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[YesAuto New Energy] The super broadcast is available every week. Although the topics are intensive this week, they are basically focused on the first launch of new cars. The cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show still did not hinder the original new car launch plans of some brands. Behind the impatient launch of new cars, people can also perceive the hidden “thoughts” of major brands. In addition, this week GM held a week-long “EV Week” on the other side of the ocean. The new car, new technology and future investment of up to 20 billion US dollars prove that GM is going to play for real this time.

European brand new cars are released in series, but each has its own “mind”

Because of the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show, many car companies this week changed to online releases of new cars. Most of the hot topics this week focused on the discussion of these new cars, such as the i4 concept car that was unveiled with the new BMW LOGO. The first Volkswagen R-series Touareg R equipped with plug-in hybrid technology, as well as many established European car companies that have always been “sluggish” in electrification, have also brought a series of new energy products under “policy oppression”. And from these new cars, we can also smell each brand's own “chess and purpose.”

BMW i4 concept car: “oil-to-electricity” BMW 4 series?

Regardless of the actual product value, or for BMW's future model layout, the launch of the i4 concept car marks that BMW, a familiar brand, will enter a new stage and realize a true electrification strategy transformation. BMW even launched a new brand LOGO with the help of this model's debut, the symbol of “Blue Sky and Baoyun”, which will continue to advance in new energy products.

Note: BMW’s latest statement is that the new logo will not be applied to mass-produced cars, and will only be used for online and offline marketing and communication. It will be used together with the existing LOGO. The new LOGO includes the BMW brand, BMW i sub-brand and BMW M brand.

From the parameters already given by Bao i4, we can see the brand's understanding of the technical indicators of new energy vehicles in the next few years. 0-100km/h acceleration for 4 seconds, the power system provides 530 horsepower (390kW), and the battery life can exceed 600km under the WLTP working condition standard (under NEDC working condition, it may be close to 700km). Especially in terms of the key indicator of battery life, combined with a number of currently known models of the same level (Tesla Model S, Mercedes-Benz EQS, etc.), the battery life of 600km-700km will be the next no matter from the perspective of consumers or the industry. , Will be the unanimously recognized mileage standard.

In addition, the i4 is developed based on the BMW CLAR platform, which also makes many netizens think that it is a “oil-to-electric version of the BMW 4 Series”, but this is indeed the technical route that BMW has chosen by itself, and it has become one of the few important companies currently. Compatible with car companies that build multiple power systems on the same platform (BYD is also). Therefore, we can find out that perhaps BMW still does not fully believe that “pure electric” will become the mainstream trend in a short period of time. Is this choice a “stubborn” or other plans?

New Volkswagen Touareg R/Volkswagen ID4

Compared with BMW, Volkswagen's “chess method” is clearer. The whole set of pure electric product strategy laying around the ID series is gradually advancing, while the previous MEB and MLB Evo platforms are shifting to the direction of plug-in hybrid, such as the Volkswagen Touareg R released this week. The current Volkswagen’s series of practices emphasized that for pure electric EV and plug-in hybrid PHEV, both hands must be grasped and both hands must be hard.

Volkswagen has also tried the “oil-to-electricity” issue, such as the Lavida pure electric launched on the MQB platform in the Chinese market. However, the transition from the fuel platform to pure electric requires too many compromises, and it has to take into account the battery life. , Vehicle weight and seating space, it is difficult to ensure the launch of a competitive product. Judging from the experience and lessons of its own and other brands, the fuel platform has stopped at the plug-in hybrid system to the greatest extent. After all, the weight and volume of the battery that need to be taken into account are smaller.


We cannot ignore the value of some old brands in Europe, even if they have been at the back of the global team in terms of electrification transformation. This week, DS, Fiat and Renault have launched their own new energy models, but from these products, we can smell something different from the above-mentioned BMW, Volkswagen and other brands: these models are likely to be the product of European emission policies. .

DS brand future new energy strategic plan
Model plan (partial) Estimated time to market Future goals

From 2025, all products will be new energy vehicles.

DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE four-wheel drive version
DS 9

FCA brand new energy strategic plan for 2020-2021
Model plan (partial) Estimated time to market Future goals
Fiat 500 pure electric version 2020 year

A total of 9 billion euros will be invested by 2022,

By 2022, 20% of the brand's models will be electrified

Guider PHEV
Maserati Ghibli PHEV

Renault brand new energy strategic plan for 2020-2021
Model plan (partial) Estimated time to market Future goals


2020 year

Renault plans to account for 10% of the group's total sales of electric vehicles by 2022

Corey Bean PHEV

Megane PHEV

The new generation Twingo ZE

Renault ZOE Riviera

The development of plug-in hybrid products based on fuel vehicles, or the “resurrection” of old pure electric platform products, obviously DS and Fiat brands are enthusiastic about the “new energy transition”, but the efficiency is still slow. On the other hand, to cope with the pressure of European emission targets, it can only be calculated on products. Take the Fiat 500 pure electric version that Fiat launched this week. This product that was hidden by the brand in 2013 due to its mediocre sales has been resurrected. I don't know what kind of product competitiveness it wants to re-attract the market.

● Accumulate and develop thinly, GM’s “Electric Dream”

While the European brand product launches are hot, General Motors, stationed in the former automobile kingdom “Detroit”, held the “Group Electrification Week EV Week” on the other side of the ocean. The General Motors Group will spend up to a week to the company. Employees, distributors, investors, analysts, media and government officials demonstrated their electrification strategy and related technology paths. The gongs and drums are noisy, and the firecrackers are blasting. GM's big move this time should be a real move in the “electrification transformation”.

Rhythm 1: Products

General Motors Electrification Week mainly focuses on three dimensions: products, technology, and future investment. First of all, in terms of products, GM confirmed that many of its brands will bring new pure electric products, including Cadillac, Chevrolet and the low-key “Hummer” in the market for a long time, and will also bring new pure electric pickups and pure electric SUVs. product.

Rhythm 2: Technology

After the product array was announced, the technical route behind the product was also announced. The new pure electric platform and low-cost battery system will support the General Motors Group to complete the development of some of the new models mentioned above. In the development of a pure electric platform, GM hopes to allow it to carry more new vehicle development under its umbrella, compatible with cars, SUVs and pickup trucks.

In terms of battery technology, the new Ultium battery pack will adopt a modular design, and the cells can be arranged flexibly in the vertical and horizontal directions, which is conducive to optimizing battery energy storage and vehicle layout. At the same time, it can be compatible with the capacity of 50-200kWh to match different models. The official said that the battery pack also has two types of charging power of 400V and 200kW, and 800V and 350kW. In order to reduce battery costs, General Motors has cooperated with LG Chem, the official said that the new battery uses a low-cobalt chemical substance, the battery cell cost will be reduced to 100 US dollars / kWh.

Rhythm 3: Investment

To ensure the development of the above-mentioned products and technologies, large investments are indispensable. GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra announced at the event that GM will invest US$20 billion in electric vehicles and autonomous driving in the six years from 2020 to 2025. And resources, with an average annual investment of more than 3 billion US dollars.

Super broadcast review

“Elephant turn around” definitely has a price, which is why traditional car brands often treat electrification transformation with “large volume and few movements”, because true transformation requires the support of real money and silver. There must be a clear and accurate market outlook, but who can be 100% sure?

The traditional American auto brands represented by General Motors have been unremarkable in the past few years. We also mentioned in our “Super Broadcast” last week that even local consumers in the United States are not caring for “domestic products”, and the only thing they pay is Only Tesla, which is already far ahead on the road to electrification, can win face for American auto brands. Therefore, the strategic transformation of General Motors today may not be aimed at catching up with its “brother” Tesla as soon as possible, but at least it can also gain its due position in the rising new energy market.

to sum up

“Super Broadcast” will also add the form of video content in the future. For example, next week, in conjunction with the 3.15 Consumer Festival, the column team plans to launch a special program “Reviewing the Fires of New Energy Vehicles in the Past Year”. Next Sunday, I will also invite two colleagues to talk to you about the hot topic of pure electric vehicle safety in the past year. If you have any related concerns or questions, please watch our “Super Broadcast” on time next Sunday. “3·15 Special Edition.