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[YesAuto New Energy] Super broadcast, every week. April was originally the time for the Beijing Auto Show, but due to the epidemic, several major domestic auto shows have undergone time adjustments, and the Beijing Auto Show will also be held in September this year. Of course, the postponement of the auto show has also affected the pace of car companies in the release of new cars. Since last month, online conferences and online car sales have become new marketing models, and various car companies have also found a variety of popular traffic. Players carry out “live delivery”, such as the cooperation between Li Jiaqi, the lipstick brother, and Cadillac CT4, and Haval also signed a contract with Luo Yonghao. Then again, if the cargo-carrying players can sell keyboards, mice, melons, pear tea, and high-consumption products like cars, would you really buy them because of them?

In addition, this week, the domestic Model 3 long-life rear-drive version was launched, with a subsidized price of only 349,050 yuan and a NEDC battery life of over 650 kilometers, which once again set off everyone’s hot debate: the luxury mid-size car market, Model 3 is really a “killer” “Really?

Live delivery is nothing new, especially on many game live broadcast platforms. Most anchors have a certain ability to deliver goods, especially with some low-value products, such as snacks, keyboards and mice, or office chairs. Whether it is in favor or trust, the purchasing power is not weak. But in fact, if the delivery of goods rises to high-value products such as “cars”, can the anchor's ability to bring goods be effectively realized?

A few days ago, Great Wall Motors officially announced that the Haval brand will be Luo Yonghao’s first co-branded car brand, and will launch a live broadcast of online car sales at 8 pm on April 10th. This is also Luo Yonghao's “second show” with live broadcasts, and at the first show on April 1, he sold up to 110 million yuan in goods during the three-hour live broadcast.

But compared with the products that Luo Yonghao premiered on April 1 (yogurt, razors, etc.), the unit price of the car is too high, and many people are wondering what way Luo Yonghao will help Haval sell cars. As a result, in Luo Yonghao's live broadcast on April 10, Luo Yonghao helped Haval's “half price car grab” campaign. Obviously, the significance of creating momentum is much greater than selling cars.

On the evening of April 8, the domestic Cadillac CT4 was officially launched. You can buy a luxury brand entry-level mid-size car at a price of about 200,000 yuan, which is really easy to make people feel excited. On the same day, Cadillac also invited Li Jiaqi, a lipstick brother, to conduct live broadcast, and during the live broadcast process, a lucky audience will be drawn to give the Cadillac CT4 the right to use it for one year. But the premise of this activity is-must be female.

Judging from the effect of Luo Yonghao and Li Jiaqi's “car live-carrying”, the significance of publicity is actually far greater than the significance of sales. Because it is obviously very difficult to leverage consumers' purchasing power for high-value products such as automobiles through a short live broadcast.

I have actually talked with many friends around, and everyone’s consensus is still that car products have not yet reached the scope of impulsive consumption. On the contrary, some discounts brought by live broadcasts or panic buying marketing may be able to speed up some potential consumption. The touch of the person.

Bringing goods with mobile phones can actually explain the problem. As the CEO of Hammer Technology, Luo Yonghao’s effect of bringing goods on Hammer phones is actually not as high as expected. Luo Yonghao himself has also expressed his attitude towards relatively high-value mobile phones. Product, the effect of fan conversion purchase can be very good at 10%. (For example, if there are 100 fans, 10 people will choose to buy.)

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Cars want to rely on live broadcast to take away the volume of goods. In fact, this problem can be seen from two sides. On the one hand, the purchase trust established by the Internet has allowed the advancement of higher-value products. For me, a few years ago, I was absolutely afraid to buy tens of thousands of large-scale products online, but now, e-commerce and online Online shopping guarantees that the trust problem has been solved very well. On the contrary, when we choose online shopping, we are more concerned about preferential conditions and other purchase information with actual value. Therefore, if car products can provide sufficient preferential terms, especially under the premise of having a brand reputation, it may not be completely impossible to live broadcast the goods.

But on the other hand, the value of auto products is still relatively high, and it takes more time to understand and compare before deciding whether to buy. Offline experience, test drive and related after-sales guarantee are still the focus of consumers' attention. Even women with innate “impulse consumption” may have concerns about high-value products such as cars. So, would you choose to buy a car online or live?

● Model 3 with 650km+ battery life is less than 340,000

This week, the domestic Model 3 long-life rear-drive version is on the market, and many people may be surprised by it, thinking that the domestic Model 3 will not be available soon? What's so strange about adding a new configuration. But everyone may not really realize the impact that the domestic Model 3 long-life version will have on the market in the future.

1. The subsidized price of 339,050 yuan

The first is the price. If you have an understanding of pure electric vehicles, you will find that the current 200,000-400,000 yuan is a vacuum market for pure electric vehicles. My so-called vacuum market does not mean that there are no products in this price range, but that there is no product that can really boost market sales.

Previously, judging from the domestic Model 3 standard battery life version, its subsidized price of 299,050 yuan has actually formed a wave of stimulus to the market and has become a prominent model in the range of 200,000 to 400,000 yuan in the new energy market in China . But in fact, many people are currently holding coins on the sidelines, because the long battery life version will come sooner or later, and the real killer of the Model 3 is the long battery life version with a range of more than 650km. Its pricing will also determine whether the Model 3 can really be in China. The market stands firm.

Domestic Model 3 long-life version price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
Long battery life rear-wheel drive version 33.905 (after subsidy)
Performance high-performance all-wheel drive version 41.98 (before subsidy)
Comparison of domestic Model 3 parameters
Parameters/model Standard battery life upgraded version
Long battery life rear drive version High-performance all-wheel drive version
recharge mileage 445km (national standard working condition) 668km (National standard working condition) 530km (estimated by WLTP)
Curb quality 1614kg 1735kg unknown
0-100km/h acceleration time 5.6s 5.3s 3.4s (official estimate)
Interior configuration Upgraded interior Premium interior Premium interior
Maximum speed 225km/h 225 km/h 261 km/h

In fact, the long-life after-drive version came earlier than many people guessed, and the pricing has reached most people's psychological expectations. At the same time, Tesla also cancelled the sale of the imported Model 3 long-life rear-drive version (although the price of the imported version is high, it includes the FSD autopilot report worth 56,000 yuan), which further provides market space for the domestic version . The premature release of the long battery life version basically eliminated the standard battery life version that is currently on sale at the same time.

2. Product competitiveness

From the perspective of consumers, there are almost no pure electric products that can form a direct competitive relationship with the domestic Model 3 in the range of 200,000 to 400,000 yuan mentioned above. From the perspective of brand reputation, endurance, performance, and assisted driving, Model 3 currently seizes enough opportunities. Basically in the second half of this year, BYD Han and Xiaopeng Motors P7-equivalent products will be released one after another, but From the level of user reputation accumulation, Model 3 will still be the forerunner in this price range. The arrival of the long battery life version will once again draw the attention of a wave of potential Tesla consumers.

From Tesla's own point of view, Model 3 has always been a trump card in the market, competing with fuel vehicles of the same level, and the target is directly locked in the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Product. In fact, it can be seen in many comparative test articles that most consumers still do not admit that Model 3 can directly compete with luxury brand fuel vehicles at this price. However, from overseas sales data, Model 3 can seize the traditional luxury brand market. It has become a fact, and the scope is expanding.

China's imported auto market by brand cumulative sales data from January to August 2019 (partial)
Brand January-August 2019 sales (units) Increase
Tesla 28411 168%
Lexus 129480 27.3%
Toyota 59221 19.4%
Porsche 60862 15.7%
Lincoln 35845 8.9%
Auto House Industry Channel Tabulation

Tesla's Shanghai plant will continue to increase its localization rate this year, and its production capacity will also increase simultaneously. According to the current timeline given by Tesla’s officials, at the end of this year or early next year, Model Y’s market delivery will be the next climax, and Model Y will be together with Model 3. In this already fierce competition The mid-size car market continues to put pressure on other brands.

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The domestically produced Model 3 long-life rear-drive version will be a milestone product of Tesla. The butterfly effect it brings will affect the ups and downs of China's new energy vehicle consumer market, and the stimulus changes it brings, we also Let's go and see. In the past, almost all new energy car brands will use Tesla as a competitor, but there is no real product that can really compete directly with Model 3, and Tesla itself, who has been questioned by reviews and reports , But has been using fuel vehicles as competitors.