeling.

The halogen headlights with integrated far and near light have average lighting capabilities, but this is also the current mainstream lamp lighting configuration for motorcycles. If you want a better lighting effect, you can only modify the LED light source by yourself. The original factory comes with an engine guard, a protective cover and a water tank guard net, which is very necessary for a car taking an adventurous route. The original car does not have anti-fall bars, but I think that if you fill up three boxes and install an anti-fall bar, the whole car looks a bit too bulky.

The tail box and side box can be said to be a highlight of the DL250, but I think it is also a slot. As a more adventurous style car, the owner is likely to ride it after buying it, and the usefulness of the box is obvious. The texture of the original product is great, whether it is the smoothness of the lock switch or the thick seal ring around the lid. The three boxes can be quickly disassembled, and can be used as a suitcase when traveling. The cushioning rubber at one end of the body is slightly tight, which is a bit laborious to install. The reason why there is a slot is because the 20L side box and 23L tail box can’t hold a full helmet, whether it’s placed on the side or on the side. I think the motorcycle storage box will lose a large part of its existence if it can’t be placed in the helmet. significance.

● Motivation

Power is one of the weaknesses of this DL250. The water-cooled twin-cylinder 248cc outputs 18.4kW maximum power at 8000rpm, and peak torque at 6500rpm explodes 23.4N·m. When the vehicle speed in 6th gear is around 70kph, the speed has exceeded 6000rpm, which can reach the maximum speed visually. Around 130kph, the performance is average in the 250cc class. However, the maximum power and torque of the 2020 DL250 sold in Japan are lower than the domestic sales version, at 18kW and 22N·m, which may be due to emission requirements.

However, the gearbox has excellent texture and smooth shifting. Even without pinching the clutch, you can easily increase or decrease gears with a slight release of the throttle. At the same time, the gear ratio of each gear is very dense, and the vehicle speed in 6th gear will not shake too much when the speed drops to about 30kph. Of course, this has a certain relationship with the asynchronous two-cylinder engine of the DL250-smaller jitter and slightly lower torque. The new car still retains the front and rear gear design, but the owners of the old models generally report that this function is more tasteless, because it is easy to shift gears by mistake.

● Chassis

The original car is equipped with road tires with 110/80 R17 front wheels and 140/70 R17 rear wheels, but the test-driving car we got has been replaced with AD01 all-terrain tires of the same size, which makes it more like one ADV models. In the actual driving process, especially when cornering, it is more confident. In terms of braking, the DL250 is equipped with spray-perforated brake discs of 290mm in the front and 240mm in the rear. The ABS version is equipped with ABS systems on the front and rear wheels, which can effectively improve safety during emergency braking. The rear vibration damping is seven-stage adjustable, and the most suitable preload can be set according to drivers of different weights.

● Reviews

There are four models of the 2019 Suzuki DL250 on sale, namely, no ABS and no three boxes, no ABS and three boxes, ABS and no three boxes, and ABS with three boxes. The prices are 29580 yuan, 30680 yuan, 31580 yuan and 32680 yuan. . A few days ago, under the guidance of the China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, a number of domestic mainstream motorcycle media and professional test riders from the National Motorcycle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Tianjin) gathered at the National Motorcycle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Tianjin) Motorcycle Proving Ground. Participated in the joint evaluation activity for the Suzuki DL250, and the final average score of the car was 3.78 points (5-point scale) .

Comment: The three cars of Suzuki 250 displacement class: GSX250R, GW250 and DL250 have always had good sales in China. It can be seen that their reliability has been affirmed by the majority of car owners. I personally think that this car as a whole is a fairly satisfactory model, not a good one, but it has no shortcomings. Some aspects of motivation alone can’t meet my needs, but motivation is different from person to person. Combined with the price of about 30,000 yuan, it is indeed a good choice for novices who are just getting started.