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[YesAuto New Energy] Super broadcast, every week. What can a car rely on to become a “net celebrity”? In the past, many fuel vehicles may have to rely on sales and word-of-mouth “tired life” to have a certain degree of popularity, but now it is different. Euler is a good cat/black cat/white cat, Haval dog, Great Wall cannon, this is smart The company has made a lot of heat by relying on “Qiaojin”, and recently Euler Haomao has launched a color naming call, which has attracted a wave of attention. In addition, this week there is also a model that everyone is paying attention to-the BMW Brilliance iX3. This is an important step in BMW's comprehensive electrification strategy. So at the product level, is the iX3 really powerful?

At the beginning of September 2020, Oula Haomao launched a car body color naming campaign online. The car has a total of 8 colors, and the official provides 24 alternative names for netizens to choose. Previously, the name “Good Cat” received much attention, but this time it was named “Good White”, “That Brown”, “Special Blue”, and “Forgive Green”.

Many car companies know that car naming can't be too uncommon. At least everyone needs to know how to read it. It should be easy to read. Otherwise, how can it be convenient for users to pass on word of mouth? In the past two years, Great Wall has cleverly solved the problem of naming models. Big dogs, good cats, and white cats are not only known to everyone, but they are also unprecedented “alternatives”. It is impossible if they are not popular. In addition, there is another thing that has been overlooked by many car companies, and that is how the body color is named.

You know that your car is white and black, but do you know the color of its official name? Even for many car fans, catchy is nothing more than Volkswagen's Biscay Blue, Mazda's Soul Red and so on. The several body colors of Haomao this time may not be classic colors, but they should be remembered.

After voting by netizens and internal review, the final eight colors named Muppet White, Big Orange Gold, Ten Thousand Meters, High Heel Red, Blue Bowan, Wisdom Brown, Forgive Green, and Siam Black came to the fore. In fact, this result is much more “sensible” than many people expected, such as special blue, that brown, so white, so black, and real gold that other colors were not selected; but good cats did not live up to the “melon-eating crowd”. “Forgive Green”, the soul-infused naming has been successfully out of the circle. For these colors, if you are given a chance, which name do you most want to vote for?

The vote for the color naming of the good cats has gained popularity, and similar activities have gained more than just high popularity. I don’t know if you have noticed that nowadays the “remuneration” of new energy vehicle users is getting higher and higher, and the participation is getting higher and higher; in traditional fuel vehicles, there are almost no large-scale activities in the delivery of new vehicles, and it is difficult for car owners to have strong It’s impossible for users to participate in the naming of models and body colors. In many new energy brands, the relationship between users and car companies has been drawn very close.

In terms of user operations, for example, Xiaopeng Motors held the P7 delivery ceremony in Duocheng on July 17, 2020. Through the lighting of landmarks, users undoubtedly gained a lot, which is almost unimaginable for owners of traditional fuel vehicles in the past. For another example, when it comes to a company that is well-operated by users, we must mention NIO. The brand has invested in the construction of NIO House, which provides a space for car owners to coexist. Dining, marriage proposals, and birthdays can all be satisfied. For many traditional fuel vehicles. For users, this is also a benefit that is almost impossible to get.

Previously, Weilai founder Li Bin said in an interview that the outside world believes that Weilai has even reached the point of buying services and delivering cars, but in fact, it is because the entire industry now has a negative score in terms of services, and Weilai has just achieved a positive score. Only when the car companies provide services in place can users have a sense of gain, and Euler’s method of collecting body color names can have the same effect.

Super broadcast comment:

Obviously, Great Wall has found a “wild road” to attract traffic, and it can also give users enough sense of participation; this is a method rarely used by car companies before, but the results are indeed very good. Finally, I return to the question at the beginning of the article. Do you agree with Euler's method of increasing popularity?

Insert the voting mark: “Do you agree with the popularity of naming models/body colors? 》

Mercedes-Benz and Audi have already launched pure electric SUVs in China-EQC and e-tron. BMW finally unveiled the Brilliance BMW iX3 on September 13, 2020. The domestic status has reduced the cost for it, and its pre-sale price is only 47.00-51.00 million yuan. However, from the comment area, netizens also hold two attitudes towards this car. One is that iX3 is not from a pure electric platform and is not optimistic; the other is that the pre-price of iX3 is not high and the brand is very large. Advantage.

The Brilliance BMW iX3 can be mixed with other gasoline, plug-in hybrid and other models, which can further reduce its production costs. Because it can be mixed-line production, many people say that it is not an excellent pure electric vehicle, but do not ignore the advantages of BMW's fifth-generation electric drive system. This system will also be one of the characteristics of BMW's pure electric models in the future, i4 , INEXT and other vehicles will also use this system.

In addition to products, BMW is also preparing for supporting charging and sales network. By the end of 2020, the BMW public charging service network will cover more than 270,000 charging piles, including 80,000 DC fast charging piles. In terms of sales channels, BMW Brilliance plans to have nearly 200 BMW i authorized dealers by the end of 2020. Home, accounting for about 1/3 of the current BMW dealership network, covering about 60 cities.

To say whether iX3 can succeed, we can refer to the case of BMW 5 series plug-in hybrid model. The same is the cost advantage brought about by mixed-line production, and the price of its top-fitting model is only 536,900 yuan. In the first six months of 2020, the car has achieved sales of 11,300 units. The popularity of the BMW X3 fuel version is also very high. Also in the first half of 2020, the car's sales reached 57,500. If the BMW iX3 becomes a hot-selling model, it seems not surprising.

Big-name traditional car companies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi are still quite conservative on new energy vehicles. No matter the appearance, interior, battery life, and power will be too radical. In contrast, the products of domestic new power brands are more open, and they seem to be more in line with users' needs for “future sense” and “science and technology”. Do you think the BMW Brilliance iX3 has the potential to succeed?

Super broadcast comment:

iX3 should be a new start for BMW in the new energy market, and the car will also take on important tasks in the brand's comprehensive electrification strategy. And regardless of the product strength, at least we believe that this product is reliable. As BMW Brilliance President and CEO Wei Lande said, “It demonstrates our electrification process from design, production to the entire value chain, and customer-oriented The complete new energy ecosystem built by the center.”

Insert the voting mark: “Do you think iX3 is strong enough?” New forces and BMW, who do you choose? 》