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[YesAuto model shopping guide] If you enter keywords like “torrential rain and stagnant water” on Baidu search, you will find more than 710,000 related reports. Take Beijing as an example. Since the beginning of summer this year alone, the city has already withstood at least four strong rainstorms. After each attack, we can know in the news how many sections of waterlogged roads in our city have caused congestion for a long time. For motorists, the most worrying thing in a rainstorm is that the vehicle strays into a deeper water area and stalls.

We can often hear some experts saying on the radio: “If you want to make sure that your car is not stalled in the water, you must ensure that the water does not exceed half of the wheel at most.” But this is a general and conservative statement, and it actually affects There are many factors for vehicle wading depth. According to different models, the maximum wading depth is also different under the premise that it is faster than sand and slower than water. This article will explore the actual wading depth of 8 compact cars. How deep.

FAW Bestune Bestune B50

First, let's look at the Besturn B50, a compact car of its own brand, launched in May this year. This car is equipped with satisfactory 195/65 R15 tires. The measurement shows that the half wheel height of the experts is 30cm. It is certain that if the depth of water has not reached this height, there is absolutely no threat to the Pentium B50. But is the wading depth of the Pentium B50 nothing more than that?

Let's take a look at the height of the exhaust pipe again, and visual inspection can see that the chassis of the Besturn B50 is relatively low, and the exhaust pipe mouth is only 26cm from the ground (a little lower than half a wheel). However, there is no need to worry, because the exhaust pressure generated by the engine is very large, coupled with the influence of the internal structure of the exhaust pipe, the height of the exhaust port does not have much restriction on the wading depth, but if the exhaust pipe If submerged in water, the exhaust of the engine will definitely not be smooth. At this time, it is necessary to increase the throttle appropriately to ensure the smooth operation of the engine.

Then we measured the height of the lowest point of the cockpit of the Pentium B50, and the distance was 35.5cm. Assuming that the depth of the accumulation of water exceeds here, water may enter the compartment, but this also depends on the sealing performance of the door and other places and the specific water depth. But in fact, even if the water seeps here, the passengers in the car will wet their shoes and socks at most, but it does not mean that vehicles in such water depths cannot pass.

So which standard is the main factor in determining the allowable wading depth? For most models, key components such as the engine, gearbox, and generator can work normally when immersed in water for a short period of time. The positive and negative poles of the battery are usually at the highest point in the engine compartment, and most models are There are corresponding protection measures, so the height of the battery is not the main determinant. Only the air intake of the engine must not be submerged by water. If it is submerged in water, not only will the vehicle be turned off immediately, but the engine may be scrapped. The height of the engine intake of the Pentium B50 is 44.5cm. B50 owners must remember not to let water exceed this mark.

FAW-Volkswagen New Bora

The “half wheel height” of the new Bora is 31cm, which is basically the same as the Pentium B50, but we already know that this is just a conservative standard. The height of the exhaust pipe is 27.5cm. It is worth noting that the exhaust port of the new Bora is completely downward. If the car behind is closer when wading through the water, the water wave pushed up by it may rush towards our exhaust pipe. , And this design with the opening facing down can more effectively avoid water pouring into the exhaust pipe. As for the carriage height, the value of the new Bora is 41.5cm, which is much higher than the Pentium B50.

The position of the engine air intake of the new Bora is basically the same as that of the original Bora. They are located between the headlights on the left side of the front of the car and the wheel arches. You need to reach into the gap in the engine compartment to reach it. The height of this position from the ground is 61cm, which is much higher than the Pentium B50. Theoretically, as long as the water level does not reach here, the new Bora can wading through, but in actual operation it still needs driving skills, because the water area of nearly 60cm high will produce a lot of resistance, which seems to be very steep. Driving on a ramp is the same, if you drive carelessly, it may cause a stall. We will introduce wading driving skills at the end of the full text.

Dongfeng Motor Fengshen S30

The tire size of the Fengshen S30 is relatively small, so the height of the half wheel is only 29cm, which is the lowest among the eight models, but it doesn't matter how much this value is. The height of the exhaust port from the ground is 29.5cm, but it can be seen from the picture that there is a long distance between the exhaust port and the tail muffler package, even if the water does not pass here, it will not be a big problem. The low-point height of the Fengshen S30 compartment is 37.5cm. If the water is submerged here, it will test the airtightness of the door.

The Fengshen S30's engine air intake is very high and conspicuous. You can find it on the right by opening the engine cover. There is still 67cm from the ground, which is basically at the same height as the battery next to it. If water can flood here, the driver will face the dual threat of engine water and battery strikes, but this usually does not happen, because 67cm deep Most people with stagnant water dare not take this risk.

GM Chevrolet Cruze

Cruze is equipped with 205/65 R15 and 205/60 R16 tires, so the tire diameter is a bit larger than most compact cars. The height of its half wheel is 31.5cm, which is a little higher in absolute safety. The Cruze's exhaust port is 29cm high, which is not low in itself, and the exhaust port is also designed to face downwards, making it harder to enter water. The lowest point of the carriage is 37.5cm, which is the same as the Fengshen S30.

Cruze’s engine air intake is not easy to find. After a series of steps such as observation, analysis, and demonstration, we determined that the position of the air intake is on the right side and surrounds the connection with the fender. The height above the ground is 60.5cm, which is not too high. If the waves caused by the vehicle in front are large, the water surface may reach here. Therefore, the owners of Cruze should pay attention to keeping a distance from the vehicle in front when wading.

Changan Ford Focus

The half-wheel height of this Fox we measured is 29.5cm, but the actual tire size is the same as the previous Pentium B50 and the new Bora, so the slight decrease in height may be caused by insufficient tire pressure. The height of the exhaust pipe is 27.5cm, and the opening is slanted. If the water is submerged here, interesting bubbling will appear at the exhaust pipe when wading. The height of the low point of the Fox compartment is 36.5cm, and we found that this value is not much different between models.

Focus's engine air intake is just behind the center grid, and direct frontal collision with wind can improve air intake efficiency. And the height from the ground at this position is not low, reaching 67cm, which belongs to the same level as the Fengshen S30, so whether it is air intake efficiency or wading depth, Fox's air intake design is more reasonable.

Dongfeng Peugeot Peugeot 307 Sedan Edition

Just looking at the body of the Peugeot 307, you can feel that the body of this car is very high, which may not be conducive to handling but it is certainly easy to wading. However, the height of the half wheel is still the same, 31.5cm is very close to other models. However, the height of the exhaust pipe shows the advantage of a high body. It is 31cm from the ground, which is the highest among the eight cars. The height of the low point of the carriage is also extraordinary. Only the new Bora is above it at the level of 40.5cm. The Peugeot 307's engine air intake is on the right side of the engine compartment, and the height of the lower edge of the air intake is 70.5cm from the ground. If the Peugeot 307 stalls due to the water entering the engine while wading, the driver can only be blamed for being too reckless: even 70cm of standing water dare to drop!

Dongfeng Yueda Kia Freddy

When measuring the half-wheel, the exhaust pipe and the low point of the car, we did not find any advantages of Kia Freddy. When the engine cover is opened, we have a foreboding that the height is definitely not low when we see the position of the engine's air intake. The measurement shows that the air intake of Freddy's engine is as high as 79cm from the ground, which is indeed a bit unexpected. As long as the battery protection measures are appropriate, Freddy's wading depth can reach more than half a meter.

Dongfeng Citroen Sega Sedan Edition

Sega’s performance is very similar to Freddy’s. The height of the exhaust pipe is the same. The height of the lower part of the car is slightly higher by 2.5cm. The height of the engine air intake is also at the same level as Freddy. But it’s a little strange that Sega’s air intake is facing backwards. Is this design not conducive to breathing fresh air? However, this is also beneficial, that is, if there is a big wave from the front when wading, it is not easy for the rear air inlet to enter the water, and the distance from the ground is 77.5cm, it is really not so easy to enter the water.

to sum up:

Half wheel height Exhaust pipe mouth height Car low point height Engine intake height
Pentium B50: 30 26 35.5 44.5
New Bora : 31 27.5 41.5 61
Fengshen S30: 29 29.5 37.5 67
Cruze: 31.5 29 37.5 60.5
Fox: 29.5 27.5 36.5 67
Peugeot 307: 31.5 31 40.5 70.5
Freddy: 30.5 26.5 37 79
Sega: 31 26.5 39.5 77.5

Depending on the design of the model, we can see that their performance is definitely different when facing the same section of stagnant water. For the Pentium B50, New Bora or Cruze, the water-filled section where Freddy and Sega can sway and pass without a hassle may have to be considered again and again. Therefore, only by fully understanding the hardware conditions of your car and possessing skilled driving skills can you better control it and let it serve you. Below we briefly summarize a paragraph on the skills of wading driving, hoping to help everyone.

Tips for driving through a section of stagnant water:
If we find a large area of stagnant water on the road ahead while driving, the first thing to do is to determine the depth of the stagnant water. We can use surrounding objects such as roadsides, vehicles and other objects as references to visually measure the water depth. Otherwise, you should get off the car to find out the road conditions before making a decision. When passing through the stagnant area, the vehicle speed should be kept at least 20km/h and the low gear should be used to obtain more torque, and no gear shifting should be done during the entire water course. In addition, because stagnant water will cause a lot of resistance, step on the accelerator pedal a little bit more, and keep a long distance from the vehicle in front to avoid the water waves caused by the vehicle in front from entering the engine compartment.

In case the vehicle stalls in the water, do not start the engine again, otherwise it may cause serious damage to the engine. At this time, you should get out of the vehicle and push the vehicle out of the stagnant area. After that, if the vehicle is accompanied by tools, the air filter box can be removed. If there are any signs of water ingress, try to start the engine again if there is no water stains, but if you find that the air filter element has water in or cannot self-check without tools, it is best to call a professional at the 4S shop for consultation.

Finally, I need to remind everyone that even if the vehicle’s hardware conditions permit and the driver’s driving skills are sufficiently proficient, don’t easily try to pass through a stagnant area of more than half a meter, because the height of any wave there may reach 70cm. It is possible to flood the engine air intakes that will rise above the water.