[YesAuto Test Drive] To be honest, before I came to participate in this BMW X1 launch + test drive, I only used the price and wheelbase to fascinate the positioning and competitors of the BMW X1 xDrive28i (hereinafter referred to as X1). I chose the opponent for X1. It is a medium-sized SUV of 500,000 to 600,000 yuan represented by Q5 and GLK.

At the launch event, when I saw the manufacturer performing extreme sports throughout the audience, I understood that I had chosen the wrong opponent for the X1. The extremely youthful positioning and playful style made me have to re-examine the X1. On the second day of the test drive meeting, I adjusted my mentality in time, and judged this imported, very expensive, multifunctional model that is targeted to sell to young people from a new perspective and thinking… Let’s take a look at X1 from the perspective. I wonder if my experience of playing extreme sports before is in line with the psychology of X1 users?

● Chapter 1: Appearance

In terms of the actual car look and feel, the X1 looks particularly slender. The overall size does not have the domineering sense of an SUV. It is more like a sedan. More vividly, its height is similar to that of the Peugeot 307 in terms of size. I don't mean the 307 is too high. Yes, but X1 is very short.

The big nostrils on the front face are rushing at you, and the friendliness seems to be average. The lower edge of the front bumper is made of black plastic, which avoids the embarrassment of paint scraping in complex road conditions. I asked you whether the silver guard of the front bumper is made of aluminum alloy. The answer is disappointing, the 500,000 cars are not provided with alloy front and rear guards, which is a bit unreasonable.

Because it is a model derived from the 3 series platform, the side of the BMW X1 has a very car-like feel. At the same time, the directly configured 18-inch dendritic wheels are very good-looking, at least the media teachers have unanimously rated it very highly.

There are no new elements in the tail styling. The L-shaped taillights have already been used on the new 3 series, and the not very vertical rear windshield further reduces the SUV's feel.

Generally speaking, the X1's visual look and feel is very similar to that of a car. If you directly define it as a high-chassis BMW 3 Series in terms of appearance, I don't think there is any problem. But there is a good thing I have to say, it is indeed much more fashionable than the older brother-X3. If you don’t believe me, look at the picture below:

Original modification parts of X1:

The manufacturer said that there will be a lot of X1 modification parts in the future. I saw some samples of the appearance modification parts during this test drive meeting, such as 19-inch wheels, imitation metal side skirts, roof racks, and so on.

● Chapter 2: Interiors

I almost don’t want to write about the interior, because there is nothing to write about. The almost identical shape of the 3 series makes the text description redundant. Look at the picture below for yourself, am I not lying?

I personally dislike this style very much. Since it is a very fashionable young consumer group, why not try to get a fashionable style in? I grew up watching this 3 series interior since 2006, until 2010, alas…

● Chapter 3: Humanized Services in the Car

The X1's humanized experience as a whole has been said in the past. Every detail reflects the designer's efforts to build this car into a model that meets the needs of diversified users, but there are some areas that are not satisfactory.

Good place to do:

Bad things:

● Chapter 4: Seats and Riding Space

The front row space is very spacious for passengers with a height of 180cm, and the line of sight is high and wide. The seat leather is relatively hard and has poor wrapping (almost no wrapping).

In terms of seat functionality, there is no seat electric heating and lumbar support adjustment. As the X1 flagship model, as a car worth 550,000, it lacks these two functions, and it is impossible to justify it. If I score the front seats as a whole, I will give 0 points-the reason is not enough.

The rear space is relatively conventional, there is no bright spot, it can only be regarded as qualified, the bulge of the drive shaft makes the third passenger in the center more uncomfortable.

The leather of the rear seat is also relatively hard, and because the 40/20/40 ratio is taken care of, the seat surface is relatively straight and hardly wrapped.

● Chapter 5: Trunk Space

The trunk space is limited to a narrow wheelbase, so the available width of the trunk is a bit cramped, but fortunately, a variety of seat down combinations can meet various space requirements, which can be regarded as greatly making up for the lateral space problem.

The storage compartment under the trunk floor is very practical, but you need to purchase a “storage kit” to achieve this. Fortunately, this batch of imported X1 comes with the original equipment.

The small details on the left and right of the trunk are well taken care of, and there is no waste of space. Various small storage spaces and restraint belt systems are very considerate.

If we look at the trunk function of the X1 in general, I can give a “okay” conclusion. However, if you put it in the 500,000-600,000 competitor's aspect, its function is slightly paler. Let me give you an example: at least this price rival provides the function of putting down the rear seats in the trunk. , Just pull it all down, just imagine who likes to open the trunk, then open the back door to lower the seat, and then come back to continue loading things in the trunk?

● Chapter 6: Some useful configurations

BMW's new generation GPS, easy to use! very useful! Give 100 points, hehe, this is not my Han Lu's personal conclusion, go to the forum and browse, the reputation is very good!

The new generation of reversing system is also easy to use, with a distance display function. It will be clearly marked in the image when it is close to the object, which greatly reduces the difficulty of reversing for novices, and gives another 100 points.

● Chapter 7: The feeling of driving

The 3.0 naturally aspirated engine, 310Nm, 258 horsepower (190 kilowatts), and a 6-speed automatic manual gearbox, is an economical and powerful combination.

In terms of the four-wheel drive system, xDrive has some changes this time. In the previous days, the xDrive system started to increase the drive force distribution to the rear wheels when it detected that the vehicle was understeer. This time, the xDrive of the X1 will take the initiative in cornering. In the middle of the road, up to 80% of the power distribution is given to the rear wheels, which means that the X1 in the corners is more like a rear-wheel drive, and the handling will be more fun.

In terms of actual driving, first of all, it’s the ride feeling of a complete car. There is hardly any feeling of bulkiness. You will completely think that you are driving a BMW 3 Series sedan. Your vision is about the same level as the nearby Magotan, A4L, and Mercedes-Benz C. Have superior advantages.

In terms of power, the 28i impressed me very much. After the DS gear (sports gear) is engaged, the engine responds very actively to your feet. It is very light and refreshing to pull this not heavy car with 258 horsepower.

In terms of handling, because of the addition of the four-wheel drive system, first of all, the steering will not be as exaggerated as a car. The basic filtering is removed, and the feeling left to you will not make people nervous. At the same time, the 255mm wide rear wheel makes the rear wheel not excessively naughty in the intense control, and everything is under control.

● Chapter 8: About X1's off-road capabilities

I have watched overseas test drive videos before, where manufacturers showed off the X1's off-road capabilities, which seemed to be pretty good. At the test drive meeting today, I also interviewed the manufacturer’s technical staff. He clearly stated that the xDrive of the X1 configuration has not shrunk, including the electronic auxiliary brake differential between the wheels. The limited slip device is standard. I am very happy. As for the actual off-road capability of the X1, I will not give any conclusions this time. I will talk about it after I get the actual demonstration of the single test vehicle.

● Test drive conclusion

After reading the previous content, everyone has a concept of X1. I also have a clear understanding of this product and the manufacturer's ideas after the test drive. Listen to my analysis:

1/ Manufacturers use imported X1 to market and brand. At the same time, because of the aging of X3, Q5, GLK, and SRX that X1 shouldn't face have all become rivals of imported version of X1. In other words, 550,000 is a brand-name price, while the sales range of real affordable models is between 300,000 and 400,000. The real rival of X1 is the multifunctional SUV of 300,000 to 400,000.

2/ In the price of more than 300,000, the X1 seems to be unable to find more benefits on the SUV side. The minimum Audi Q5 that is about to be made in China is 370,000 starting price. If the X1 can't drop down to the price of more than 300,000 , From the product side, it can't compete with the larger and more luxurious Audi Q5.

3/ If the lowest price can reach the price range of more than 300,000, the X1 rivals will no longer be SUV powers, and the X1 will face the challenges of the same BMW 3 series, Mercedes-Benz C and A4L sedans alone. However, this is exactly the advantage of X1. It has the driving feeling of a car, and has better passability and four-wheel drive system. I think it is a good idea to use these advantages of X1 to cut the cake for customers at this price.

4/ If the value of X1 is not measured at a price of 550,000, but at a price of more than 300,000, then the X1 product is still in the past. To put it bluntly, it means that the X1 of 550,000 is not worth the price. It is recommended that you wait More than 300,000 low-end models. (Photo/Text Car Home Han Road)

● Vehicle parameters/configuration