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[YesAuto Internet Travel] Tang Dynasty, when we were in college, our nickname was Elder, Elder Tang. I chose to go abroad in my senior year. I took the Western Classics for ten years. This year, due to the epidemic and family reasons, I finally returned to China, and I am ready to honor my hometown (in native dialect, referring to my parents).

They all say that the four major irons in life-have been to the window together, carried a gun together, XXX together, XXX together, the latter two are illegal, but the iron of four years of classmates sleeping together is absolutely unforgettable. After all, they have seen each other for so many years. When I was drunk and brokenhearted, I had a shoulder fall and put me down on Mofang Road at two o’clock in the morning. Then I lay both in the middle of the road. According to the current language, it’s called “Lying Flat”. There weren’t many cars at that time, so let’s put it now. The two of us may already be company in Babaoshan.

We will make an appointment before the elders come back, and we will gather together on the third day of our return. Ten years later, this time I am going to take him on a journey of nostalgia.


Get up early in the morning and clean yourself up first. Seeing your old classmates, you look like a “social man”, thinking about packing up the car. The new car you just bought should not be too sloppy.

For World of Warcraft players, it was a gloomy era. The national server version was stuck, and some players went to overseas servers with delays. Inside, they were labeled as “Internet addiction teenagers”, and they were called mainland locusts outside. Fortunately, the suppression and humiliation did not prevent a generation from growing into talents in all walks of life and becoming pillars of national construction.

Beimen pancakes, no more!

Ten years later, come back to play


Everyone must have noticed it too. This is a short story, interspersed with some of the functions of Ford Ruiji. Ten years ago, we had a way of life. Ten years later, life has been turned upside down. We used to sit on the street and eat panmian, and now we sit in the trunk of the car to order and eat takeaway; we used to ride bicycles. Half an hour to the Internet cafe, to the stadium, now driving, and navigation at any time. And what I want to express is that what can travel through time and never corrupt is never the way of life, but the emotions between people. As long as there are people who accompany you to eat Bannian, and people who can play football together, life will be rich. Taste, smart car association? Technology? It is used to serve people's emotions, make good use of it, and make our lives more colorful. (Photo/Zheng Xu from the home of the car)