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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] With the development of society, more and more scientific and technological equipment have gradually penetrated into daily life. In fact, in the automotive field, advances in technology have also provided more convenience for drivers, even many of them did not dare to before. The technology configurations that I want have already begun to be applied in cars. As a car editor, there are many opportunities to get in touch with high-end cars. Even so, every time I use the automatic parking system, I still feel amazing. The active cruise I will talk about today is undoubtedly a very high-tech configuration. .

◆ What is active cruise (adaptive cruise)

Active Cruise Control (Adaptive Cruise Control, ACC) is similar to traditional cruise control. The system includes radar sensors, digital signal processors, and control modules. The driver sets the desired vehicle speed, and the system uses low-power radar or infrared beams to obtain the exact position of the vehicle in front. If the vehicle in front is found to slow down or a new target is detected, the system will send an execution signal to the engine or braking system to reduce the speed of the vehicle. Keep a safe driving distance between the vehicle and the vehicle in front. When there is no car on the road ahead, it will accelerate to return to the set speed, and the radar system will automatically monitor the next target. The active cruise control system replaces the driver to control the vehicle speed, avoiding frequent cancellation and setting of cruise control, making the cruise system suitable for more road conditions, and providing the driver with a more relaxed driving style.

FAW-Volkswagen CC

FAW-Volkswagen CC is a new car recently launched in China. It was rated as “the most beautiful model in the Volkswagen family” by European media. Although it uses the same platform as the Magotan, the COUPE's appearance style and richer configuration are still It has attracted the attention of many consumers. More importantly, after the “FAW-Volkswagen” logo is affixed to the rear of the car, its price is lower than the original model by hundreds of thousands, which is no doubt for those who love this young and fashionable model It has a lot of temptation, and it also has advanced technologies such as direct injection engine and DSG gearbox.

Compared with the domestic Magotan, the most important configuration of FAW-Volkswagen CC is the ACC active cruise system. In fact, it can be seen from the appearance of the vehicle whether it is a model with ACC. The detection device for this function is installed in the front. In Volkswagen’s car logo, on cars without this function, the car logo is hollowed out. When the adaptive cruise is activated, you can adjust the distance to the vehicle in front by turning the “DISTANCE” button on the joystick. Of course, this high-tech configuration is only available on the top model with a price of 299,800. In fact, this The price is better than many people expected, and the rest of the models come standard with cruise control in the ordinary sense.

In fact, Volkswagen CC also has a magical function, that is, a very intelligent lane keeping system. If there is no vehicle driving within 150 meters in front, the cruise icon will become a straight line. This is to achieve true “unmanned driving”, and the vehicle will follow The drawing of the road automatically corrects the steering wheel angle. However, it is very unsafe to use this function in complex Chinese road conditions. Although it sounds magical, it is not recommended for drivers to try it easily. After all, it is dangerous.

In addition to the beautiful and smooth shape, the Volkswagen CC still has many highlights in its design. For example, the frameless door is a very unique design. Although it does not enhance the practicality and functionality, it is also a unique display of the CC's personality. In addition, the large-area panoramic sunroof equipped with the luxury version and above is also a highlight of the car, but it is a pity that it cannot slide backwards but can only be raised to a small angle. In addition, it is also equipped with tire pressure monitoring, seat heating, washable xenon headlights, sensor wipers and electric folding rearview mirrors.

The interior is exactly the same as the Magotan. Compared with the imported CC, the previous phone button has become a storage box. For most people, the storage box may be more practical. The function on the domestic CC instrument Even richer than the imported version. The wheelbase of FAW-Volkswagen is slightly longer than that of Magotan. Although the shape of COUPE makes people worry about its space, it is not too cramped in terms of riding space. Passengers with a height of 180cm are adjusted to a suitable driving position and sit in the back row. It's quite appropriate. In addition, the four-seater design of the vehicle is more eye-catching, and the practicality will of course be discounted.