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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, Euro-NCAP announced the latest set of crash test results. The test models in this phase include six models: Skoda New Jingrui, Suzuki CELERIO (Alto successor), Tesla Model S, Nissan Pulsar (Tiida successor), BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, and Renault's new Megane. Among them, four models, the new Jingrui, Nissan Pulsar, Tesla Model S, and 2 Series Active Tourer, received five-star reviews.

● Tesla Model S

The safety of electric vehicles has always been of concern to everyone, and Tesla Model S has delivered a five-star evaluation result. The reason for the high score is that the passenger protection in the car is in place. The whipping test and the co-pilot received the highest evaluation. Others The results of part collisions were also good, only the side collision, the co-pilot's chest score was low, and the others were all at a good level. In addition, the car's safety configuration is also relatively rich, but the pedestrian protection project has lowered some scores, mainly because the bulge on both sides of the vehicle's engine compartment cover will cause injury to pedestrians.

Note: The whiplash test is also called the back-impact neck protection test, that is, the low-speed back-impact (tail-end collision) neck protection test.

Skoda New Jingrui

Judging from the results, the new Jingrui scored higher for the protection of the front passenger after the collision, and only the co-pilot received the lowest score in the whip test. In terms of pedestrian protection, the design of the front part of the new Jingrui can effectively protect pedestrians, but the windshield design affects the final score, but this does not affect the overall design of the new Jingrui, because the passenger and infant protection scores in the car are higher. The evaluation has reached five stars.

● Nissan Pulsar

As a replacement product of Tiida, Nissan Pulsar's crash results are still good. In terms of passenger protection, head, chest, and leg injuries are low. In the whiplash test, Nissan Pulsar scored an excellent co-pilot, and the driver's seat It is qualified. In addition, Nissan Pulsar also scored relatively high in pedestrian protection, plus a wealth of safety configurations, and finally received a five-star rating.

● BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

In addition to pedestrian protection, the 2 Series Active Tourer performed well in all aspects, especially the protection of passengers and infants, so it received a five-star rating. As for why pedestrian protection scores the lowest, it is mainly because the design on both sides of the engine compartment cover and windshield may cause greater pedestrian injuries.

● Renault's new Megane

From the results, the passenger and infant protection scores in Renault's new Megane car are relatively high. The main reason for the low evaluation is the low scores of safety configuration and pedestrian protection, which finally achieved a four-star rating.

● Suzuki CELERIO

From the results, Suzuki CELERIO's passenger protection score was not high after a simulated collision, and the safety configuration was also relatively low, which affected the overall score, and finally handed in the answer sheet with Samsung's evaluation. (Compilation/Car House Xingmin)

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