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[YesAuto New Energy] Super broadcast, every week. There are not many popular events this week, but there are several news that have aroused heated discussions among netizens. For example, Tesla’s official certified second-hand car stall has said that “accident car” is on the market, and Tesla faces “refunds one pays three”. The result of the court’s decision expressed rejection. In addition, there are two new brands with new car trends. First, Evergrande New Energy announced the running video of Hengchi 1, and officially announced the official interior of the car. For a new brand, netizens seem to be right. There is not much confidence in its new products; second, Lantu Motors announced that its Lantu FREE NEDC has a cruising range of up to 860km, and netizens are also very concerned about this figure.

In 2020, Tesla has been turbulent. I don’t know if you still remember the issue of “Tesla and Pinduoduo” in August this year. In December, Tesla had another dispute with a Tianjin car owner who bought a second-hand Tesla officially certified car. The third-party testing agency called the car an “accident car”, so the car owner sued Tesla In the first instance, the court ruled that Tesla “refunded one compensation and compensated three.” Tesla did not approve of this result, so it is preparing to appeal. The two parties are currently waiting for the second instance.

If you still don’t know about Tesla's second-hand car, you can review it first: “Tesla's Response to the Accident Car Incident: No Structural Damage”. The third-party inspection agency identified the car as an “accident car” because the appraisal results showed that the rear fenders and C-pillars of the car were cut and repaired. After the incident spread on the Internet, we also got in touch with Tesla’s lawyers. Tesla said: The car was not an “accident car”. The former owner had a scratch on the rear fender while using the car, but because the Model S is fully integrated Aluminum body, so conventional sheet metal operations cannot be performed, only the rear fender can be cut and replaced. This repair method complies with the instructions of Tesla's official repair manual, national maintenance standards and other regulations, and this repair does not involve C Column cutting.

As for why it did not inform the owner of the “rear fender cutting and replacement”, Tesla said: This was caused by scratching, and the maintenance method conforms to the maintenance standards prescribed by the state, and the vehicle has no structural damage, so it has not been reported. The level of escalation to an “accident” is deemed unnecessary to be notified.

Although Tesla believes that the repair of the car does not involve C-pillar cutting and no structural damage, it is not an “accident car” and refuses to “refund one for three.” However, most netizens in the comment area are basically “leaning to one side”, that is, they support Tianjin car owners' rights protection practices and oppose Tesla's refusal to compensate. The general opinion of netizens is that the cutting is not a minor injury, and Tesla has not informed the car owner that the rear fender of the car has been cut and repaired, so Tesla should compensate the car owner.

However, some netizens hold different views. They believe that since the maintenance meets the maintenance standards set by the state and also meets the guidance of Tesla's official maintenance manual, it should be no problem. It is not a so-called “accident car.”

Super broadcast comment:

In the event of disputes, it is the most correct way to resolve disputes through legal means. I hope that in the end, Tesla and car owners can also get their own satisfactory results. Of course, in addition to contacting Tesla's lawyers, we also contacted the owner of the incident. The owner said that Tesla has not negotiated and communicated with it privately (as of December 7), and the two parties are currently awaiting a second trial. Regarding the desired result, the owner said: Tesla’s attitude makes me insist on waiting for the verdict. Regarding this matter, do you have any new ideas? After the second trial, Tesla will still “refund one and lose three”? Or is there a turning point in the second trial?

Insert voting mark: “Should Tesla compensate? 》

After talking about Tesla, let's talk about another brand that is also very popular-Hengchi. Hengchi has a strong background. Xu Jiayin, chairman of the board of directors of Evergrande Group, is the big boss of the brand. When the brand was established, Xu Jiayin started the “buy, buy, buy” road. As can be seen from the previous industrial investment situation and forecast chart released by Hengchi, Evergrande Group invested a total of 14.7 billion yuan in 2019, 5.7 billion yuan in 2020, and 9 billion yuan in 2021. In just a few years, the investment is nearly 30 billion yuan. , How to “suffocate” will indeed attract a lot of people's attention.

Recently, Hengchi released the road running video of its first model Hengchi 1. The controversy is whether this car is a real car. Judging from the video, this car may only be in the stage of a styling concept car that can run at low speeds, which does not mean that Hengchi 1 has really entered a stage with mass production guidance. Therefore, it is expected that the car is only a model of exterior interior and a mass production car. It is close, but there is no relationship between the chassis and the function, and it has nothing to do with the mule car and trial car that verify the performance in the traditional development. It is not a “road test” in the traditional sense.

In the past few years, when “new force car manufacturers” sprung up like mushrooms, some companies were criticized by netizens as “PPT car builders”. This time, Hengchi's video was also called “animated car builders” and “PPT car builders” by some netizens. Build a car”. However, judging from the investment of the brand, it seems that real car building can be achieved. Hengchi also planned to start trial production in the first half of 2021 and achieve mass production in the second half of 2021.

In addition, recently Hengchi 1 also announced the official interior image. The front row of the new car has three screens running through the center console, and two screens are prepared for the rear passengers behind the main/copilot seats, and two separate screens are provided for the rear passengers. The visual effects of the seats and interior details are even more prominent. Whether Hengchi's products can be mass-produced and listed on schedule, no one can give an accurate answer. It seems that it can only be announced in 2021.

In addition to Hengchi, Lantu Auto, a high-end smart electric vehicle technology company under Dongfeng, also announced more information about the new car FREE. The car is positioned as a medium-to-large SUV, and has two power forms: an extended-range version and a pure electric version. Recently, the official said that the NEDC range of the Lantu FREE extended-range version can reach 860km. According to the plan, the car will debut on December 18, 2020, and will be officially launched in the third quarter of 2021.

Hengchi currently has six car product plans, and Lantu Auto is not bad. Officially, starting from 2021, the brand will release at least one new car to the market every year. In the next five years, Lantu’s products will cover sedans and SUVs. , MPV and other market segments.

Super review:

Regarding the new car road running video released by Hengchi, some netizens seem to have little confidence in building cars. We hope Hengchi can come up with really good products so that consumers have more choices. For Lantu Auto, some netizens are looking forward to it. After all, the extended-range model has got rid of the restriction on charging, so it is still welcomed by a part of the user group, but the performance of Lantu FREE is still unknown and can only be expected. Is it reliable to build a new car with a new brand? Are you looking forward to it?

Insert the voting mark: “Is it reliable to build a new car with a new brand?” Is there a way to survive? 》