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[YesAuto New Energy] Super broadcasts are available every week. There are a lot of big things and small things about new energy vehicles this week, but the things that can arouse widespread discussion are still from the topic “top stream”, such as the ideal release of 2021 models this week Ideal ONE, we have already explained the interpretation of this new car, such as static experience and dynamic test drive. Today, I mainly want to talk to you about Ideal's ambitions and plans in the field of autonomous driving. In addition, there are many reports surrounding Tesla this week. The establishment of a data center in China may become the starting point for the standardization of data management.

On May 25th, the 2021 Ideal ONE was officially unveiled and launched. This face-lifted model with no changes in exterior and interior design and minimal power changes will have a major upgrade in assisted driving software and hardware in order to catch up with competitors. In the words of Li Xiang, the founder and CEO of Ideal Auto, “In terms of autonomous driving, we have to make up lessons compared to Tesla and Xiaopeng.”

At the press conference, Li Xiang also emphasized the free thing again. When he said the above paragraph, the audience cheered. After all, the optional cost of the rival car company in terms of automatic driving is often more than 10,000 yuan. The domestic optional price of Tesla FSD (Fully Autonomous Driving) is RMB 64,000. The lifetime service fee of XPILOT 3.0 software and upgrade services of Xiaopeng Motors starts at 36,000 yuan (excluding super discounts).

It can be felt that these car companies have reached the same goal by different routes. Even if they collect money in different ways, they have all embarked on the road of software “just meal”. And car companies rely on software and self-driving subscriptions to make money. Tesla has already run through. As early as 2019, Tesla has earned more than $1 billion in revenue through the sale of FSD kits. Xiaopeng Motors also said in the 2021 Q1 earnings conference call that as of Q1, Xiaopeng Motors has made a profit of 80 million yuan from assisted driving software, of which 50 million yuan in 2020, and 30 million yuan in the first quarter of 2021 , Software revenue accounted for 2.5% of total revenue.

For the “autonomous driving income” that other car companies are rushing to, the ideal is completely free? Is it benefiting mankind? Of course it's not that simple. Compared with current income, ideals may value “data” more.

The black box statement refers to the chips and computing power platform from Mobileye used by Ideal ONE before, and Ideal is not satisfied with the latter's system openness. Ideal Automotive CTO Wang Kai once said that the previous cooperation with Mobileye, the system was not open enough , “The proportion of our own participation is relatively small.”

In addition, the driver-assisted software and hardware systems are even more scale-effect industries. As long as there is sufficient production and sales to drive scale, the R&D cost of the software system and the manufacturing cost of the hardware can be spread thin enough. From this perspective, this part The integration of cost into the car price is also a method of accounting.

Superbroadcast editor's comment:

In order to achieve the goal of catching up with the head and the ideal of cost control, the R&D investment has been generously increased from 1.1 billion yuan last year to 3 billion yuan, and the autonomous driving team will also be expanded from the current 300 to 600 people. It seems , The ideal is really serious this time. Ideally, in 2025, you can get a ticket for an autonomous driving track. After all, there are not only players such as Tesla and Xiaopeng in the current budget competition, but also strong suppliers such as Huawei. If it is not “radical” anymore, there is really not much time left for it.

Some time ago, a video appeared on the Internet. The video was taken by a Tesla camera extracted by hackers. This has attracted the attention and heated discussion of many netizens. Many netizens bluntly said that there is no single bit of personal privacy in the Tesla car, and the resulting series of problems including national security information were also heated up.

This week, Tesla officials finally stated that it has established a data center in the country to achieve data storage localization, and will continue to add more local data centers. All data generated from the sales of vehicles in the Chinese mainland market will be stored in China. In addition, in the announcement, Tesla also said: “We will open the vehicle information query platform to car owners. This work is in full swing, and the details and progress will be reported to everyone.”

Many netizens believe that Tesla has “compromised” this time. In fact, it is not so much that Tesla has “compromised” as it is our regulation and regulation.

How to better ensure data security is not only a problem that Tesla and a car company need to face, but also a problem that the entire industry needs to solve. In this regard, the “Multiple Requirements for Automobile Data Security Work (Soliciting Opinions)” issued by relevant departments is the norm and restriction on this.

Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, once said, “In the past, in the automotive industry, data management has always been in a state of'blindfolded running', and there are many irregularities. Taking this opportunity to solicit opinions is just a good way to further strengthen data management. To prevent disorderly development of enterprises.”

Super broadcast comment:

In the future, to measure whether a car is safe, the judgment standard will not only stay at the active and passive security level, but also data security will be included. Our country’s car data management will not always be blindfolded, and Tesla’s domestic data center is just the beginning. A more standardized, reasonable and open car data management may not be far away. I just hope that every time Progress is not made by force. Enterprises should take the initiative to take on more responsibilities.