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[YesAuto New Energy] Super broadcasts are available every week. There are many major events in the new energy car circle this week, but there are two “rumors” that are particularly noticeable. One is “Xiaomi and BYD build cars” and the other It is “Baidu may join hands with auto companies to build cars.” The former has been confirmed as a rumor, while the latter has been secretly fermented in the official “no comment.” In this issue of Super Broadcast, let’s talk about why the Internet giants are “going to the sea” to build cars so frequently. What do they mean when they enter the car industry?

But soon, Wang Hua, the deputy general manager of the Public Relations Department of Xiaomi Group, refuted the rumors on the social platform, saying that Xiaomi had no plans to build a car, and urged everyone not to believe the rumors and not spread the rumors. Xu Jieyun, the general manager of Xiaomi Group's public relations, has also confirmed that Xiaomi does not know how to build a car on the social platform, and said: “It is enough to master one principle: Anyone who says that Xiaomi wants to build a car is fake news.”

The above-mentioned car companies have not released any opinions on this news so far, and Baidu's response is, “do not comment on market rumors.” On the contrary, Weimar Chairman and CEO Shen Hui praised the report about Baidu or jointly building cars with Weimar, adding fire to the rumors of Baidu building cars.

In fact, netizens who have seen the big world are not surprised, because in recent years, rumors of Internet giants entering the car industry have appeared every once in a while. The patents of foreign automobiles have been exposed countless times, but Apple and Google, which have not launched actual products for a long time, have a joint venture with Alibaba and auto companies to establish new brands. Internet giants have entered the car industry one after another, what does it mean?

1. Cross-border cars are built every year, what can they bring to us?

Starting from LeTV and Dong Mingzhu, crossover cars have been built every year. Why are Xiaomi and Baidu different? Let’s start with the fake posters and say that the “young people’s first car” and the price of more than 80,000 precisely meet the needs of the target consumer group. Young people can have one for a small amount of money. Your own car.

The entry of Internet companies can undoubtedly bring different concepts to the automotive industry, but what is more important is that as the automotive industry pays more and more attention to communication electronic architecture and intelligent driving, the most important thing is that they can plug in the intelligentization of cars. wing”. For these smart phone manufacturers and mobile Internet content operators, smart cars are another outlet for smart terminals after the TV, PC, and mobile terminals.

2. We don't build cars but only provide solutions

Like Xiaomi, so-called Internet companies such as Huawei, Baidu, and Alibaba have in fact penetrated into the automotive industry a long time ago, but they are divided into two routes: those who resolutely do not build cars and those who are ambiguous.

Although Huawei does not build cars, its “ambitions” are not small. It is preparing to provide solutions in areas such as assisted driving software and hardware, car-machine systems, electric drive systems, 5G car networking, and car-road collaborative ecology. Bosch in the world is “rigid”. Huawei's actions are fast enough. At present, it has established and in-depth cooperation with companies such as BYD, Chery, Arcfox, and Changan, and quickly established its own circle of friends.

Compared with many new car-building forces, Huawei's technical reserves and strength are not weak, why not build cars? Only one answer is not necessary. At present, Huawei has accumulated in in-vehicle chips, communication architecture and software algorithms. The future is the era of software-defined cars. Having seized the life of software, it is really not that important whether to build a car or not. Moreover, the threshold for building a car is not low, the rate of return is not high, and there are enough lessons learned from the past. Huawei's choice of not involving car manufacturing is also very reasonable.

In terms of car building, compared to the other two Internet BATs, Alibaba has taken a step forward. After arranging the positions of Zebra Zhixing, Dharma Academy, Gaode, and Chihiro, it finally has its own car brand.

It seems that Baidu's vision will not only focus on in-depth cooperation? I still want to “build a car” by myself to obtain deeper binding, more complete and accurate data collection, and better coordination with the entire vehicle in terms of software architecture. Moreover, judging from the development trend of the automobile industry, the next few years will be a key stage in the reshaping of the pattern. It is a good time for Internet companies to take advantage of the new outlets of automobile electrification and intelligence to achieve a second take-off.

Super broadcast comment:

It is no longer a new topic for Internet companies to build cars. These giants are repeatedly jumping between building cars and not building cars. In fact, whether they are really “going to the sea” to build cars is not the focus of everyone’s attention. The focus is on them. We have already focused on the cake of automobile software. When the era of comprehensive intelligence comes, will automobile manufacturing companies become their foundries? It's really hard to say whether the boundaries between car companies and technology companies are still so clear. (Text, picture/Jiang Tianshuang of the car home)