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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] The first international auto show in 2016, the North American Auto Show, is in full swing in Detroit, the United States. More than 30 automakers and 750 exhibited cars participated in this North American Auto Show. As one of the three major automakers in Detroit, Ford certainly cannot be absent. In addition to bringing many of its main models, it also showcased its latest automotive technology. Now let us visit the scene to see what new technologies Ford has brought.

● “Gorilla” glass crosses the border into the automotive field

The new Ford GT will be the industry's first automotive product using Gorilla Glass. The new glass material further reduces the weight while ensuring the strength, which has certain benefits for lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle, improving the handling performance and enhancing the fuel economy. Gorilla Glass was originally a military product of Corning, and the technology has been civilianized in recent years. Many of the glass covering the top of the smart phone screen we are familiar with is Gorilla Glass. This kind of glass has strong scratch resistance and impact resistance, and is widely praised by the industry.

In order to demonstrate the strength of the Gorilla Glass applied to the Ford GT, Ford set up a demonstration platform on the booth and used a pneumatic gun to launch ice balls on the Gorilla Glass sample to simulate the impact of hail or flying stones on the glass. You can see the whole demonstration process through the video below.

It can be seen from the video that the ice ball shattered after hitting the glass at high speed, while the glass was unharmed. It can be seen that this new type of glass is not only lighter and thinner, but also can reach the level of traditional glass in strength. According to Ford, the Ford GT is its first model with Gorilla Glass and the first in the industry. Ford has plans to promote this new type of glass on more of its models.

● The drift weapon of Fox RS

Ford showed us an RDU (Rear Drive Unit) for Focus RS on its booth. The RDU dynamically distributes the power transmitted to the left and right wheels of the rear axle through two multi-disc clutches. It is the unique structure of this system that enables Fox RS to easily realize drifting action.

Drifting is a very advanced driving technique that requires long-term practice. When drifting, the driver must perform appropriate operations on the clutch, accelerator, brake, handbrake and gear according to the curve situation to complete the drift. This is something that ordinary drivers cannot do. The Fox RS, through its unique four-wheel drive system, provides ordinary drivers with a “shortcut” to become a drifting master. Being able to drift easily is definitely a big selling point and highlight of Fox RS.

● 1.0T engine with closed-cylinder technology

Ford's 1.0T three-cylinder gasoline engine, which has been awarded the title of the world's top ten engines for 4 consecutive years (2012-2015), has recently received new news. Ford and Schaeffler (Schaeffler) teamed up to add closed-cylinder technology to this small-displacement turbocharged engine to further reduce its fuel consumption.

In the past, closed-cylinder technology was only a patent for some large-displacement engines. Today, under the urging of emission regulations, manufacturers have begun to add this technology to small-displacement engines. Reduce fuel consumption by shutting down some cylinders under certain operating conditions. It is not difficult to technically realize that the cylinder does not work. To enable one of the cylinders to be closed under as many working conditions as possible to save fuel, and to immediately switch back to the normal state of three-cylinder operation when the driver depresses the accelerator deeply and intends to accelerate, it requires engineers to perform more adjustments. A little bit of work.

● F-150 Raptor is the first longitudinal 10AT gearbox to be equipped

A new Ford 10-speed automatic transmission (hereinafter referred to as “10AT transmission”) was exhibited on the Ford booth at this North American Auto Show. The gearbox will be paired with Ford's 3.5L V6 twin-turbocharged engine and installed on Ford's new F-150 Raptor SuperCrew version.

The AT gearbox has been developing towards multiple gears, and more gears will result in a smoother shifting experience. With the further optimization of the hydraulic system, the shift speed of the AT gearbox has been greatly improved. Even if it cannot directly compete with the dual-clutch gearbox, it is more than enough for daily use. There are rumors that the engineers of ZF (ZF), a well-known gearbox manufacturer in the industry, said: “9AT is already the limit of the ideal number of gears.” However, no one can stop the advancement of technology. The gears of AT gearboxes The number of digits continues to increase. This is true for vertical AT gearboxes, and the same is true for horizontal AT gearboxes. At the end of October last year, before the opening of the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda released its latest horizontal 10AT gearbox, which enhances ride comfort by increasing the number of gears, and also has a remarkable performance in miniaturization.

to sum up:

From these technology demonstrations brought by Ford at the North American Auto Show, we can see that increasingly stringent emission regulations are forcing the pace of technological research and development of automakers. In order to reduce the emissions of vehicles with internal combustion engines, engineers have achieved this by reducing body weight, developing gearboxes with more gears, and using closed-cylinder technology. However, the emission reduction potential of traditional vehicles using internal combustion engines is gradually decreasing with the further exploration of technology. The replacement of internal combustion engine vehicles by new energy vehicles has become the foreseeable future. At the same time, the development of new material technology and electronic control technology has promoted the further enhancement and improvement of the performance of automotive products, and new automotive products will have better durability and handling. (Photo/Text/Photo by Chang Qinglin, Car Home)