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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] On the summer night of 1983, Toyota Eiji, then president of Toyota Motor Corporation, put forward the idea of creating a luxury car to dominate the world at a top-secret meeting inside the club. Six years later, this idea became a reality. This is Lexus LS (hereinafter referred to as LS). It has always been regarded by Toyota as the pearl in the crown of its head. It is with such an important position that each generation of LS is equipped with Toyota's most cutting-edge technology. Now, the LF-FC concept car, which is regarded as the prototype of the next generation of LS, has been unveiled. As the most important powertrain, what kind of answer will it hand in?

As the flagship model of the family, there are many options for the powertrain part. It not only reflects the dynamic performance, but also shows the ultimate charm of its own cutting-edge technology. Therefore, the powertrain part of the new generation of LS seems to have a little room for choice. . Perhaps, the traditional powertrain system is too ordinary. So, how about another way of thinking?

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Perhaps because of deep-rooted reasons such as extremely limited land and resources, Japanese manufacturers have always spared no effort in energy conservation and environmental protection of their products. Whether it is the k-car for civilians, or today’s protagonist-the future flagship model Lexus LS. Under the premise of satisfying power, they are trying their best to try new energy. Of course, whether the future Lexus LS will actually be equipped with this fuel cell system depends on the construction of the hydrogen refueling station at that time.