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[YesAuto Travel Notes] In the last episode, we drove this explorer on the hottest ice and snow crossing route this year, and the performance of this car really surprised us. The rest of the power characteristics and the very easy-to-use ice and snow mode make it easy to complete the route challenge of off-road vehicles crossing, which is 666!

In this episode, the editor faces the biggest challenge of his life. Going to the valley to find a quiet camp, and sleeping on a night of minus 27 degrees, will you die if you don’t die? Or explore the possibilities of outdoor life? Let's talk about it after sleeping!

Embrace life in a special year

    Unknowingly, this year has passed again. In this year, we combined with the season and brought you more ways to travel through different models. In the next year, we hope to combine models with big names in various fields to present a cross-border journey for everyone. There are drone trips, outdoor first aid, and camping equipment. If you want to see which type of cross-border Combination, may as well leave a message in the comment area and tell me, I order the leader to find resources, and see you next year. (Picture / Ren Bo, Auto Home)