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[YesAuto Beijing Auto Show News] At Audi's booth, a white SUV is always crowded with people, and its popularity index is very high. It is the Audi Q5 that just made its global debut at the Beijing Auto Show. Speaking of the name Q5, many people must be familiar with it, because the big guy Q7 has been well known for several years since its launch. As the second SUV model under the Audi brand, Q5 will strive to fill the urban SUV market one level lower than Q7. The quattro full-time four-wheel drive, 7-speed DSG stronic transmission, sounds very exciting, after all, the luxury SUV like the Q7 is still unattainable for most people. If you are also interested, let's take a look.

●The appearance is simple and neat, integrating more car elements

The Audi Q5 is 4.63 meters long and 1.88 meters wide, while the height is only 1.65 meters. The drag coefficient as low as 0.33 proves that its very sporty shape design is very successful.

The one-piece U-shaped mouth of the Audi family is a classic pen in recent years, no matter how far away, you can always recognize it at a glance. On the face of Q5, this big mouth seems to have been deliberately highlighted, which is even more exaggerated and aggressive. Compared with the Q7, the front lines are more concise and rounded, and more like a sedan. The fog lamp is not so complicated in design. It is a very simple round lamp with chrome-plated edges, but the overall shape is relatively large.

The taillights of the Audi Q5 are fishtail-shaped, which is really beautiful when you look closely! In fact, it is the same as the taillights of other new Audi models. With a slight modification, it becomes the finishing touch, giving the entire rear a touch of elegance.

The design of the rear of the car basically maintains the same simple route as the front face. No matter it is the lamp group or the tail compartment cover, there is no excessive decoration, but the transition is more angular, so it looks tough and stylish.

With short side windows, there is no iconic surround, plus the inherently not tall figure, so the traces of the SUV on the Q5 from the side are really very shallow, but more like a big hatchback car, only high waistline Bring a little SUV feel. Of course, all definitions are given by people, and it all depends on how you understand them.

Interior workmanship is standard, and the design details are exquisite

In the Audi Q5 car, you can find some features of the Q7 and the new Audi A4 and A5. The overall interior is mainly black, while the seats are a mixture of black and milky white, creating a cool sporty atmosphere. Of course, these are also very necessary for such an SUV model that promotes the theme of urban sports.

There are many function keys integrated on the gear base, which are basically the same as the Q7. However, although the layout and style are the same, the Q5 still embodies its advantages as a new model. All the buttons and knobs have been redesigned and packaged to make them more exquisite and beautiful, giving people a kind of “dazzle.” a feeling of. For example, the knobs are very shiny and piano-like surfaces, and the buttons are no longer ordinary and conventional. The beveled design gives each button a sense of three-dimensionality, and the edge of the button has also been added. The small decoration is really exquisite.

The leather steering wheel is relatively sturdy, coupled with the excellent leather, it is conveyed to the palm of the hand with a very comfortable feeling when held. The multi-function buttons on the steering wheel are also the same as other new Audi models. The combination of buttons and knobs is very simple, but there is nothing missing in functions, and the operation is very convenient.

The panoramic sunroof with tilt function can be more visible at night outside the effect, it is really ecstasy! It's just that because there are so many people at the auto show, we didn't have the opportunity to experience it in more detail, which is a pity.

All the cars at the auto show are more beautiful in appearance. The most important thing is that the surface has been waxed, and supplemented with a particularly strong light, the effect will be obvious. However, this is not the case when entering the car. And like the Audi Q5, you can still feel the meticulous workmanship and meticulous workmanship when entering the car, without the slightest sloppy. The details are handled properly, and the materials used are quite satisfactory.

●The configuration is abundant and the space is enough

Although the Q5 is significantly smaller than the Q7, its interior space is also unambiguous. Let our 180cm editor sit and experience it.

As you can see from the picture, there is enough headroom in the front and rear rows, and there is a certain margin. The design of the front seats is very sporty, not only the wrapping and support are in place, but the body will send a signal to tell you: very comfortable!

The rear seats are also very comfortable, and the seat can be manually adjusted to move back and forth in a small range. Seats that can move back and forth can create a wider trunk space. The trunk is an electronically controlled automatic switch, and the button to close is the edge of the lid, which can be automatically closed with a single click. In addition to convenience, there is a sense of luxury.

For some high-end models, there will always be various functions of this kind. In Q5, of course it is the same. Just seeing the keys is dazzling. For example, a single exterior rear-view mirror, in addition to electric adjustment, folding and heating, also integrates a turn signal, a ground light and a parallel line warning light. The so-called merging warning light is actually part of the side assist system equipped on some new Audi models. That is, when the driver is driving and merging, if there is a car in the outer lane at a close distance, it will flash to give a warning, which improves safety to a certain extent.

In addition, unlike the Q7, there are more function keys for automatic parking and electronic handbrake in front of the start button of the gear seat. Of course, there are many other technological equipment and comfort configurations, such as downhill assist, adaptive cruise system, and lane assist system that can be used to assist in maintaining the driving route. The suspension provides three mode options, namely automatic, comfortable and dynamic.

Due to time constraints and too many people on the booth, this static experience was not sufficiently detailed and comprehensive. However, through a short contact, Q5 still left a very good impression on me. First of all, Audi is not stingy with the equipment in terms of technology. With the rapid improvement of automotive electronic equipment, human demand for driving is also higher and higher. In addition to driving pleasure, more people emphasize safety, comfort and safety. convenient. At the same time, the workmanship of Q5 also reflects the expected level. The era of car replacement has arrived, and urban SUVs are becoming more and more popular, and models like Q5 that have higher quality, suitable space, and better integrate multi-function and sedan style, are bound to be favored. (Text, picture, photo/Hu Yongping, home of the car)