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[YesAuto New Energy] Super broadcast, every week. There are three topics worthy of our attention this week. First of all, the news of Apple's car building in the past two days has attracted everyone's enthusiastic attention. Many comments like “seeing what a phone with four wheels looks like” are also overwhelming. , So does it really make sense for Apple to build a car? Secondly, why is Toyota's head Akio Toyoda angry with new energy vehicles? Finally, this week Weilai launched a battery pack with a battery capacity of 150kWh. For the upgrade of battery services, what aspects does Weilai need to make efforts to make? Next, please take a look at it together.

Recently, Taiwanese media has learned from the supply chain that Apple, as the world's most valuable technology company, may release its long-awaited new energy model in September 2021. The announcement of this news aroused enthusiastic discussions, such as “seeing what a mobile phone with four wheels looks like”, “Is there a game for Apple to build a car?” and so on. It can be seen that everyone is concerned about the cross-border players entering the new field. The performance is very much looking forward to.

As early as 2013, Apple announced the iOS in the Car plan, and will be renamed the CarPlay in-vehicle system in the next year. This system allows seamless connection between iOS devices and vehicles. In 2014, Apple launched the “Titan” self-driving car project. It can be seen that the company already has the idea to launch its own car. Soon after, in 2017, Apple announced its cooperation with Bosch. It will continue to dig deeper in the field of driverless cars. Finally, until September 2020, it is rumored that Apple will establish a car production line in the United States, and Apple cars are officially ready to debut.

According to Taiwan media reports, this time Apple not only announced the debut time of specific new energy models, but also recently put forward stocking requirements to Taiwanese auto parts manufacturers such as Heda, BizLink-KY, Heqin, and Tomita, and included relevant manufacturers. In the first wave of supply chain. According to other media reports, Apple may continue to increase its demand for auto parts in the second quarter of next year.

For building a smart electric car, chips, digitization, algorithms, and autonomous driving are very important. Under the leadership of Jobs, Apple has become a technology company integrating hardware and software design, manufacturing, chips, operating systems, and application ecosystems. For Apple, these advantages almost have the ability to build a smart electric car.

First of all, in terms of digitization, we can imagine that if the ecology of Apple cars and the ecology of the current mobile phones are seamlessly connected, everyone’s iPhone accounts are connected to Apple cars, and the suppliers of the Apple mobile phone chain will accelerate the car chain on a large scale. Migration, perhaps the significance of Apple's car building will no longer be as simple as a “four-wheeled mobile phone”, but a brand new interactive experience.

For example, AR-HUD, which uses AR imaging technology to cover digital images in the real world we see, and integrates the information projected by the HUD with the real driving environment. Simply put, it is to turn the front windshield into a large screen, and provide road signs, navigation information, lanes, vehicle speed, fuel consumption and other information on the windshield to achieve a precise, efficient and safe driving experience.

Finally, Apple's self-developed autonomous driving chips are not subject to suppliers, and can improve chip performance faster. The most critical point is that Apple can use the huge shipments of mobile phones to dilute the high research and development costs of automotive chips, and surpass NVIDIA and Mobileye with a high cost performance. Of course, it can easily crush Tesla.

According to other media reports, Apple is looking to cooperate with TSMC, and Apple hopes to get TSMC's help in creating customized autopilot chips for vehicles. It is reported that the main reason why Apple chose TSMC is that the two parties have established a good cooperative relationship before.

Talking about Apple’s involvement in the development of lithium iron phosphate batteries, I thought of Musk’s previous Twitter post, “I heard that Apple is vigorously developing lithium iron phosphate battery technology? This is really strange, the models produced by our Shanghai Super Factory The battery used is lithium iron phosphate.” Visible. Musk's attitude towards Apple is not very friendly.

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With the continuous advancement of the new energy market, more and more cross-border players have entered the field, but for these “outsiders”, some have succeeded, some have left the market sadly, and some continue to insist. Although Apple has not made rapid progress in building cars, it is not inferior in terms of talent reserves and capital reserves. At the same time, Apple has also obtained more than one hundred car patents. If it really suddenly appears on Apple cars afterwards, it may also It will not be too surprising.

Recently, as the world is advancing the development of new energy vehicles, Akio Toyoda, the head of Toyota Motor, is dissatisfied with this wave. It is understood that at the just-concluded year-end press conference of the Japan Manufacturers Association, Akio Toyoda said that the concept of electric vehicles has been overhyped because it did not take into account the carbon emissions generated by the power generation process and the complete transformation to electric vehicles. cost.

Akio Toyoda's move reminded him of the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, although it is not yet known whether He Xiaopeng's remarks were a lament for Toyota's lateness or gloat. But for a giant like Toyota, it is far from the difficult situation Nokia had in those years, and there are still many cards in hand.

Like the Volkswagen MEB electrification platform, Toyota also has its own e-TNGA electrification platform, and through the previous Toyota official plan, it will build a number of pure electric vehicles based on this platform. At the same time, in April today, Toyota Motor also cooperated with BYD. The establishment of a joint-venture pure electric research and development company, what is the reason for Akio Toyoda to say so embarrassing words?

Perhaps because of this, Akio Toyoda publicly stated at the year-end press conference that if the Japanese government bans the sales of fuel vehicles too hastily, it will cause problems in the business model of the automotive industry, which will not only fail the recognition and understanding of ordinary people, There will even be millions of people facing unemployment.

In addition, Akio Toyoda proposed that if all cars are powered by electricity, there will be a power shortage in Japan in the summer. If you want to complete the full transformation of electric vehicles, you need to vigorously build related infrastructure, and this will cost 14 trillion to 37 trillion yen (about 135 billion to 358 billion U.S. dollars).

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From the perspective of Toyota Motor’s current development layout in the field of pure electric vehicles, Akio Toyoda’s remarks this time may put more pressure on the customization parties of relevant policies to maximize the benefits of his own industrial layout, and also want to Get some buffer time for yourself, otherwise, for questioning the development of pure electric vehicles while accelerating production, it is tantamount to throwing yourself into a state of “division and deadlock”.

Recently, Qin Lihong, co-founder and president of Weilai Automobile, revealed at the 100kWh battery sharing meeting that a battery pack with a battery capacity of 150kWh will be launched on the NIO Day on January 9, 2021. As a result, Weilai has solved it perfectly. Consumers' concerns about battery life can realize “separation of car and electricity, battery rental, rechargeable, replaceable and upgradeable”.

However, Li Bin also said, “Nio’s battery upgrade is different from the battery replacement of a friend. The upgrade is a systemic matter and requires solid technology and application capabilities.” Then if a battery pack with a battery capacity of 100kWh is used as For example, in what areas does Weilai need to improve?

Specifically, first of all, if it is to benefit existing users, then the size, specifications, ports and other technologies of the new version of the battery and the old version of the battery need to reach the same standard, so as to ensure that users will not be unable to replace the battery due to the restrictions of the vehicle model. Secondly, NIO needs to provide a sufficiently flexible upgrade plan to meet the different needs of multiple users. The last one is very easy to understand, reasonable and affordable prices are the basis for more users to accept.

First of all, in terms of technology, from the initial research and development stage of the battery pack, NIO has to consider the iterative work of the battery pack in the next few years. Secondly, for NIO’s current more than 60,000 users, some people are equivalent to buying batteries, and some people adopting BaaS solutions are equivalent to renting batteries, so how to meet the needs of so many people is indeed a test of NIO’s operational skills . Finally, in terms of price, it is actually a bit complicated. For a wide range of battery pack upgrade solutions, each Weilai user also needs to choose a more cost-effective “optimal solution” for himself.

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As a leader among the new car-building forces, Weilai has not gone very smoothly all the way, but from the current point of view, at least in some respects, it has proved that its general direction is right. How to continue to control costs in the next? We are deeply involved in product innovation, and we will wait and see how it will perform in the future.