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[YesAuto New Energy] Recently, some domestic media exposed an incident in which a Shenzhen Tesla Model 3 owner was trapped in the car due to a black screen of the car machine and the entire car was powered off. Car Home also reported ( article portal ). At 3 pm on June 3, Tesla officially responded to the incident through the Weibo platform, explaining the course of the incident, and announced that the preliminary vehicle test results were caused by the decline in the storage capacity of the 12V battery. Go to the scene to assist the customer to express their apologies.

Official reply original text:

Thank you for your attention and supervision to Tesla. We hope to continue to create a more secure and comfortable electric travel life for users. Now to report to you a customer incident that occurred in Xili, Shenzhen on the morning of May 30th:

At 10:50 in the morning, I received feedback from the customer Mr. Wen: When charging at the Xili Tianlong charging station in Shenzhen, a black screen of the vehicle appeared and the door could not be opened. With the help of enthusiastic citizens, the window broke to rescue the customer.

After leaving the vehicle, the customer called to get in touch with us, and the staff arrived at the scene immediately. The on-site judgment of the vehicle's condition was caused by the decrease in the storage capacity of the vehicle's 12V battery. After contacting the customer and agreeing to connect the vehicle to an external power supply, the vehicle has been driven to the service center for further testing.

All Tesla models are equipped with a physical door opening mechanism. Taking Model 3 and Model Y as examples, the physical door opening mechanism is located in front of the door and window switches on both sides of the front row. In an emergency, you can pull up to open the door. This function was tested normally after our staff arrived on site.

We are very concerned about and understand the customer’s experience, and at the same time, we once again express our sincere apologies for failing to rush to the scene to assist the customer in the first time.

Since the day of the incident, we have been actively communicating with customers to resolve vehicle maintenance issues. Explained the use of the physical door opening mechanism to the customer, and actively assisted and cooperated with the maintenance of the vehicle. The customer's imported Model 3 was purchased in 2019, and it currently travels more than 91,000 kilometers normally. The two parties are still communicating on customer needs.

Tesla hereby reminds car owners and friends that if the vehicle has a low 12V battery alarm, please deal with it as soon as possible to prevent the occurrence of power outages. If the vehicle is unable to open the door with the electronic switch due to a power failure, please remain calm, use the physical door opening mechanism to unlock the door and leave the vehicle and call 400-910-0707 or the local service center immediately.

We learned from Tesla’s official reply that the owner’s Model 3 was purchased in 2019 and is an imported model. It currently drives more than 91,000 kilometers normally. Judging from the content of previous reports, there are currently two points that car owners are dissatisfied with Tesla. One is that the vehicle prompts that the 12V battery is faulty, why the car can still drive normally and cause itself to be locked in the car; in addition, after the incident Tesla was informed that the official investigators arrived at the scene two hours later, and the owner believed that the official was not active enough. Currently, Tesla is communicating the demands of car owners.

Tesla also said in response: “If the vehicle is powered off and cannot use the electronic switch to open the door, please stay calm and use the physical door opening mechanism to unlock the door and leave the vehicle” and gave an icon. However, according to the owner's description, the physical unlocking mechanism could not work normally before the window was broken, and the door could not be lifted and opened until the window was broken. At present, the accident vehicle has been driven to the Tesla service center for further testing, and the follow-up investigation progress will continue to be monitored by Autohome.