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[YesAuto News] On June 19, just three days after the State Department announced that it would impose 25% tariffs on US$50 billion of US products, including automobiles, Tesla took the lead. There are media reports that Tesla has suspended accepting custom orders from China and can only buy current cars.

We subsequently contacted Tesla's customer service staff, who said: “We still accept reservations, but the delivery period is expected to be September.” A salesperson at the Tesla Experience Store told us: “At present, there are very few or almost no cars like Model X 75D and can accept reservations, but by then the tariffs will have risen significantly.”

Another salesperson said: “It is indeed possible to book, but the tariff is likely to be increased to 50% when delivered, instead of the current estimated 40%. Because it is expected that China will cancel the previously reduced vehicle tariff policy (from 25% to 25% to the United States). 15%). If it is based on the original 25% tariff plus the upcoming 25% tariff, Tesla’s tariff in China is likely to reach 50%. Of course, this has not been finalized.” To this end, the salesperson said: “ So now it’s not that you can’t order a car, but it’s not recommended. If you really add 50%, how many people will buy it? So we now charge more for custom users in addition to the deposit Sign an agreement to inform you about the tax increase in advance .”

So if the deposit is paid and the agreement is signed, can I still cancel the order before delivery? The sales staff said yes. But since it is an additional agreement, users are still advised to treat it with caution. However, as far as the current Tesla cars are concerned, they have reached a state of “supply in short supply”. The salesperson said: “Almost catching up with the popularity of buying a house.”

Recently, the trade dynamics between China and the United States have attracted the attention of the industry, and Tesla’s pricing in China has also been affected. On May 22, the State Council announced that it would reduce import tariffs on complete vehicles and parts from July 1, 2018. The tax rate of 135 tax numbers with a vehicle tax rate of 25% and 4 tax numbers with a tax rate of 20% was reduced to 15%, and Tesla officials immediately stated that the price of Model S and Model X was reduced by 50,000 to 90,000 yuan simultaneously. However, in less than a month, with the changes in Sino-US trade relations, Tesla's tariffs in China are likely to rise from 15% to 50%.