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Tenneco launches new liner technology

Last Update:2021-06-18 Author:yesauto

[YesAuto Industry] Recently, Tenneco, a well-known auto parts manufacturer, launched a new Megabond engine liner technology to meet the needs of new generation engines. Tenneco said that the new liner technology is suitable for all types of vehicles including gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles, and has good performance in terms of thermal conductivity and high mechanical load.

It is understood that at the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year, Tenneco demonstrated the Megabond cylinder liner technology products. The Megabond cylinder liner was originally designed to match the new generation of engines, because the new generation of engines has a smaller cylinder center distance. New requirements are put forward for strength, stability and thermal performance. The Megabond cylinder liner adopts a special design to form a stronger metal bond between the cylinder liner and the cylinder block, which can prevent the coating from peeling off during engine operation. At the same time, Megabond also applied a slimmer solution to help customers develop a more compact engine structure.

Compared with the current mainstream cylinder liner products in the industry, the mechanical strength of Megabond cylinder liner technology has been increased by two times, which improves the stability and durability of the cast aluminum engine. Gian Maria Olivetti, Vice President of Global Engineering of Tenneco Powertrain, said, “The high mechanical strength and heat transfer efficiency of Megabond cylinder liners can greatly reduce vehicle fuel consumption, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and optimize engine NVH (noise, vibration). And sound and vibration roughness) performance.” For ordinary car owners, Megabond cylinder liner technology brings lower fuel consumption and better NVH performance, which will also make car owners more economical in car maintenance and improve driving comfort.