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[YesAuto] With its slashing hardcore shape, Tesla Cybertruck is a bit too personal, but it is this exaggerated technological appearance that has captured the hearts of many consumers, at least from In terms of the number of orders, Tesla Cybertruck is a success.

Since Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled at the press conference, domestic and foreign media have rushed to report this ugly and characteristic electric pickup. Tesla Cybertruck, which claims to be challenging the sales of Ford F150, has won successively in the tug-of-war competition with Ford F-series pickup trucks. In short, Tesla's series of operations have indeed attracted a lot of fans.

When many netizens mocked Tesla Cybertruck’s weird styling, Elon Musk tweeted that part of the Tesla Cybertruck design was inspired by Lotus Esprit S1 in the 007 series of movies “Underwater City”. With the launch of Tesla Cybertruck, the story of Lotus Esprit S1 has gradually been dug out.

In order to meet the shooting needs of “Underwater City”, this car has cost more than 400,000 US dollars to modify, it is said that it fully meets the standards of a submarine. It has a watertight tank, four propellers and a ballast tank. After filming, the Lotus Esprit S1 prop car, code-named “Wet Nellie” in the play, was transported to the United States from Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas where the diving shots were taken. This Esprit S1 came to the United States mainly for exhibition purposes, first exhibited at the New York Auto Show, and then toured in cities such as Cleveland, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.

After completing the task of walking the hole in the new car, “Wet Nellie” was transported to a warehouse in Long Beach, New York. It was released for ten years. Wearing the 007 halo, it has since been forgotten. The time came in 1989, and a couple living in Long Island bought a warehouse for $100 at an auction. The couple runs a company that leases construction equipment. When they opened the warehouse door, they found an old car under a pile of old blankets…

The lease term of the warehouse where the Lotus Esprit S1 prop car was stored was ten years. After the lease expired, the car became an unclaimed ownerless car. Since the warehouse was full of useless old things, the owner directly auctioned the warehouse. After realizing that he had picked up the baby, the husband decided to repair the Esprit S1 whose roof had been collapsed by the old carpet. The couple called a tow truck to take it home, and later the tow truck driver called and told them it was a Bond car in the 007 movie “Underwater City”.

Obviously, the couple had never watched “Underwater City”. Later, the husband rented a video of “Underwater City” and watched it at home. Only then did the couple realize that they had not only picked up a treasure, but also a big one! Over the next 20 years, the couple spent a lot of energy on repairing this car and brought it to some exhibitions. In September 2013, the couple commissioned RM Sotheby's auction house to auction the car at a James Bond auction in London. In the end, a mysterious buyer bought the prop car for £616,000. .

In 1989, £616,000 was equivalent to approximately US$947,000 (approximately US$6.684 million), and the investment of US$100 was exchanged for US$947,000. This is not the degree of luck that the blind box draws to the hidden money can be described, but a huge amount of money was spent in the same year. The prop car is Elon Musk himself. I have a new goal of getting rich overnight. Take an active part in the blind shooting, but maybe the warehouse you photographed is full of long trousers worth 500,000… (picture from Li Haopeng, home of the Internet text car)