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[YesAuto New Energy] A few days ago, Tesla owners and video bloggers broke the news that in the near future, the delivery of new Tesla vehicles in China will add an examination session. The Tesla official issued a document on the afternoon of May 16 to clarify this, saying that the current process of picking up the car is still as usual, and no restrictions have been added in the process.

According to Tesla's official response, the so-called test is the “delivery day car owner's lecture hall” that has just started piloting, and it is not a “car test”. This activity is only an “optional” activity for enriching the delivery experience. Tesla also stated that it will not force any car owner to participate in the test, and there is no score requirement, let alone “recommend to mention the car after 80 points or more”. The current car-raising process is still as usual, and there are no restrictions in the process.

The following is the original response:

The original intention of the owner's lecture hall activity is to release more driving pleasure from Tesla, so that car owners have a better driving experience. Tesla is currently conducting trials in some delivery centers and launching a full range of car owners lecture hall activities. In the product explanation link, Tesla arranged for a dedicated person to explain the product details, driving mode, and practical Tips to help car owners improve their understanding of the product, enhance the driving experience, and quickly become a Tesla driving expert.

In order to be effective and interesting, we have set up a series of interesting and practical question and answer sessions. Professionals will formulate a personalized explanation plan according to the owner's understanding of the new car, and use the way of fun question and answer to make the owner have a better impression of important information. profound.

We hope that through voluntary and unrestricted testing, the delivery experience will be richer and more interesting and help car owners improve their new car experience. Of course, if the car owner has a psychological shadow on the small test during the college entrance examination during the student period, and does not want to participate in the test, we also support it. The car owner will carry out the ordinary car pickup process at any time. However, we believe that for many Tesla “learning gods” car owners, this small case is still not difficult for you.

The current test format uses online quiz. The topics will cover various aspects such as safe driving, basic functions, and tips to cover car owners' daily car use scenes, simulating the problems that car owners may encounter, and helping car owners use the product better.

The most important thing is that after the answer is completed, the car owner will not only get the “test” customized prizes, but the professionals will also check the missing questions in the test, and focus on the wrong questions. Excellent car owners who achieve full marks will also receive the exclusive “Tesla Owner Certification-“Special” Freshman Stage I” certificate.

At present, Tesla has successively launched personalized activities for car owners in various cities, through in-depth experience and driving mode explanations, to help car owners better grasp information such as safe driving and product details, and integrate into the Tesla family more quickly. In the future, Tesla will share the latest car knowledge and skills with more car owners through various forms such as T-talk lecture halls and car owner story meetings, and continuously improve the service level, so that every Tesla owner will be happy. At the same time of driving experience, complete each journey safely and securely.