[YesAuto Race] The 2012 ROC World Car Championship was recently held in Bangkok, Thailand. In this year’s competition, the drivers drove 7 different types of cars to compete: KTM X-BOW car, Audi R8 LMS car, Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Super Trofeo car, Volkswagen Scirocco, Toyota GT 86 car, ROC Dedicated racing car and Euro RaceCar. Next, let us take a look at these cars.

◆KTM X-BOW Racing

◆Audi R8 LMS racing car

◆Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Super Trofeo racing car

◆Volkswagen Scirocco

◆Toyota GT 86 racing car

◆ROC dedicated racing car

◆Euro RaceCar

Final results: In the ROC race, all drivers drove a uniform specification car racing on the parallel double row circuit. Since the car models and the track are the same, the drivers rely entirely on their own driving skills to compete fairly. ROC includes two competitions, the “National Cup” and the “Drivers Cup”: the National Cup consists of two drivers of the same nationality, and teams from other countries have two wins in three rounds. The 2012 ROC National Cup champion was won by Schumacher and The German team composed of Vettel won; the Drivers Cup is a one-on-one elimination by the drivers in their personal capacity. The final winner won the “Drivers Cup” and was awarded the title of “King of the Kings” in the world of the world in 2012. The ROC Drivers Cup was won by French F1 driver Grosjean.

◆2012 ROC World Car Championship video highlights

Introduction: In this ROC competition, Han Han and Dong Hebin participated in the competition on behalf of the Chinese team. Unfortunately, they failed to break through. The German team won the “National Cup” for the sixth consecutive year; the ROC special car and X-Bow car were used in the final of the Drivers Cup. Rosjean became the fourth French driver to be crowned king after Auriol, Loeb and Ogier.