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[YesAuto crash test interpretation] In the crash test of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (hereinafter referred to as IIHS), 25% frontal offset crash is an item that is difficult to see in other crash systems. The purpose of the test is to bring the test closer to many In the actual collision environment, whether the vehicle can still guarantee safety in the case of a small-angle collision.

Recently, Toyota Highlander (hereinafter referred to as Highlander) participated in this test. As the third time to participate in the 25% frontal offset crash test after the replacement, the Toyota Highlander's performance has improved compared to the previous one, and this time this SUV has won the “Top Safety Pick+” (highest safety rating +). honor.

Edit summary:

In the North American IIHS crash test, the 2016 Highlander has no essential innovations and improvements compared with the 2014 Highlander. However, in the project of responding to 25% frontal offset collisions, its improved A-pillar , The door sill beam and door internal structure have allowed it to obtain better collision results. In addition, it has good performance every year. The honor of “Top Safety Pick+” (the highest safety rating +) is well deserved. All in all, it's just one sentence. It's always a good thing to be perfect in terms of safety. In this way, with this invisible upgrade, who cares about this slight change in appearance?