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[YesAuto New Energy ] Super broadcast, every week. There used to be people queuing up all night to buy Starbucks cat's claw cups, some people did not hesitate to spend huge sums of money on cultural and creative products of the Forbidden City, and some even fought to get Lao Ganma's fashionable sweater. It can be seen that consumers are very enthusiastic about the peripheral products of various brands, and it seems that the introduction of peripheral products by various companies has become an industry consensus. What kind of business is around here? Its definition is very simple. It originally referred to the models of cartoon characters, figures, etc., and then the concept of peripheral products began to penetrate into other fields.

Some people think that the peripheral products are a re-shaping of the brand image, while others think that the peripheral products are the extension and improvement of a brand and brand culture. Nowadays, as a cultural derivative of the brand, it has spread to the automotive field, and many auto brands have also begun to “make things up.” New car-building forces led by Weilai and Tesla are selling peripheral products. It is also suffocated.

Just after the Ching Ming Festival, NIO Life, a lifestyle brand of Weilai, launched a cultural shirt. The shirt printed on the shirt is the white Weilai ET7 that “carries” lidar and solid-state batteries. The pre-sale price is 179 yuan. However, although the T-shirt incident appeared to the outside world to be small, it actually triggered a wave of heated discussions among Weilai's riders in the Weilai community, such as: “Is this design made by a treasure?” “Nothing The design is all right!” Unexpectedly, the NIO riders didn't save face for the main creative team at all.

However, the words of some Weilai riders did not affect the sales of the T-shirt. According to Weilai's official statement, the T-shirt sold 2,700 in 48 hours, and the sales performance is very good. But why did Weilai print Weilai ET7 on the shirt? It is understood that just a few days ago, the first ET7 body-in-white officially rolled off the production base in Hefei. The first batch of new cars will be delivered as early as the first quarter of 2022, and this t-shirt is used to commemorate the first white body. The body ET7 went offline and was named “ET7 Commemorative T-shirt”.

After the t-shirt went online, Ethan, a member of the main creative team of Weilai T-shirt and member of the Standing Committee of the Weilai NUDC Design Industry Community, sent a message: “She is so beautiful, how many riders like me zoom in and look at this photo. “I don't know how many people noticed that Ethan used “her” instead of “it”.

In fact, NIO’s community is a “free” soil. Everyone has enough free space to express their opinions. Appraisal of beauty and ugliness is a matter of aesthetics, and enterprises increase their relationship with users by launching peripheral products. The tacit understanding between this is the greater value. In addition, NIO can quickly implement the user's emotional symbol into a product that can be purchased at the first time. This is the real communication between the company and the user, and this is NIO's greatest strength.

When it comes to the new car-building forces who can do things, of course, Tesla will immediately think of it. Of course, it is Tesla who is more “extraordinary” in the surroundings of the new car-building forces. Not long ago, Tesla China put up a Tesla Lightning glass bottle on its official website. The pre-sale price was 779 yuan. It was sold out within 2 days of the shelf. It is currently out of stock. Many netizens said: “Tesla Lightning glass bottle was robbed in 2 days? Could it be a new leek knife?”

In fact, seeing an empty wine bottle of 799 yuan/piece, many netizens started to complain, such as: “Is this a new round of IQ appraisal?”, “Is it a wine bottle or a leek bottle?” A certain treasure will soon release the same model under the same name, 9.9 yuan free shipping” and so on, but some netizens said that peripheral products launched by the auto circle are not uncommon, and the price is normal.

And the lightning glass bottle launched by Tesla this time, I don’t know if it is because the tequila is gone, or Tesla is not qualified for alcohol sales in China, and the bottle does not contain alcohol or other liquids. , Is just an empty bottle, and as a limited-edition pre-sale product, this bottle is not on sale either. The first order will be shipped in order within 2-4 weeks.

In fact, in addition to wine and wine bottles, Tesla's peripheral products also involve the field of clothing. As early as July 2020, Tesla launched a red short shorts. The shorts are printed with the Tesla product trademark on the front and “S3XY” on the back. The letters stand for Model S, Model 3, and Model respectively. X and Model Y are four Tesla models. The short-selling shorts are priced at US$69.420, and the official Chinese website price is RMB 420.

At present, the introduction of peripheral products is not exclusive to the rice circle, and it is not uncommon in the car circle. What do you think of Tesla’s limited edition lightning glass bottle and short shorts? Would you consider buying it? Welcome to leave your thoughts in the comment area. Next, in addition to the peripheral products launched by Weilai and Tesla, let's take a look at the “gourmet” peripheral products of SAIC-GM-Wuling.

Many people have asked me if I know Wuling? I said of course, even if you don't know Wuling, it is impossible that Wuling Hongguang MINIEV has never heard of it. Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, known as the “national sacred car”, was recognized as having the potential to become a “explosive model” before it was officially launched. As a result, within 20 days after the launch, the sales volume of Wuling Hongguang MINIEV exceeded 15,000, and the order was also More than 50,000 vehicles, such an achievement, you can't ignore it at all.

It is reported that in 2020 SAIC-GM-Wuling (hereinafter referred to as Wuling) has announced the launch of “Wuling snail noodles”. This is also after the “Wuling brand masks” and “People's scooter”, Wuling brand once again crossed the border and explored the “food industry”. The first masterpiece. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Liuzhou snail noodles have been popular all over the Internet due to their advantages and strength of “easier than cooking and healthier than instant noodles”, and have been on the hot search many times. Major e-commerce platforms have announced that they are out of stock. Coupled with the impact of logistics, snail fans have become hard to find overnight.

SAIC-GM-Wuling has been officially established in 1985. “Wuling will make what the people need” has always been the brand's development concept. The brand has been out of circles for many times, from the initial production of tractors and sewing machines to the current Wuling brand masks. , The people’s scooter, especially the Wuling snail fan news this time, the Internet instantly exploded, and netizens’ heated discussions were overwhelming. Some netizens ridiculed: “The people need a girlfriend. Will Wuling make arrangements for it?” There are also netizens. Said: “Whoever has finished eating, can I give that box to himself for collection?”

In my impression, Wuling has always given people a brand image that is close to the people and full of smoke. In fact, Wuling Hongguang MINIEV is also going to be close to the people. Even the official poster background is selected in the noisy vegetable market, which also accurately highlights the positioning of the car. Wuling did not blindly chant slogans, it has achieved self-reliance as a domestic product. Hey, I want to ask Wuling finally, if the people need RMB, can they arrange it?

Don’t just look at other car companies doing things around them. BYD is no longer a “simple” car company. Especially during the outbreak of the epidemic last year, BYD officially announced that in order to better respond to the epidemic, It will produce disinfectant and masks, and it was stated at the time that the daily production capacity of its masks can reach up to 5 million, and the daily production capacity of hand-washing disinfection gel can be expanded to 300,000 bottles.

This news surprised the majority of netizens. It turns out that BYD's masks have been sold abroad and the business is so large. Given that many people don't understand BYD's mask business, let's review it first. At the beginning of February 2020, when China's medical supplies were in short supply, BYD announced that it would switch to mask production and obtain relevant production qualifications. After that, the mask machine drawing design was completed in 3 days and the equipment research and development was completed in 7 days. On February 14, 2020, BYD's first batch of 2 million masks rolled off the assembly line. According to BYD's official introduction, as of April 17, BYD's daily production of masks has reached 20 million, which means that it can produce 231 masks in one second.

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Now various brands launch peripherals, which is a popular trend. The peripheral products launched by major car companies have also attracted the attention of many young consumer groups, which has also earned a lot of traffic for various brands. In addition, peripheral products can also establish a connection between various car companies and fans, which can also be said to be a cultural value, and the cultural value far exceeds the value of the peripheral product itself. ( Text/Car House Cai Sizhuo)