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[YesAuto F1 Formula One] Ferrari F1 team's results this year are very bleak. In the Bahrain race that ended not long ago, Alonso and Raikkonen only won the ninth and tenth places. The team has now set its goal for this year as runner-up, giving up the championship. Team manager Stefano Domenicali has now announced his retirement. He said that the current team’s poor results should be borne by him. Domenicali joined Ferrari in 1991 and served as F1 team manager in 2008. From his tenure to the present, he has not brought a team and driver's annual championship trophy to the Ferrari team.

Ferrari chairman Montezemolo left the field before the end of the race in the just-concluded Bahrain race. He is very dissatisfied with the current team's results. When Domenicali stepped down, Montezemolo was still very affirmed of Domenicali's work in the past few years and wished him a successful future.

After Domenicali stepped down, he was succeeded by Marco Mattiasi. He joined Ferrari in 1999. Before joining the Ferrari F1 team manager, he served as the chairman and CEO of Ferrari's North American division. So, can the new team manager take office to reverse the situation for Ferrari? Let us witness it in future games.