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[YesAuto Auto Trends] Italian sports car manufacturer Pagani (PAGANI), on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its classic sports car Zonda, unveiled a model co-branded with the trendy brand BAPE at Suzuka Circuit in Japan, and released this series of themed clothing.

Horacio Pagani, the founder of Pagani, pays great attention to the development of the Japanese market when he visits Asia every year. He found that many Pagani owners love BAPE fashion apparel. After he has a deep understanding of the brand's development and design, he decided to jointly cooperate with Pagani Automobiles and BAPE.

Horacio Pagani said that the annual output of Pagani supercars is scarce, and only no more than a hundred car owners can own it in a year. Therefore, they want to let more consumers come into contact with the Pagani brand through cooperation with trendy brands. In the past, Pagani's cooperation with other brands usually took more than six months of negotiation time, but this time the crossover with BAPE took only a short hour to confirm the cooperation.

Horacio Pagani understands that BAPE's design and creativity can resonate well with Pagani. The cooperation matters do not focus on commercial behavior, but more for the crystallization and pursuit of cross-border products. They hope that this partnership will last.

Pagani chose the very important Zonda F model in the Zonda car series for BAPE painting. The blue theme adopted is also the style that Pagani founders love. The rare Zonda F sports car played a vital role in the company's development, so that it helped Pagani to survive the economic crisis and the price continued to rise.

Regarding BAPE, this collaboration launched a classic style hoodie with BAPE and Zonda 20th Anniversary and Pagani logos printed on the chest and back. The retail price was $425 on the day of sale, and the price of the hot-selling size doubled a week later. In addition, the collaboration series also includes black and white T-shirts, eco-friendly cloth bags, and trendy hats.

Pagani and BAPE are an innovative cross-border cooperation. Both brands are “luxury” products in their respective fields. This collision not only raises the height of BAPE, but also makes this supercar brand younger. . This is a very successful non-commercial cross-border collision. BAPE has also conducted commercial cooperation with Audi manufacturers before. It seems that brand founder Nigo (Nagao Tomoaki) also has a special liking for cars. (Compiling Zhu Xuran from Car Home)