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[YesAuto in-depth experience] Chinese people love sedan because of their consumption habits, but the more spacious trunk is also an important reason why many people choose it. Today we drove the three mainstream small cars on the market to the supermarket, and used the situational experience to see who of them can cope with this real one-stop shopping.

Different from previous Hengping, we added some plot elements to this competition. Xiaoxin (Rena's owner) and his dad went shopping in the supermarket. Unexpectedly, they couldn't buy more things and couldn't install them, so we called my friend Lao Tao. (Fengfan car owner) Asking for help, the story of the nonsensical begins…

The inability of the rear seats of the Rena sedan version to fall down is the biggest flaw in the trunk, which also directly affects the expansion capability of the vehicle when it is loaded. For items longer than 1.5 meters, Rena can only be far behind. The good news is that all the Rena hatchback models that have just been launched come standard with rear seats that are down to 4/6 points. I hope that the future sedan will also follow up.

While waiting for helpers, we also began to move today's trophies. Since the shape of the trunk of each car is not exactly the same, there is no single stacking method that is suitable for all models, so we can only constantly change the arrangement of the items in the compartment until we find an optimal solution. .

Rena’s performance was pretty good. Three boxes of beverages, two boxes of food, two large storage boxes, and various daily necessities were finally put in. Unfortunately, no matter how we changed the arrangement of the boxes, there was none in the end. Finding a stacking method that can completely close the trunk, which also poses a challenge for the other two models.

In contrast, Fengfan’s design is more user-friendly. All models are equipped with the function of tilting the rear seats in proportion, which also greatly improves the flexibility of the trunk.

The third one is Ai Weiou, which has just been listed. Can it complete the task? let us wait and see.

To be honest, I don’t like the shape of the rear of the sedan Aiweiou, but from a practical point of view, it does perform well. As soon as I saw the interior space of the trunk, I felt it was interesting. The space is unconventional and neat. For the sedan This is very rare for the car, and the final result is also ideal. The trunk cover can still be closed after all the goods have been loaded.

I almost forgot that Fengfan hasn't tried it yet. This product, called a cross-class small car, is close to a compact car in terms of body size. This also makes us look forward to it a little bit, but the final result is a little bit impressed. Disappointment, the lack of regularity in the trunk is the main reason for its failure.

Analysis of the practicality of the trunk

First, explain the maximum regular volume mentioned repeatedly below. It is multiplied by the minimum length, width and height in the trunk. The purpose is to reflect the volume of the regular storage space that can be used in the trunk, compared to the traditional national standard. Algorithm, which eliminates the hard-to-use space on the sides and top of the trunk, and pays more attention to the effect of actual use.

From the regular volume we measured, Rena’s trunk space is not small. The 0.551 cubic meter score ranks second among the three models, only slightly smaller than Aiweiou. If the trunk can be more regular, then it The performance will be better. The trunk only supports two ways to open the car and the trunk keyhole, which is slightly inconvenient to use.

Fengfan used to be a representative product of large space and small cars, but it lags behind in the comparison of the practicality of the trunk this time. The irregularity of the opening between the trunk and the passenger compartment is its biggest problem, which greatly reduces the space utilization in the depth of the trunk. Compared with Rena, the trunk opening method has increased the key remote opening.

Aiweiou is the most neat one in the trunk of the three small cars, and in the actual comparison, it also exerts this advantage. Only in the three cars is it equipped with all the goods and can smoothly close the trunk lid. It also has a better opening method. There is an electromagnetic lock switch on the trunk lid, and the remote control key also supports the opening function.

Comparison of the maximum volume of the trunk
Parameter models Rena Feng Fan Ai Weiou
Depth (mm) 927 970 1010
Width (mm) 1080 990 970
Height (mm) 550 550 565
Maximum regular volume (m³) 0.551 0.528 0.554
Trunk opening method Keyhole in the car and trunk In the car, remote control Trunk buttons, remote control

Comparison of riding space

Xiao Xin, the owner of Rena, who did not take advantage in the comparison of the trunk, was really unconvinced, and clamored to compare the ride space with the other two owners. We still use the same experiencer to change to three cars, take a look at this Whose space is better for the three cars?

Lao Tao, who is 178cm tall, first sat in Xiaoxin's red Rena. The head space in the front row reached a punch and three fingers, which is the best for three cars, and the leg space in the back row was also satisfactory, with a punch margin. . As for the rear headroom, limited by the downward curve of the rear end, practicality can only make way for aesthetics.

Feng Fan's front-row head space performance is quite unsatisfactory. The 178cm tall experiencer Lao Tao has only two fingers left, so Kai Fengfan, a friend over 185cm, may feel more depressed. The legroom in the back row is the largest among the three cars, and one punch is more than enough, but the headroom is still not ideal enough with only one finger.

The width and height of Avio's body are the largest among the three cars, so its headroom and spaciousness of the ride have a good performance. However, the wheelbase of 2525mm is the smallest for three cars, so its rear leg room is also slightly smaller, and the level of four fingers can only be considered sufficient.

Ride space comparison
Parameter models Rena Feng Fan Ai Weiou
Front head One punch three fingers Two fingers One punch and two fingers
Back head One finger One finger Two fingers
Back leg Punch One more punch Four fingers


Rena's core competitiveness is appearance and space, and these two points are precisely what Chinese people value when buying a car. The appearance of the fluid sculpture is stylish and atmospheric, which is very in line with the aesthetics of the Chinese people. It can also be regarded as Rena's biggest selling point; the 2570mm wheelbase is the longest for three cars, and it also brings a good rear seat space. With the foreshadowing of the above two major advantages, coupled with balanced performance in other areas, it is logical to achieve outstanding sales.

Since there are friends of Kaifengfan around, I have a deeper understanding of this car. In the minds of Fengfan’s car owners, this is a car with avant-garde appearance, excellent power and extremely fuel-efficient. As long as you master and are willing to adopt a relatively fuel-efficient driving method, it is not difficult to control the fuel consumption of the vehicle within 7L per 100 kilometers. Of course, the high price of the vehicle is also an indisputable fact. Its price is definitely among the best among the small cars of non-luxury brands, and there is even a trend of catching up with some joint venture brand compact cars. This also makes the advantages just described inevitably discounted.

Although I play the role of the owner of Rena, in fact, the one that drove the most in these two days was the Aiweio. If the two models introduced just now are qualified small family cars, then Aiweiou can provide more personality and surprises on this basis. For example, its remote control key only unlocks the driver's door by clicking the unlock button, while double-clicking it unlocks the four doors, which reduces the possibility of stealing; or the upshift prompt function in the locomotive dashboard on the orange center console. , When the speed is high, it will remind you to upshift as soon as possible to reduce fuel consumption; its turn signal lever also supports functions such as flicking and flashing three times, which are not available in the other two models. Compared with two pure Japanese and Korean cars, it is more individual and can provide more fun. (Text picture/Car home Liu Yuxin)