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Talking about Chevrolet Volando

Last Update:2021-06-17 Author:yesauto

[YesAuto Talk about Bump Sisters] Recently, there has been such a small car with a high exposure rate. Oh no, it is not a small car, because it has three rows and 7 seats. Today, our cartoon video draws Chevrolet Volando (video Duration 3 minutes 01 seconds).

This new Chevrolet car with a 5+2 seat layout was officially launched two months ago. The manufacturer defines it as a compact car. Regardless of the classification, this space and stature is indeed outstanding enough to stand in the compact. In fact, Chevrolet Volando's tough styling is more derived from Chevrolet's previous concept car, the CHEVROLET FNR-X.

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But what is surprising is that the Redline version of Volando is visually more energetic than the concept car, which should be due to the red lines of the front spout greatly increasing the vehicle's sense of movement. Of course, the speciality of the Redline version does not stop there.

From the side of the car, the length, width and height of the Volando are 4684/1807/1627mm, and the wheelbase is 2796mm. The shape of the entire body side is still square, even somewhat similar to the travel version. However, it is precisely because of this body shape that the space for the third row of members can be guaranteed.

All four Volando models are equipped with 1.3T engines, and the prices range from 119,900 to 154,900 yuan. In addition to the Redline version, Chevrolet will also provide customized versions of Disney models later. Obviously, as a model that pays more attention to styling and space performance, Volando focuses on young urban consumers who travel for short distances. If you have anything else to say about it, please leave a message below or follow Che Manhuang on Weibo. Xiaoxie, participate in our lucky draw.

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