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[YesAuto New Energy] The rights protection incident at the Shanghai Auto Show has made Tesla the “red to black” top stream in the automotive industry. As the incident continued to ferment, not only did Tesla's negative news frequently appear in hot searches, but the official media even came out to criticize it by name, and it also triggered great discussions among users, media, and car critics. When talking about this incident, Shen Yiren, the former vice president of OPPO, said that this may become a watershed for the rise of domestic new energy brands like the “explosive door” of Samsung Note7 back then. When we turn our focus to the real protagonists of the Shanghai Auto Show-those new cars that are unveiled, such as Krypton 001, Mustang Mach-E and other models can give us product power comparable to Tesla, then who has the most opportunity to surpass What about Tesla's strength?

In the field of electric vehicles, how good is Tesla? In terms of sales, since 2018, Tesla's share of the global electric vehicle market has been around 20%, which means that every 5 electric vehicles sold are Teslas. In terms of products, Tesla has always been a benchmark in the industry with its outstanding battery life, amazing acceleration results, high-power overcharging, and attempts in the field of autonomous driving. But when the time comes to 2021, not only have many new cars caught up with Tesla in terms of technical indicators, but also the safety of Tesla has been questioned by repeated accidents, and the rights protection incidents at the Shanghai Auto Show are even more serious. It is the concentrated release of these doubtful voices that have affected Tesla's “dominance” and created opportunities for other brands to take the opportunity to complete their rise.

Will it be a traditional domestic car company?

In terms of configuration, Krypton001 is also quite sincere. Frameless doors, LED headlights, panoramic canopy, head-up display, leather seats, and heat pump air-conditioning system are all standard equipment. This performance makes the starting price of 281 thousand yuan. They all seem very cost-effective. The top-of-the-line model priced at 360,000 yuan is also available with air suspension, inductive automatic doors, seat massage, branded audio and other configurations, which are excellent in terms of richness.

In terms of intelligence, which is increasingly valued by users, the Haohan architecture has the capability of full-scenario and full-life cycle FOTA, which can achieve comprehensive upgrades in vehicle performance and entertainment systems. Regarding the autonomous driving function, officials have stated that the architecture will realize highly autonomous driving on specific roads in 2021, realize highly autonomous driving on open roads before 2023, and realize fully autonomous driving in 2025. Of course, this plan still depends on the domestic market. Improvement of relevant laws.

In general, as one of the seed players to challenge Tesla, Krypton has come up with a very sincere and enthusiastic model, and has spent a lot of money to build the vast intelligent evolution experience architecture of SEA and the future direct network. , Will also lay a solid foundation for Jikrypton brand products and services. Of course, there is still a long way to go before the delivery of Extreme Krypton 001. The driving experience, stability and other aspects of the vehicle have yet to be tested. It is still unknown how much market share can be taken from Tesla in the end.

Other traditional domestic car companies also have their own advantages and strengths in the field of electric vehicles. For example, Jihu brand, through cooperation with Huawei, has come up with a high-profile new model in autonomous driving-Jihu Alpha S Huawei HI version, seizing the first opportunity in this field. By virtue of the advantages of blade batteries, BYD has carried the banner of safety and is fully equipped with blade batteries in all pure electric vehicles. Euler brought two sleek and lovely products, Lightning Cat and Punk Cat, at this year’s auto show. They continue to cultivate the female user market with their unique design style… Will it be one of them who can take the opportunity to surpass Tesla? ?

Will it be a new force in domestic car-making?

As a new power brand, NIO has made its “high-end” image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people with the success of its ES8 and ES6 products. At the current Shanghai Auto Show, the star model of the NIO brand is its medium and large sedan ET7. Its outstanding product power and a price of RMB 448-526,000 make it completely fearless to compete with Tesla Model S.

The NIO ET7 is equipped with front and rear dual-drive motors. The system has a comprehensive maximum power of 480kW, a peak torque of 850N·m, and a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 3.9s. In terms of endurance, the car has three battery packs with battery capacities of 70kWh, 100kWh and 150kWh. The range of the car under NEDC operating conditions exceeds 500km, 700km and 1000km, respectively.

Unlike NIO’s “high-end” image, Xiaopeng’s main label is autonomous driving. The newly unveiled Xiaopeng P5 is equipped with 13 high-definition cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 2 car-grade lidars, a total of 32 sensors and a set of high-precision positioning unit (GNSS+IMU) hardware. The solution achieves a higher level of XPILOT 3.5 automatic assisted driving capability.

Will it be an overseas brand that is beginning to make efforts to electrify?

At the Shanghai Auto Show, we finally saw the sincerity of overseas brands in electrification. Whether it is Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, or Volkswagen, Toyota, GM, and Ford, the layout of electrification no longer stays on the slogan. The pure electric models they launched have also been upgraded from the embellishment of the previous auto show to the focus of each booth. These highly competitive new cars are bound to compete with Tesla in the market and help their brands regain their glory in the era of electrification.

Currently, Volkswagen ID.3 and other models have launched a challenge to Tesla in the European market and achieved good sales performance. However, in the Chinese market, the sales of the two ID.4 models currently on sale are not optimistic. The ID.6 with larger space and more practicality may be a key step for Volkswagen to open up sales in China.

In the US market, Tesla's biggest threat now comes from Ford's Mustang Mach-E. According to a research report by Morgan Stanley, this model, which has been regarded as the main competitor of Model Y since its debut, has begun to erode Tesla's market share in the US market.

Hyundai, Toyota, and GM are not far behind. Hyundai Motor has brought its first model, IONIQ (Ani Krypton) 5 based on the E-GMP platform, and the new car is expected to enter the Chinese market this year. Toyota has shown its determination to electrify with a new pure electric SUV Toyota bZ4X, which is expected to achieve global sales in the middle of next year. GM launched the Cadillac LYRIQ on the basis of the Ultium platform, which is also expected to be listed in 2022, and this platform will also cover other GM group models such as Buick, Chevrolet, and HUMMER.

In the luxury brand camp, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi have also brought new models. Starting from the EVA pure electric platform, Mercedes-Benz designed an electric car from the ground up and brought a brand new EQS to the Shanghai Auto Show. With the support of the PPE pure electric platform, Audi also produced the concept car Audi A6 e-tron concept. BMW also brought a pure electric medium and large SUV BMW iX, and used a new interior and exterior design to illustrate their understanding of electric vehicles.

Although due to the late timing of the transition to electrification and the lack of competitiveness of “oil-to-electric” models, overseas brands’ current sales in the domestic electric vehicle market are relatively bleak, but these elephants who have begun to turn around still have sufficient financial support and support. With strong car-making experience, we have the strength to shorten the gap with Tesla and Chinese brands as soon as possible. And when the turn is completed, the subsequent hand-to-hand combat will be even more exciting.

Full text summary:

And now, a similar situation may be repeated for Tesla. Although the relevant departments have not yet given a final explanation on the Tesla Shanghai Auto Show rights protection incident, it will undoubtedly have an impact on the purchase decisions of potential electric car consumers. As for whether there will be a brand taking the opportunity to complete the rise, or even realize the surpassing of Tesla, it is still an open answer.

But what is certain is that from the previous BYD Han EV and Xiaopeng P7, to the products that are comparable to Tesla in product power, the battery life, design, and The strength gap in space and power has been narrowed, and the products available for users to choose from have also become richer. So, who would you choose?