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[YesAuto Police Car Grand View] Tesla’s new pickup truck Cybertruck has become a topical model because of its styling controversy. In the first few days, netizens around the world have speculated about who will buy this “sci-fi chariot”. This will soon have the answer, because someone has recently announced that they have ordered a Tesla Cybertruck…

Before talking about the car owner, let’s take a brief look at Cybertruck. This car was released on November 21st, US time. The most impressive thing is undoubtedly its weird shape. It is said to be inspired by the diving car road in “007: Underwater City”. Tes Esprit and F117 stealth fighter. Compared with the appearance, Cybertruck's performance is also outstanding. Its 0-96km/h acceleration time is only 2.9 seconds, which is comparable to the Porsche 911. The use of high-strength steel and glass gives it a strong impact resistance. Sla claims that the Cybertruck's shell can withstand 9mm pistol bullets.

As for who should drive this weird and powerful “sci-fi chariot”, people first think of law enforcement agencies. Indeed, the speed can catch up with most cars, and can hold the possible resistance, this Cybertruck is indeed very suitable for police forces. Later, the PS masters on the Internet began to make imaginary pictures and put on the police “uniform” for Cybertruck.

Among these “civil police cars”, there are American police cars with the “911” logo in black and white, as well as European police cars in France and Germany. What impressed domestic netizens the most was a set of Chinese versions. In addition to police cars, there were even paintings by postal and express companies.

Having said that it is so lively, but it is still only hypothetical, will anyone really pay for this new car? It is true, and you will never be surprised to say their names-Dubai Police Department. Major General Abdullah Khalifa Almari, Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, made it clear that Tesla Cybertruck will appear in the Dubai Police Convoy. This is completely expected, because the Dubai Police has collected most of the supercars and performance models on sale, not so much for performance, as for the promotion of tourism image.

Compared with the wealthy Dubai Police Department, another user of Cybertruck is more unexpected. This is the municipal government of Ciudad Valles, a small city in central Mexico. The mayor of the city, Cardenas, announced that it has ordered 15 Tesla Cybertruck models, which will be used by the police and sanitation departments-because the traction is strong enough, it can be used to tow garbage trucks.

Cardenas said that Tesla Cybertruck's low operating costs will save the city millions of dollars every year. In addition, the city of Valles (Ciudad Valles) is also a tourist attraction in Mexico, so it is not ruled out that the mayor wants to use popular models to promote the local tourism industry.

In terms of price, Cybertruck is not as exaggerated as it looks. Depending on the version, the US price is 39,900, 49,900, 69,900 US dollars (about 280,000, 350,000, 490,000 yuan). In fact, Cybertruck's intended users are far from the Dubai and Mexican governments. Earlier, Elon Musk had stated that he had received orders for 250,000 units. Where will the Cybertruck police car be used first? let us wait and see. (Wang Meng, Home of Wenzhou Automobile)