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[YesAuto New Energy] On the afternoon of June 24, 2020, in the eastbound direction of Shenzhen Nanping Expressway, a muck truck merged illegally and collided with Model 3 in the target lane. Model 3 owners reported that the vehicle was in the Autopilot assisted driving state before the scratching occurred. When the muck truck was merged, the vehicle did not brake but accelerated. Therefore, the owner believed that the Tesla Autopilot assisted driving system was flawed and endangered For life safety, after negotiating with the government and failing to meet the demands, he chose to defend his rights.

In response to this, Autohome asked Tesla officials to verify the cause of the accident. The other party stated that in the accident, after accessing background data, it was found that the owner did not hold the steering wheel or step on the brake pedal when the accident occurred. As for why the vehicle did not recognize the merged muck truck to avoid the accident, the other party emphasized that the current Tesla model has not yet achieved full automatic driving capability, and human drivers still need to actively monitor the safety of the vehicle. After the accident, Tesla also pacified the owner, but did not get the owner's forgiveness.

It is worth mentioning that the owner of the accident once purchased an optional package of “Full Autonomous Driving Capability” worth 56,000 yuan (current price is 64,000 yuan) for his Model 3 model. In the eyes of the car owner, he has spent a lot of money to purchase Tesla's autonomous driving technology, but in actual use, there has been an accident that should not have occurred in his opinion, which makes it unacceptable.

It should be noted that Tesla's “Full Autonomous Driving Capability Option Package” is not a state in which the vehicle can achieve “Full Autonomous Driving” after the vehicle is optional, but can enable the vehicle to have various functions to achieve “Full Autonomous Driving” . In Tesla's view, fully autonomous driving capabilities are composed of various functions, and what Tesla needs to do is to continuously improve these functions so that the vehicle can finally achieve fully autonomous driving. These include automatic parking, automatic assisted navigation driving, recognizing and responding to traffic lights and stop signs.

In the description of the optional package “Full Autopilot Capability” on Tesla's official website, it says: “Currently available functions require the driver to actively monitor, and the vehicle has not yet achieved full autopilot.” From the actual situation, Autopilot The system seems to have no effective countermeasures for the more special scene of forcibly changing lanes.

Here we remind netizens that the current autonomous driving technology is still in the process of rapid development, and the overall level of development is still at a relatively early stage. The passenger cars on the market today can only complete assisted driving tasks and help the driver complete part of the vehicle operation, rather than being able to completely replace the human driver. Therefore, while enjoying technical convenience, car owners still need to supervise the safety of the vehicle during the assisted driving process, and take over the vehicle in time when a danger is detected. Regarding the latest development of the accident, Autohome will continue to pay attention. (Image source: Zhihu; Wen/Car Home Hu Yongbin)