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[YesAuto Engine Technology] If you summarize the popular engine technologies in recent years, then turbocharging technology and direct injection technology can definitely be on the list. Such a combination can not only meet people's demand for fuel economy, but also meet people's partial demand for power. Therefore, both overseas car companies and Chinese brands are investing manpower, material resources and financial resources here for development. Now, Great Wall has unveiled its brand new 1.3L turbocharged and direct injection engine with parameters surpassing its own 1.5T engine at the just-opened Guangzhou Auto Show.

At the Auto Show booth of Novosibirsk, Great Wall quietly placed this 1.3L displacement engine equipped with mainstream technologies such as turbocharging and direct injection in the cylinder in an inconspicuous corner. In fact, it has a brilliance that surpasses the parameters of the 1.5T engine with a larger displacement before.

Comparison of parameters of three Great Wall small displacement supercharged engines
engine model GW4G15T (low power version) GW4G15TB (high power version) GW4B13
Displacement 1.5L 1.5L 1.3L
Cylinder arrangement form In-line 4 cylinders In-line 4 cylinders In-line 4 cylinders
Maximum power 133Ps (98kW)/5600rpm 150Ps (110kW)/5600rpm 136Ps(100kw)/5200rpm
Maximum torque 188N·m/2000-4500rpm 210N·m/2200-4500rpm 230N·m/1400-4000rpm

Through the comparison table above, it can be seen that the 1.3L engine equipped with turbocharging and direct injection technology displayed by Great Wall this time has basically surpassed the larger displacement engine currently mounted on the Great Wall C50 in the parameter section. 1.5T engine, and 1.3T engine can reach the maximum torque at a lower speed, which is undoubtedly good news for car owners who use more time in urban road conditions.

Full text summary:

In today's rising oil prices, words like “low fuel consumption” will be added to the advertisements of many models. Everyone hopes that their car will have low fuel consumption, while its dynamics will not be affected. One of the solutions to this seemingly irreconcilable contradiction is to make the engine displacement smaller, and then equipped with supercharging and direct injection. The 1.3T engine brought by Great Wall this time has surpassed the previous 1.5T engine in terms of parameters, and we will wait and see how it is.