[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] Ten years, from QQ to QQ3, QQ6 to QQme, it has left us with too many memories. It has allowed how many people to realize the dream of owning a car, but due to the changes of the years, how many people have forgotten it. Now it is back, with the aura of “Chery QQ”, once again appeared in front of us, but the familiar face was missing…

Whether you like the old QQ or not, you should read this article, because the driving experience and performance data brought by the new QQ may subvert its impression in your mind. The model we tested is the Chery QQ 2013 1.0L manual happy version, with a guide price of 39,900 yuan. The manual transmission model will be the main sales force in the future.


The entire 2013 Chery QQ series is equipped with the same 1.0L naturally aspirated engine as the current QQ3. There is no change in the parameters. The maximum power is 69 horsepower (51 kW)/6000rpm, and the maximum torque is 93 N·m/3500-4500rpm. Compared with the 1.0L engine carried by competitors, this 3-cylinder engine of QQ has a slight advantage. But don’t forget, its curb quality is also the heaviest among these few, so it’s hard to say who has the strongest power performance.

The 5-speed manual gearbox is the old partner of QQ. It is very smooth to enter the gear and it is effortless for daily use. However, the 1st and 3rd block is a bit vague, and I cannot give it full marks. Chery QQ has another model equipped with a 5-speed AMT gearbox, but it is a top-of-the-line model. The guide price exceeds 50,000 yuan. Even if the market discount is included, it is about 48,000, which is a bit expensive.

Driving experience

The larger gear ratio setting in 1 gear allows Chery QQ to start very quickly, giving a feeling of full power. The pull-wire throttle has a direct response. Before the clutch is fully engaged, you have to carefully control it, otherwise the QQ will rush out at 3000rpm. The brake pedal of the new QQ is more sensitive in the early stage, but the pedal stroke is longer, and the middle and late stages are a bit hard. If you want to brake suddenly, you have to work a little bit more.

In daily driving, you'd better change gears after 2500rpm, because the power is slightly insufficient at 2000rpm, and a slight dragging phenomenon is inevitable. If you are willing to extend the upshift speed to 3000rpm, the power performance of the 1.0L engine is still sufficient to cope with urban road conditions, and the acceleration to 60km/h, or even the general loop limit of 80km/h, does not appear to be too strenuous.

The gearbox does not pursue inhalation and short stroke. The light feel makes every shift very easy. Although the driving feel is not very strong, you should find it easy to use. As mentioned earlier, the gearbox is a little fuzzy between the first and third gears. Before adapting, if you find that it will stall every time you start, you may be in the third gear.

The steering wheel is relatively stable, the steering damping is appropriate, the low-speed turning is effortless, and the high-speed is not fluttering. What's more pleasing is that its surface is made of soft rubber, which makes it much more comfortable to hold than those hard plastic steering wheels! Of course, the directivity of the steering wheel is still relatively vague. As a family scooter, Chery QQ is not pursuing precise control, which is understandable.

The performance of the suspension is surprising. When driving the QQ through the potholes in the dirt road, the chassis does not give people a loose feeling, and there is no abnormal noise. When driving at high speeds, the suspension has a good ability to restrain bumps, the comfort of the members in the car is not bad, and the degree of vibration in the car is acceptable when running to 120km/h. As an economical mini-car, QQ can have such a performance, contented.

After driving for tens of kilometers, I feel a little fatigued. There are many reasons for this. First of all, as mentioned earlier, the clutch engagement point is high, and the ankle is a little tired every time you shift gears. In addition, the front seat posture is a bit high. I am 182cm tall. Sitting in the car, I feel that my view above will be blocked a bit, causing visual fatigue. The last is the seat. Chery QQ's seat is really not soft, and it is not very comfortable to sit for several hours. Therefore, QQ is more appropriate as a short-distance transportation tool in the city.

Fuel consumption test

On the day of the test, the temperature was 12°C and the car was loaded with 3 people. Due to conditions, the fuel consumption test only ran 52.6km, of which about half were congested roads with an average speed of not more than 30km/h, and the rest were 60-80km/h. The unobstructed loop, which takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes in shared time, has an average speed of about 29km/h, and consumes a total of 2.88L of fuel, and an average of 5.48L per 100 kilometers, which is unexpectedly excellent.

Reasonable fuel consumption reference values (non-rigid indicators) given by us for each class of models

Purely economical minicars: no more than 7 liters/100 kilometers

Small car/hybrid: no more than 8 liters/100 kilometers

Compact/light SUV: no more than 10 liters/100 kilometers

Medium-sized car/medium-sized SUV: no more than 12 liters/100 kilometers

Other models: no more than 15 liters/100 kilometers

Regardless of Chery’s new QQ still looks cute, the running performance test is unambiguous, and the acceleration performance is more than 1 second higher than the old QQ. It also gave us a surprise during the brake test…

0-100km/h acceleration

Starting at 3000 rpm, the 165mm tires will slip briefly, and then the grip will be restored. The momentum of the first gear is quite powerful. The acceleration G value once rose to about 0.5g and maintained it for nearly 1 second; when it reached 50km/h, the acceleration force felt a lot slower and remained at 0.2g. The interval finally broke the hundred in 14.18 seconds. I think this number is an ideal result for QQ. Looking at the performance of competitors, it is at a mid-to-upstream level.

100-0km/h brake test

The braking performance of Chery’s new QQ really gave us a very big surprise. After stepping on it for more than a dozen times, it can be well stabilized at about 42 meters, and the thermal attenuation is not serious, and it was reached once in the middle. About 40 meters. The braking force is sufficient, and it has reached -1G many times. The working condition of ABS is satisfactory. The 165mm tires and the weight of 936kg make the whole body reach an ideal balance point. It can also achieve very good braking results under the condition of ensuring economy. It is for all prospective car owners and car owners. Very effective reassurance pill.

It should be noted that the new Chery QQ will have obvious non-directional deviation during emergency braking. If you encounter this situation, please be sure to stabilize the steering wheel.

Finally, let’s take a look at the results of the opponents. Each of them is almost 45 meters. Now Chery’s new QQ can become a top student in the braking performance of the mini car, and it is ahead of the opponent by a large margin, even reaching the level of some joint venture brands. This is a very big improvement and should be commended.

Note: The test car is the Chery QQ 2013 1.0L manual happy version, with an optional ABS anti-lock brake system. The original car is not equipped as standard. You must pay attention here.

Competitive product analysis

At the level of minicars, all manufacturers hope to provide consumers with a comfortable and convenient transportation tool for the purpose of providing consumers with less overhead. They like it, so choosing the configuration that suits you and the appearance you like is the most important . The budget of 50,000 yuan for a car purchase is not a lot, but there are not many models to choose from. Changan Suzuki Alto and Changan Benben MINI are both very powerful competitors of Chery’s new QQ. Let’s take a look at the closer ones. How to choose the position is more appropriate.

Chery QQ 2013 1.0L Manual Happy Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price


Recommended model: Chery new QQ manual fashion version 42,900 yuan
Changan Benben MINI manual navigation version 43,900 yuan
Changan Suzuki Alto manual comfort type 45,900 yuan

Reasons for recommended models: These models are equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system and EBD braking force distribution system while taking care of the price. They also have airbags for the main and co-drivers. In any case, safety factors should be the first consideration.

Comprehensive analysis shows that the Changan Benben MINI is more cost-effective. The configuration of the multi-function steering wheel, front fog lamp, navigation system and color screen is not available in the other two cars; Chery's new QQ has a very good performance in the performance test, so Look, it is more suitable for young consumers who pay attention to vehicle driving performance and like to show their individuality; of course, if the budget is relatively sufficient, perhaps many people are more willing to choose a classic joint venture car such as Alto.

From the perspective of daily use of bicycles, Chery's new QQ can be said to be a very competent urban mobility car: easy and flexible driving feel, the steering wheel is very soft to hold, and the difficulty of getting started is relatively low, suitable for consumers who buy a car for the first time. In addition, while meeting the daily mobility needs, Chery's new QQ also got a good score in the performance test. It has no obvious shortcomings. If you want to score, I think it has achieved 80 points.

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