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[YesAuto Talking about Sister Bump] Everyone in martial arts pays attention to different sects. Among the nine schools, only Shaolin and Wudang are the most prosperous. As everyone knows, the road is also a river and lake, and there are two factions in this river and lake, one is higher and the other is lower. Look at the video, which faction does your car stand? (Video duration is 2 minutes and 54 seconds)

Let's talk about the low school first. They advocate flying close to the ground, and there is no gap between them and the ground. This faction is generally dominated by performance car owners. Most of them are unwilling to be lonely after buying a car. They use the computer today, change to a turbo tomorrow, and choose an oversized rear wing the day after tomorrow. Downforce and aerodynamic formulas are often on their lips. .

Let's talk about the high school. This kind of faction is dominated by off-road vehicle owners. They are even more fascinated. The performance owners always think that their cars are not high enough, and off-road vehicle owners are always worried that their cars are not high enough. The height of the original factory is always weak in their hearts, change the shock absorber, add pads, and put on MT tires (mud tires)… 2 inches can not rise 4 inches, 4 inches can not rise 6 inches!

However, this kind of car owners are not happy to stay on paved roads all day long. Their cars are either deep in the mountains or in the quagmire. They like to go where there is no road. So what they need is not “flying close to the ground”, but a bigger one. Approach angle, departure angle and passability.

With the diversification and openness of the current car environment, in fact, everyone's knowledge of cars is no longer at the stage of transportation tools, and more car owners are willing to use cars to show their personalities and preferences. So, which faction are you this strong man? Or are there any such two factions around you, please leave a message to me below!