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[YesAuto New Energy] Super broadcast, every week. The most eye-catching thing in the new energy automotive circle this week is the BMW Group #NEXTGenFuture Summit. At the summit, BMW released the BMW iX. With the release of the new car, BMW also released a documentary called “iNEXT Discovery Journey”. Here we want to take a look at this car from another angle and talk about why it is called BMW's opening of a new chapter. And how does BMW, a serious industrial “big man”, deal with the problem of transformation?

On November 11, at the “BMW Group #NEXTGenFuture Summit” in 2020, BMW brought iNEXT's mass-produced model, the BMW iX, which is based on BMW's new pure electric platform and is positioned as a medium and large SUV , Will be put on the market at the end of 2021. We will provide you with a detailed interpretation of this car as soon as possible. Those who want to know more can click on the portal: new car release, design technology interpretation.

However, in the “iNEXT Discovery Journey” documentary, there is an interview about the designer that said, “The designer lives in the spirit in the next 5-10 years”. What does it mean? You don’t understand the current design, you will understand it in 5 years. What BMW has to do is to “lead the trend, not follow the trend.”

From the above video screenshots, we can see that this documentary about the new car is unusual. Yes, it subverts people’s stereotypes of BMW. It is rational, restrained, and meticulous. Many places can make people smile and fully show. BMW’s youthful mentality is also full of BMW’s thinking about electrification and intelligent transformation.

In the electric age, can BMW still stand out from the crowd?

As a century-old car brand, BMW was once one of the kings in the fuel car industry. Is it going to make a difference in the electrified world? This is not only the confusion of car companies, but also the doubts of consumers. In the electric era, can BMW stand out from the crowd? In this documentary, BMW uncharacteristically started a wave of complaints. You must know that the official complaints are the most informative, but this kind of “self-blaming” gives people a sincere feeling.

So will people who abandon research and build cars diligently be abandoned? of course not. This is what the BMW documentary wants to express. It's an old routine. BMW said that it still has its own advantages, professional skills and outstanding engineers. Technology is still regarded by BMW as the core competitive element of future travel. The R&D investment in electrification technology has exceeded 5 billion euros for five consecutive years.

How is BMW's electric car different?

Returning to the electric vehicle product itself, the BMW iX was born on a brand-new electric platform. If the iX3 is still a derivative of a fuel vehicle, then the BMW iX is completely “from scratch”. It concentrates BMW's most innovative technologies, covering a new electronic and electrical architecture, electric drive system, display and control system, and intelligent driving system.

In the film, a BMW 5 series (camouflage car) equipped with three motors drifts wildly, and finally the cameraman is vomiting, which means that the electrification of BMW will only make the vehicle more “crazy” and not boring.

Of course, BMW iX will not have the problem of mileage anxiety. It is equipped with a battery pack of more than 100kWh. WLTP has a cruising range of 600km. When using a 200kW DC fast charging pile, the charging time is only 40 minutes from 10% to 80%. , It can increase the cruising range of 120km in 10 minutes.

In addition, in the “iNEXT Discovery Journey” documentary, BMW also spent a certain amount of space to show the intelligent and digital content of the vehicle. In BMW's view, the cars of the future will be super-intelligent computers that are fully interconnected and know everything. Therefore, BMW deployed early and invested a lot of manpower and financial resources in research and development, and these results will be shown to us on the BMW iX.

Changes with the times

It is very interesting that, in the electrification era, BMW did not focus too much on the traditional car-making process, but showed a lot of digital innovation research and development methods to reflect the process of its digital strategic transformation.

BMW uses a high-fidelity driving simulator to collect data. This BMW’s latest and largest driving simulator can simulate the dynamic roll of the car body. It can also simulate the acceleration of the vehicle through the movement of the platform on the guide rails to obtain various types of vehicles. dynamic data.

BMW also cross-border cooperation with game companies to develop modeling, and Epic Games game company to develop 3D models of new cars based on Unreal Unreal Engine. BMW employees around the world can use VR technology to experience the design results of the vehicle in advance, so as to collect the first group of “users” suggestions for improvement.

From the relaxed and humorous atmosphere of the “iNEXT Discovery Journey” documentary, we can feel BMW's positive attitude and confidence in the electrification transformation. However, we should return to the real world. BMW iX is more about demonstrating the confidence to “fight tomorrow”. At this stage, BMW will still focus on models like BMW iX3, and use compatible platforms with electric vehicles and fuel vehicles. In order to achieve the goal of quickly launching new models and enriching the product matrix.

Broadcast comments:

Although BMW’s strategy of transforming electrification has been proposed for many years, in fact, neither the information transmitted from corporate executives nor the model products introduced are particularly positive. Unlike the Volkswagen Group spending huge sums of money to build a pure electric platform, BMW once felt that the compatibility platform was more reasonable and more efficient. Of course, as a century-old car manufacturer, it is really difficult to “lay down the burden and start from scratch”, but fortunately, BMW has already started, isn't it?