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[YesAuto Industry] Recently, there have been repeated epidemics in many places across the country. The Spring Festival travel season is approaching. During the epidemic period, different travel policies have caused many users to travel: Can they return to their hometown? Will I be quarantined when I go to the local area? Do you need nucleic acid testing? On January 15, Tencent's travel service mini-program launched the “Travel Policy Inquiry During the Epidemic Period” function, which is convenient for users to check travel policies in real time before traveling, prepare for epidemic prevention and control, and facilitate travel.

Enter the “Tencent Travel Service” applet through “WeChat-Pay-Travel Service” or WeChat Search “Travel Service” and enter the origin and destination cities to query real-time travel control policies during the epidemic in the two places.

Through this small program, you can check whether the two places are medium-high-risk areas, and learn about the preparations that need to be made to leave the place of departure and reach the destination city, what are the medium- and high-risk areas in the two cities, and whether they need to hold a nucleic acid negative certificate, Whether the route needs to be carried out twice in high-risk areas.

According to reports, the “Tencent Travel Service” applet is a one-stop comprehensive travel service platform launched by Tencent Smart Travel, covering all travel scenarios such as car owner services, public travel services, and taxi rides. It has been launched nationwide. (Source: Tencent Travel; Compilation/Car Home Ding Bojun)